Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Review


Ultimate Ears has once again created a speaker that is designed to keep you up-to-date with the thrills and spills of life. That is the Boom 3, the company’s latest in their line of best-selling, durable and portable speakers.

It comes with an IP67 dust and waterproof rating which makes it even more promising. And with that, you can definitely submerge the Boom 3 underwater for a total of 30 minutes. You won’t have to worry about the speaker breaking even if you use this outdoors or during a pool party.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Review – What’s in the Box?

The Boom 3 comes in a simple-looking yet sturdy package that ensures to protect the speaker when in transit. The front part displays an image of the Boom 3, as well as the name of the company and model of the speaker.

The sides display images of it, as well as some important features of the Boom 3. At the back, you will get to see more important details about this to give you a better idea about what the speaker offers.

Aside from the Ultimate Ears Boom 3, you will find a micro USB and the quick start guide included in the package.

The Product

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Review

The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is easy to recognize as the company’s product, but there’s a hint of difference to it compared to the other speakers from Ultimate Ears. But despite all the similarities, the Boom 3 sports a slight makeover, giving it its own unique aspect.

When looking at the Boom 3, you will see that the soft plastic bumper that the company used down in the middle of the speaker, is gone. Instead of these, you will find a slim plastic strip along its spine.

Although the speaker sports a cylindrical appearance, the Boom 3 has also been less rounded off. Its edges ends sharp while the whole speaker is shaped and appears more like a soda can compared to the previous versions. The choice of design was intentional according to Ultimate Ears since they were aiming to have the Boom 3 convenient enough to carry around during travels.

The Boom 3 is covered with an IP67 waterproof material that is durable with a nice and premium feel to it. We didn’t have any issues in keeping a firm hold on the speaker even when water splashed on it. What makes it even better is that the Boom 3 also floats like the Wonderboom which is really cool. It’s really a simple feature but it does add a lot of value to it.

It’s not just the exterior of the speaker that was made tougher since Ultimate Ears claim that the Boom 3 is also drop proof as well. We didn’t do any drop tests off high places, but it didn’t acquire any cracks or dents when it rolled off and fell from the counter which is good.

Of course, the Boom 3 still makes use of the company’s signature minus and plus buttons to adjust the volume of your speaker. There is a single button at the top to power on /off the speaker and for controlling playback. We didn’t have any issues with the buttons since they had different shapes unlike with the Charge4. And even when we used it in the dark, we were able to easily feel around the Boom 3, allowing us to find the buttons that we needed.

In addition, Ultimate Ears also included a little hanging loop at the back which can be useful.

Product Features

Loud, Clear, and Clean

The Boom 3 from Ultimate Ears packs a sonic and powerful punch for its size. It features the distinct audio processing method from Ultimate Ears, thus, produces balanced and clear audio that is faithful to all the tubes you enjoy. You’ll get to listen to your favorite songs and get excellent quality at every volume level.

Spatial 360-degree Sounds

Ultimate Ears was able to perfect the stunning cylindrical style that they pioneered to give you stereophonic and immersive audio that delivers evenly in every direction.

The speaker features special drivers, grill & fabric, as well as housing geometry that have all been thoroughly refined and designed to deliver that full 360° of consistent killer and powerful sounds.

Deep and Accurate Sounds

Compared to other portable speakers, the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 gives your tunes a nice, rich, and deep bass texture that is true to the music you’re enjoying – and this is without distortions or exaggerations. Their DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithm and world class low frequency drivers have meticulously been tuned to take advantage of the bass frequency output while simultaneously maintaining all its mix accuracy.

The Brand New Magic Button

With the Boom 3, you’ll get to play, skip, and pause tracks straight on the speaker. You just need to push to conveniently control any music that is streamed. If not, simply configure the one-touch playlist specifically for Deezer Premium and Apple Music using the app.

Light Shifting Material

This speaker is covered with a two-toned material that is tough, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. It is engineered for various applications such as fire equipment and even motorcycle jackets since it is a performance textile made for extreme activities.

It Floats and it’s Waterproof!

The Boom 3 is designed to handle water splashes and is entirely waterproof. It boasts an IP67 rating which means that it is completely water and dustproof. Have fun at the pool, the beach, or anywhere you want since you won’t have to worry about the speaker breaking if it gets submerged in water.

It can stay underwater for up to thirty minutes and it will easily go back to the surface since it floats as well. And no matter what, the Boom 3 will still be producing great, loud sounds for your listening enjoyment.

Outstanding Battery Life

The speaker uses the same battery technology as some of the best electric cars around. The Boom 3 from Ultimate Ears will continue to stay pumped and powered to play your tunes for 15 hours on just one charge.


The Boom 3 from Ultimate Ears is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 15 hours of battery life. It has a 90 dBA max sound level, plus a frequency of 90Hz to 20 kHz.

There are a total of two 2-inch drivers, as well as 2 x 5 passive radiators, and the speaker measures 73 x 184 millimeters (D x H). For its overall weight, the Boom 3 is 1.34 pounds. This also comes with a 2-year limited warranty for hardware.

Using the Product

When we tested the Boom 3 from Ultimate Ears, we started out by maxing out the volume. We were expecting that it would sound a bit off, but to our surprise, this little beast really packs a punch, and the music actually filled the entire room which was pretty impressive.

Its cylindrical design really lets you enjoy 360-degree audio since we were able to listen to music that gave us spacious sounds with excellent frequency separation. For its connection, Boom 3 obviously didn’t give us any issues with it since there weren’t any signs of dropped connections or even stutters.

Just remember to stay within range of the speaker and you won’t have to worry about a thing; but quite surprisingly, the Boom 3 still gets to play music clearly at very long distances, as long as there aren’t any walls present.


With Ultimate Ears, you’ll get to enjoy a more advanced software experience than what you’d usually expect from other similar speakers. The single Ultimate Ears application allows you to track and manage all UE speakers paired to a specific device.

You can readily utilize the application for switching the speaker off, adjusting the volume or the EQ, and even updating the software. You’ll also be able to set the alarm using this, and it will play on the Boom 3 speaker. There’s a cool party tip with the speakers from Ultimate Ears, and it’s the ability to link a number of speakers together for a party.

This trick lets you connect up to a total of 150 Ultimate Ears speakers via the app, and have all of these playing your tunes simultaneously. The app also has another feature called the Block Party that let’s two other individuals link to your speaker so all three of you can enjoy and take turns playing different music via your Boom 3.

Since we have both the Boom 1 and 2, we decided to play around a bit and paired all the three speakers using the Party Up feature.

The entire process is quick and easy since all you have to do is drag around each speaker’s icon to pair them. Once all of them are linked, the three began playing the same tune simultaneously.


The Boom 3 from Ultimate Ears gives off the same excellent sounds like the other speakers from Ultimate Ears, and with its great battery life, you will definitely delight in continuous fun and partying while listening to your favorite tunes.

It’s not just for parties: if you enjoy listening to music while on the road, then you can take the speaker with you since it’s battery life is exemplary. Another notable feature of the Boom 3 is its durable form. Not only is it tough, but it is both waterproof and dustproof as well. The fact that the speaker floats is another amazing aspect so even if it falls in a pool during pool parties, it’ll just float back to the surface.

Ultimate Ears sure have made a ton of great enhancements to the Boom 3, so it’s definitely worth having to listen to all your favorite and loved songs. All in all, with its notable features, efficiency, durability, and quality sounds, we definitely recommend the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 to every music lover out there.

Where to Buy

Get your own Boom 3 Speaker from Ultimate Ears by purchasing this from the company’s official website.