Unblock Netflix and Unlock Your Streaming Potential

Since the powerhouse of online streaming, Netflix, has been around, many people all around the world have been using it as their preferred series and movie streaming platform on their various devices. With many different people from many different countries using Netflix, it has risen to the top of online streaming to become the best of the bunch in the online streaming services. Offering such an incredibly wide variety of movies and series to watch, you can really get hooked quickly into watching your favorite shows and movies for hours on end.

The one problem you may have is the fact that your country does not have the full potential of Netflix when compared to other countries. With there still being thousands of movies and series to watch, your Netflix might only have 10% of that depending on your geographic location. If you were wondering if it is possible for you to unblock Netflix in another country, then the answer is yes – you certainly can.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN will make it easier to get past the geo-restrictions that Netflix have put in place. By using a VPN, getting into the American Netflix will be obtainable goal as the system pick up’s that you are in the correct country. This makes it easy to carry on watching your favorite series without delay.

This may also become slightly difficult for a person who has not used a VPN yet as there is so much to consider and take in before you purchase a VPN. There are VPNs that work for so many different countries, first thing to do is make sure the VPN you plan to use can access the US Netflix. A few good things to keep in mind to determine the best VPN are;

Bandwidth Caps

For a smooth running VPN you should look for one that does not limit the bandwidth allocation you have in your plan for each month.

High Speed

To have the capability to watch a full length movie or a show it would be best done smoothly. It gets quite irritating to have to wait every couple of minutes as it buffers. VPNs which minimally affect your internet speed, is a great VPN option.

Traffic Logging

To be absolutely sure that you do not leave any trail, or cookies, while using your VPN as well as not having someone spy on you and get all your information, a great VPN will protect you from both leaving you with peace in your mind that you and your information will not be at risk.

Strong Encryption

With geo-blocking being the main reason many VPNs do eventually get blocked, making sure the tunnel you use to get to the greater American Netflix is secure and unable to get past your strong encryptions.

More Servers

Having a multitude of servers dedicated to working for one main goal would be a good idea, as it is not rare that Netflix will block certain server IP’s.

The Best VPN’s to access Netflix


A top quality VPN service, that is able to get past the Netflix system that carries a large server system that covers over 40, 000 IPs from over 90 countries. They do cost more than most VPN’s but some of the benefits that come along with Express VPN are military grade security with a kill switch, easy to start up for first timers guide, works the best in highly censored countries.


SurfShark has the ability to unlock Netflix while abroad, with a great number of features that still come along with it; SurfShark is a great VPN to use. Also with a great big IP server system, you can easily get onto Netflix with ease. Working features with SurfShark that make it great are ones like the fact that you can have multiple family members on at the same time without disrupting each other. Everyone will have the ability to watch Netflix with safety.


With extremely excellent speed to make it run smoothly and tight privacy features, CyberGhost is a top pick for many people. With more privacy rules in play once you have purchased CyberGhost, it is definitely great to use. It works well and is free from buffering while streaming HD. It is perfect for first-timers who may not know exactly what is going on. Great features with CyberGhost are ones such as no email is required to use this VPN, fast, reliable and easy to use.

You always need time to relax and recover while traveling and there is no better way than to catch up with your favorite show. Just because you are out of the country should not stop you from that. If you would like to know more about this topic follow the link below and do some more research.