Ubiquiti AmpliFi Instant Review


Ubiquiti announced its latest AmpliFi mesh Wi-Fi solution last year which they claimed to have just a two-minute setup process. This is their AmpliFi Instant mesh system that comes with an integrated touchscreen display just like its predecessor, the AmpliFi HD.

The AmpliFi Instant Wi-Fi kit from Ubiquiti is mainly designed and produced for domestic use, but it can also be something ideal for small businesses that want to have strong wireless signal across their office area.

With this, you won’t get all the features that are present in an enterprise-grade managed access point, but its mesh topology guarantees that you will receive good signal at a low price. Plus, you won’t require a dedicated IT department to administer this.

Ubiquiti AmpliFi Instant Review – What’s in the Box?

The packaging of AmpliFi has always been a strong point and something notable for the company, since they’re able to give you that feeling of opening a special and premium product. It may not really be a big deal to some, but first impressions will always count, and the AmpliFi Instant will sure give you a good one.

On to the packaging, the AmpliFi Instant comes in a sleek, compact box that sports a dark and classy theme. The image of the Wi-Fi system is displayed at the center of the box, while above it is the name of the device that’s written in simple gold fonts. The sides and back portion of the package have a couple of other details about it.

Once you get to open the box, you will find the AmpliFi Instant kept nicely and securely in place. This is to avoid it from acquiring any damages while in transit. There aren’t any other accessories included in the package, just the AmpliFi Instant itself, and the quick start guide card that comes with a QR code that can be used to open a digital manual.

The Product

Ubiquiti AmpliFi Instant Review

Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi Instant features a router that features a user-friendly touchscreen display, one WAN port, one 1GB Ethernet cable, an Ethernet port, and a Mesh Point with a single Ethernet port which is used to max out the coverage while also eliminating dead spots in your home.

This Wi-Fi system gives you great coverage that ranges up to 4000 square feet, as well as a conveniently quick setup for coverage in your entire home with smooth and continuous Wi-Fi.

The AmpliFi Instant has a powerful and efficient antenna that allows for extra throughput and additional capacity for MIMO or Multi Input – Multi Output. MIMO lets devices communicate via diversified streams that let you transfer additional data simultaneously.

The AmpliFi Instant from Ubiquiti is a very neatly and cleanly designed product with both its main router and secondary Mesh Point that consists of clean white lozenges that measure 98 x 100 x 33 millimeters (W x D x H).

On one portion of the Instant Router, you will find an Ethernet port to connect to the primary modem or router, a USB AC adapter port, and an extra passthrough port for hard wiring another device. On the front part of the router, there’s a touchscreen that displays the time, date, as well as the status of the instant Router.

On one of the sides of the mesh device, you’ll see one Ethernet port that lets you hardwire the USB AC port and an additional device. The bottom portion of each component features an LED light that goes around the whole base.

The Mesh Point and router are almost identical and the only difference between the two is the lack of a WAN port and screen on the latter.

Aesthetics play a huge part in the AmpliFi Instant since these are designed to be displayed and not hidden in a corner cabinet, or at the far end of your desk. This is device is created specifically for your tabletop and should fit perfectly with any contemporary decor or theme.

It’s also better to display it for easier access since the little LCD screen that’s present on the router gives you quick details on download and upload speeds; plus, it can be set to switch itself off at night via the AmpliFi app.

Both of these devices from Ubiquiti are solidly built, but of course, there are some signs of cost-cutting since the company aimed to keep it affordable. You’ll see that the primary router only features two Gigabit Ethernet ports where one needs to be linked to your current router to provide internet access; for the Mesh Point, it’s just one port.

Generally, if you’re needing a wired connection for several devices like game consoles or a smart TV, we think that it would be better to choose another system that gives you extra Ethernet ports for your needs. But when it comes to its performance and functions, it’s still a really good product from Ubiquiti.

Both of the units make use of a USB C port to provide power supply to their main, though keep in mind that there are no extra USB ports to let you share a hard drive or printer with others on your home network.

Product Features

Simple Connection of the Router and Mesh

You can simply connect and the Ubiquiti AmpliFi Instant to power and for Wi-Fi, just connect the Ethernet cables. So if you ever need to cover areas with a weak signal, simply add a MeshPoint.

AmpliFi Instant Mesh System

The Ubiquiti AmpliFi Instant kit comes with an Instant MeshPoint. This allows you to strengthen your Wi-Fi connection’s signals in the dead areas of your home. If that’s not enough, you can include the AmpliFi HD MeshPoints or Routers to your system to get the full coverage that you need.

Improved User Experience

AmpliFi Instant’s intuitive application allows for quick and easy setup, quick guest access, and powerful reporting metrics. Just download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store and you can begin setting up the Wi-Fi system in just two minutes. In the AmpliFi app, you can configure and keep track of your network from home or remotely.

Enjoy a Fresh Design Aesthetic

With the aesthetic design of the AmpliFi Instant, you don’t have to bother attempting to hide your Wi-Fi system anymore. It’s designed to function adequately, as well as aesthetically match your home’s interior so you can place this on your desk, side table, and anywhere you want.

