Video Game Streaming: How Good Is It?

Video game streaming has been on the map for a few years now with the potential of a perfect cloud-based gaming experience getting ever closer. It’s evident that streaming technology is improving every year but whereas streaming films and TV shows via Netflix or Hulu is a fairly painless process, the gaming industry has a couple of major obstacles to overcome before it can claim to be king of the streaming arena, mostly game lag and home broadband capabilities.

Cloud-based services is a no-brainer for the future progression of gaming and it comes with many advantages to gamers across the world, but are we asking too much, too soon? Modern technology and broadband speeds are improving but are we at the stage where video game streaming can be enjoyed by everyone, fairly and seamlessly?

Overcoming The Obstacles

Game lag is the primary issue and the unpredictability of home broadband is the other. Lag, or sometimes known as latency, is the scourge of online gamers across the world. There are several reasons as to why some gamers experience more lag than others but until the issue is completely solved across the board, online gaming and gamers will continue to suffer. Popular titles such as Call of Duty, for example, rely on split-second reactions and a player suffering from lag whilst in the middle of an online match stands no chance of coming out victorious. It’s frustrating to say the least and it’s an issue that the video game streaming companies, like Microsoft and Google, need to address for this new era of gaming to become 100% successful.

The quality of home broadband is another obstacle. Your wifi will be required to stream through live gaming environments and that will take up a serious amount of bandwidth. Home broadband has always been hit and miss but as with all technology, it is improving. Similar to the lag issue, super-fast broadband will be required as the norm in order to set out a level playing field. Make no mistake, these are two tricky issues to overcome but by the sounds of it, Google and Microsoft are both confident that they can overcome these barriers to offer seamless video game streaming that will be fair and reliable for everyone.

A Different Gaming Environment

Nobody can deny the fact that video game streaming will change the gaming experience forever. Gamers won’t need to fork out money for the latest consoles every 4-5 years, all of the hardware will be stored and maintained on the site of the streaming company. All we need as gamers is a screen to play on and a controller, that’s it. Everything through the cloud. Gamers won’t be restricted to playing in their bedroom or house, they’ll be able to pick up where they left from anywhere that has sufficient wifi access.

As we mentioned, video game streaming is nothing new and we’ve seen it in use before. Take ‘live casino’ gaming for example, it’s been a huge hit since it was introduced and has given online casino customers a brand new type of gambling experience, and in effect, revolutionized online casino gaming. Online gambling was a very private experience, however, the introduction of ‘live casino’ tables such as the roulette casino game allows players to enjoy interaction with dealers and other players. The real-life casino experience is getting closer and closer to home with each passing year, and the popularity of these ‘live casino’ games proves that this is exactly what today’s typical online gambler wants.

It all comes down to being able to enjoy the best gaming experiences in the comfort of your own home. The video game streaming service is only a few years away from going mainstream, we just need the necessary technology to meet the high demands of this cloud-based gaming environment. Once we do, gamers across the world will be stepping into a brand new territory, full of unimaginable gaming potential, and furthermore, it’s going to be a lot more manageable at home and you’ll feel a lot less strain on your bank account!