Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport Review

Ubiquity has quietly appeared in the market of home-mesh Wi-Fi routers and came out with their Amplifi line of quality devices. They’re quite relatively unknown to the market but they took a good approach that was completely different and unique from their established competitors – this particularly refers to the flexibility of their presentation and network. Today, they continue with this path to ensure that home network can be utilized across borders.

This time, we’re going to talk about the Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport which is basically a combination of the existing primary router with a smaller extender. The earlier Amplifi products were bundled with mesh points which were specifically antennas linked to a magnetic base that was directly plugged into a wall outlet. The Teleport does plug into the wall but remember that it isn’t the typical mesh point – this is where things deviate from the system we’ve tried out. The Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport allows access to all home networks as well as the devices linked to it despite being connected to a different network while you’re away from home. An extra benefit of having a one-of-a-kind setup is that you can readily access any geo-restricted content when you visit other countries. It may sound a bit complicated at first but it’s all really simple.

Ubiquity was able to acquire crowdfunding to bring their Teleport into production; and now that the assembly lines are performing, the system is available. So with that, all the current owners of Amplifi will not be left out since the Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport unit is backward-compatible with the much earlier models.

Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport Review – What’s in the Box?

The Amplifi Teleport comes packaged in a small box which looks both simple but sleek. On the front of the box there is the logo as well as a product shot. At te rear of the packaging you will find an introduction to the product, product shots and details of the box contents.

Inside the box you will find some booklets that will tell you more about Amplifi and will also help you setup the Teleport.

The Product

Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport Review – A New Member of the Ubiquity Family

The Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport has a nice white color scheme, rubber finish, and it measures 43 x 75.85 x 38.85 millimeters. On the side, it features a LED ring that works as a status indicator which lights up a blue shade when necessary; below, you’ll see the Amplifi name as well. When you turn the device over, you’ll find a 2-prong US power plug and the certification information that has a QR code that will direct you to the unit’s mobile application for the installation process. Underneath is a female Ethernet port and the reset button, there’s also a protective plug covering that will be very useful when you bring the device around. Additionally, there are also dual-band antennas located in the Amplifi Teleport to produce a local wireless network.

The Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport features two dual-band antennas and has a total speed of 300-Mbps; it can reach a maximum of 11 Watts for its power consumption and its highest TX power is a total of 19 dBm. The operating temperature of the unit ranges from 14 – 131°F while the operating humidity is non-condensing and ranges from five to ninety-five percent; and as for its wireless security, it utilizes the WPA2-PSK – AES / TKIP. When it comes to the unit’s dimensions, it measures 1.69 x 2.95 x 1.53 inches and weighs a total of 410 grams. Another great thing about this is that the Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport also comes with a 1-year limited product warranty.

The Amplifi Teleport can extend your home’s Wi-Fi connection to any area in the world; it gives you a convenient and secure way to readily access your resources from home even if you are in a different place. You just need to use any wired Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi hotspot so Teleport can establish an encrypted connection all the way to your home network and expanding this wherever you go.  This is truly one convenient feature of the Amplifi Teleport since you can readily access all the things you need even when you’re out for a business or leisure trip. The setup is really simple, you just need to connect your home Amplifi router then take the Amplifi Teleport unit with you wherever you need to go.

Another great thing about the Amplifi Teleport is that you can easily determine who’s using your network via an app that will help you keep track of which devices are linked, as well as how long these are connected. You can also access your local broadcasts and news from any part of the world, as well as any device linked to your home network.

Using the Product

The Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport’s setup is a little different from the usual so it may come off as slightly confusing at first. The Amplifi HD will be able to determine if the Teleport is plugged into a power outlet then will recognize this; yet as for the remote access features, these will need to be setup first.

First, you will need to tap the Amplifi Teleport on the app’s main menu and you will see that it’ll appear offline. Even if it is recognized by the Amplifi HD, it still makes use of its own SSID to link to various devices since its main purpose is to be utilized away from home. The menu located at the top left portion brings up the side menu which is specifically for remote access.


The unit makes use of the band steering by default to know which band your devices should link to; plus, the router also allows you to adjust a variety of settings such as the following: manually change the channel for the bands to decrease interference, setting up the DHCP server, and a lot more. It’s also possible for you to set this up in the Bridge Mode to link up to two routers.

It’s also convenient especially if you have kids in your home since the parental controls allow you to pause the internet on all linked devices, or even on just one device at a time. It’s also nice that it lets you setup a profile for each member of the family so you can add their devices as well; this lets you restrict access to particular users without affecting other users on the list. Additionally, you can also block off certain days or time to cut off access. This is very efficient if you want to control the usage of users, especially with children.

The router is generally a great performer when it comes to its mesh points so we weren’t really surprised when it was able to hold up adequately. The data transfer speed was outstanding, especially when in close quarters, generally hitting higher than 140-Mbps of our 150-Mbps internet connection and this was within thirty feet of the mesh point or router. Of course, it gradually decreased the further we got but we never experienced the connection breaking or having any troubles.


We all know about hardware VPNs and these aren’t really a new thing, but Ubiquity is aiming to make things easier and simpler with their Amplifi Teleport. Ubiquity Labs promises consistent performance and feature updates and we’ve experienced this promise during the whole three weeks we’ve tested the unit. They also claimed that an extensive throughput improvement will be available which is most especially for the Teleport; with this update, the widely accepted encryption standards will also be adopted in the near future. Overall, the Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport is a great device and if you’re usually out on the road and need to access your home network, then we highly suggest the Teleport unit for your convenience.

Where to Buy

If you want the Ubiquity Amplifi Teleport, you can purchase this for only $99USD via their official website.