WD My Book Duo 20TB Review


The My Book line of external hard drives from Western Digital or WD were available in the market for quite a long time. And today, we’re taking a look at one of the company’s latest My Book Duo drive which hints that the product has two drives in total.

With two hard drives, you will be able to run these in RAID 0 mode for heightened speed. If not, you can also switch to RAID 1 for redundancy since the drives will mirror each other.

The My Book Duo is the best option for anyone who’s searching for storage with large capacity without having to bother installing drives or setting up a NAS themselves. The My Book Duo is a USB 3.1 drive so you can easily connect this to any PC or Mac for more convenient backup and file sharing.

The model that we’re going to try out is the WD My Book Duo 20TB, and we will see if it’s as good as what WD claims. Plus, we’ll also be looking at its features, specifications, and if it’s a product worth purchasing. First up, let’s take a peek at what’s inside the box.

WD My Book Duo 20TB Review – What’s in the Box?

The WD My Book Duo 20TB that we got came in a nice-looking retail box that’s not only visually appealing but also sturdy. The company has even gone with the green theme for their My Book Duo drives’ packaging, and we find this pleasing to the eyes.

In front, you will find an image of the WD drive together with details about its capacity, which is 20TB for us. When you flip the box, the back displays a short paragraph that explains about the drive, compatibility details, as well as the various RAID modes that it has.

When opening the box, the first thing that you will see is the WD My Book Duo 20TB itself. It comes with other accessories such as a power adapter, a USB Type-C to A cable, one USB Type-C to C cable, a disk replacement tool, as well as a quick installation guide.

The Product

WD My Book Duo 20TB Review

The standard advantages of dual-drive solutions such as this WD My Book Duo 20TB is that you can opt for a double capacity device or two-times the security. It all depends on how you plan to configure the unit based on your preferences.

By providing a variety of solutions where the drives are accessible, the storage solution can be adjusted if ever the drive fails. Or, you can also choose to upgrade this to bigger-capacity storage whenever necessary.

Taking a look at the WD My Book Duo 20TB, it sports a simple design and comes in a considerable rectangular-shape. Technically, it’s a lot like other dual-bay NAS devices available in the market today. The top portion of the My Book Duo sports a simple glossy plastic while the bottom features a more stylish design to it. Western Digital opted for this design to allow the product to fit perfectly with the theme of your desk, making it look good no matter what.

In front of the WD My Book Duo 20TB, you will see LED status light that notifies you about the device’s power and its activity. Its build is made using black plastic that follows the style of other redesigned Western Digital products. This look gives the WD My Book Duo 20TB a great appeal, except that it quickly acquires fingerprints which is a bit unfortunate.

Once you power it up, the front portion of the unit has that thin line of white light that pulses, indicating that the drive is active and working. The whole appearance is slick yet straightforward, which is a great minimalist aesthetic.

Looking at the back panel of the WD My Book Duo 20TB, you will notice that this part holds all the product’s connectivity and features. These include the USB connectors, namely two USB 3.1 1st-generation Type-A connectors that form a USB hub for linking other devices. There is also a single USB 3.1 1st-generation Type-C connector which is the primary USB interface for linking to a host.

For the power button, DC-in power connector (12-Volts) and the Kensington Security slot, these are also parts found at the back panel of the unit. A fan is also present in this area to keep your drives cool at all times.

Not only that, but the WD My Book Duo 20TB comes with a regular 5.5-millimeter DC coaxial power connector that has a 2.5-millimeter pin. And depending on the unit’s storage capacity, the power adapter can be rated for 36 or 48 Watts. Since we have the 20TB unit, its power adapter is the one rated at 48 Watts.

The WD My Book Duo 20TB’s drives are easy to remove, and the inclusion of a disk replacement tool makes everything more convenient. The tool allows you to remove the top portion of the drive, and once you’ve done this, you can easily pull out the drives installed on removable trays. The company is utilizing its Western Digital WD-100 EFAX drives made for NAS devices. With that, all the My Duo units shipped out have the Western Digital Red drives pre-installed in them.

Product Features

High Capacity

With its large storageThe WD My Book Duo 20TB allows you to free up a large amount of valuable space on every computer you have. It’s the perfect and most reliable device for storing and backing up your documents and media files. Its fast transfer rates allow you to store and archive your largest media files from your cameras, drones, and other devices.

RAID-0 Ready in Default Mode

The WD My Book Duo 20TB is ready to deliver its maximum speed and capacity with RAID-0. You can also reconfigure the drive to RAID-1 for data mirroring or redundancy, or use it as two individual drives (JBOD) with the integrated WD Drive Utilities software.

WD Red Drives Optimized for RAID

The WD My Book Duo 20TB has WD Red drives optimized for RAID for excellent speed and quality storage. With RAID-optimized firmware, you have two-disk array systems that automatically manage drive operations to ensure the integrity of read and write cycle data.

USB 3.1 Ready and Comes with USB 3.0 Hub Ports

The WD My Book Duo 20TB is compatible with USB 3.1, USB 3.0 , and 2.0. With that, the drive works to bring high-speed connectivity for any interface. It includes USB Type-C to Type-A, as well as USB Type-C to Type-C cables. It can act as a docking station with two USB 3.0 Type-A hub ports for accessories, including extra storage, peripherals, USBs, card readers, or phone sync and charge.

Password Protection and 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption

The WD My Book Duo 20TB features 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption. It also comes with built-in WD Security software to keep your private files safe and secure. You can set your password to activate these privacy features.


The WD My Book Duo that we have is the 20TB version with an interface that uses the USB 3.0, and 1st-generation USB 3.1. Out of the box, the My Book Duo is formatted NTFS for compatibility with Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or Windows 7. If you plan to use the unit with another operating system, keep in mind that it will require reformatting for it to be functional and compatible.

For its dimensions, the WD My Book Duo 20TB measures 160 x 100 x 180 inches (L x W x H).

Using the Product

If you aren’t tech-savvy, worry not since setting up and configuring the WD My Book Duo 20TB is easy. You will only need to plug the power adapter then link it to your PC or Mac device using the provided USB cable. Since the WD My Book Duo is already formatted, it will be ready for use together with your Windows-powered device.

Before starting with the setup process, ensure that your computer is switched on. You also need to have the operating system fully loaded, plus, it should be ready for software and hardware installation. Once that’s done, you can continue with the following steps for the setup:

  1. With the included power supply unit, connect this to the WD My Book Duo 20TB before switching it on.
  2. Connect your product to the computer using the Type-C cable, or the Type-C to A USB cable. The Type-C connector on the wire is supposed to link to the WD My Book Duo 20TB, while the other end of the cable should connect to your computer system.

If a window that states “Found a New Hardware” appears, ignore this and click Cancel to close it since the WD Discover software automatically installs the right driver for your device.

  1. After physically connecting the device to a power source, link this to your computer using the USB then continue with the software configuration using the WD Discover software.

Keep in mind that you should always register your Western Digital products to receive special offers and the latest updates from them. Registration can be completed via register.wdc.com or through the WD Discovery software.

Having a massive amount of storage capacity linked to your system would be excellent. The claimed transfer speed for the WD My Book Duo 20TB is at 210MB/s, and when you’re in the JBOD mode, you’ll acquire a close enough speed.

For a storage system that does not use any SSDs, the WD My Book Duo 20TB is surprisingly quick, so we’re pretty much impressed with how this device works.

When adding more storage to your home setup, you usually need to use a NAS device. But with Western Digital’s latest 10TB Red drives, you can readily add more storage to your current setup without having to bother setting up a NAS device. 10TB is a lot of space, and since this product we have is the WD My Book Duo, it only means that we get an additional storage space. All in all, we have 20TB of storage space for use.

If you want redundancy, you can put these into RAID 1, so your data will always be safe. We think that this is highly notable since redundancy isn’t something you don’t often find on external HDs as well. Compared to a NAS device that you’d need to link to your network, the My Book Duo is a simple plug-and-use device, making it easy to use. You only need to plug it into an open USB port on the system then you’re all set.

It’s an effortless and quick task, and aside from this, we also loved that Western Digital included both the Type-C – C and Type-C – A cables. It is to guarantee compatibility with all the systems you may have.

In addition to these, we also have a substantial collection of software that includes Western Digital Security and Backup. It provides every consumer with the chance to encrypt data while simultaneously having scheduled backups in a few simple steps.

Overall, the WD My Book Duo 20TB is a unique and splendid offering of more than adequate amounts of storage space. With this solution, you won’t have to get locked to any platform since its drives are detachable. Because of this, you can use the solution as an entry-level point of the launch where you can expand later on into a full-fledged NAS. If not, you can choose to expand to a bigger 4 to 6-bay RAID platform, taking the drives with you.

With that, we give the WD My Book Duo 20TB two thumbs-up for its performance, and we’d highly recommend this to you.


The pre-installed WD Discovery tool is the software that allows you to download and install the WD Drive Utilities, WD Security, and WD Backup software. WD Drive Utilities is the most vital among the three software since this is where you change the RAID configuration of the WD My Book Duo 20TB.

You can set the external hard drive in RAID 0, RAID 1, or JBOD. Aside from that, you can also see the connected WD drives and run scan tests and status checks for these. Under settings, you can set a timer for your drive to go on sleep mode when it is not active, as well as switch the drive’s LED on or off. For Drive erase, this allows you to erase and format the drive in exFAT or NTFS.

WD Security is where you can use the 256-bit AES hardware encryption and set a personalized password to unlock the drive. Not only that, but you can also pre-sanction your computer here. Moving the drive to a different system would initiate a password request, but even if this is potentially strong, you still have to remember your password. If you forget your password, you can no longer retrieve your data.

WD Backup is a fundamental tool that lets you secure particular local folders monthly, daily, or even hourly. You can set multiple schedules for each folder to have different backup frequencies. Western Digital still doesn’t have an integrated live backup tool with its devices, but there are a lot of available software products that can do this for you.

Overall, the WD Discovery software is easy to use, and all of its integrated tools are useful. We didn’t experience any difficulties and issues while using the software, and we were able to configure various settings for the WD My Book Duo 20TB.


The WD My Book Duo is an excellent device that combines style, top-notch performance, and high capabilities. It’s a convenient and affordable option to add massive storage space to your desktop computer, and it delivers fast performance. With that, you can use it as a backup drive, or you can use it for hosting data if you do heavy media-editing tasks.

Although it doesn’t perform as fast as SSDs or Thunderbolt external storage devices, its price is lower and it comes with greater capacity, making it one of the best choices today. On top of that, it also comes with a helpful software with useful tools, as well as a limited two-year warranty.

If you own a computer that supports USB 3.0 and are looking for a high-capacity and high-performance external storage device, we highly recommend the My Book Duo 20TB from Western Digital.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own WD My Book Duo 20TB, you can purchase this from the company’s official website.