Comes with All the Features You Want

The AmpliFi Instant comes with everything you want such as device status, guest access, and more. What makes things better is that all of these are packed in a single Wi-Fi system with a simple interface that doesn’t need any advanced technical degrees.

It has a glowing LED light that is not only for aesthetic purposes, but it also indicates the system status while you’re in control of your Wi-Fi via the AmpliFi App.


The dimensions of the AmpliFi Instant is 3.92 x 3.85 x 130 inches and weighs 215 grams. Its display is 1.21 inches diagonally, 160 x 64, 142 PPI, grayscale, and with capacitive touch.

The total power consumption of the AmpliFi Instant is 9 Watts and has Wi-Fi standards of 802.11AC. It also comes with a 2 x 2 MIMO, 2.4GHz speed of 300 Mbps, and 5GHz speed of 867 Mbps.

Using the Product

The two-minute setup of the AmpliFi Instant is the real thing, and it’s nice that Ubiquiti designed its Wi-Fi system like this. Honestly, we think that it’s refreshing and nice to assemble a new network for your home without feeling that it’s such a huge hassle.

You won’t have to bother dealing with settings, PCs, cables, as well as other tedious things when it comes to setting up devices. So if you’re worried about the whole idea of setting up the AmpliFi Instant, don’t worry, it’s easy and very user-friendly.

We connected the Instant Router to our primary router before downloading the application. After we looked through and followed the easy steps via the app, it all went smoothly so the router was fully functional and ready for use.

The only thing you have to do here is to choose the network name then add your password. If you still get a bit confused with the setup, you can simply access Ubiquiti’s 24/7 live support for assistance. After, we plugged the mesh device in our work area that often has a very weak signal; and with the app’s help, we were able to quickly establish a wireless connection between the mesh device and router.

It was a surprise since the entire area suddenly had a fast and strong wireless signal and we didn’t even have to break a sweat to achieve this.

Now when it comes to the performance of the AmpliFi Instant, we only received excellent results from our tests. We are running a 100mb Fiber connection and when testing the WiFi performance of AmpliFi we received 86mb download and 6mb upload which was fantastic. With our previous ASUS router, we were receiving about 70mb download and 3.5mb upload and there were also some stability issues.

The connection delivered from AmpliFi Instant was rock solid and we did not notice any dropouts whilst moving around. We were able to stream content via Netflix and Hulu in full HD from anywhere that we went in the house and even in the back yard. This was brilliant!

The Ubiquiti AmpliFi Instant may not be one of the quickest mesh networking systems in the market, but it has a competitive price and can surely give you reliable performance even in areas where a Wi-Fi router may struggle. If you were after something that packed a bit more of a punch you should take a look at the AmpliFi HD setup.

Overall, we are happy with the performance of the AmpliFi Instant, and we only have positive impressions of it. Network speeds improved drastically, and setting this up was relatively easy; it’s also one of the most affordable ways to get into the wireless mesh networking environment. So all in all, we’re giving the AmpliFi Instant two thumbs-up for its great performance.


The AmpliFi Instant is configured via the AmpliFi App, which is the same app used for the AmpliFi HD. It’s not only for setting up connectivity, but it’s also designed for other uses such as monitoring, troubleshooting, testing, and to set your preferences.

In the app, you will find five key tabs which include Overview, Performance, Guest, Family, Diagnose, and System. This time, we are going to look further into the different functions and uses of each tab that is available on the AmpliFi app.

The overview screen is where you can get a quick status report of your Wi-Fi system. This is the area where you’ll gain access to the network name, password, guest Wi-Fi, time, additional SSID setup, as well as band and router steering toggles. You can also find the DNS settings and IPv6 & Bridge Mode toggle in this tab. Lastly, this is the area where you can adjust the screen and light settings on the main router.

In the Performance tab, you will see a graph of the throughput; also, this is where you can have your Wi-Fi system undergo a quick ISP test to see its speed rates.

The Guest tab lets you set an additional network with a different name and password; it lets you customize a variety of settings such as the maximum amount of users, duration time, on and off periods, and more. The settings in this tab are great to use as a parental control network if you want your kids to use a separate network and control how much time they’ll spend using the internet.

Family is where you can control, pause devices, and set the priority of connections. In this tab, you can see all of the connected devices. Not only that, but you can assign groups for the connected devices and set a schedule for these.

The system screen lets you tap on each device to customize more advanced settings such as the DNS, port forwarding, ISP, band steering, and DHCP. This is also where firmware updates are done.  Setting up a VLAN ID is also possible if you want to separate your network in broadcast domains. Additionally, you can set night mode to turn the LED and LCD off during a certain time of the day.

The last tab in the AmpliFi app is Diagnose, which is where you can have a quick view of network errors. It also allows you to make automatic fixes such as troubleshooting ISP, internal LAN, and other connection issues.

With the AmpliFi App, this mesh Wi-Fi system is totally easy to set up and run. We didn’t experience any problems with it since the app was very user-friendly and effective. It’s simple and easy to understand, so even if you’re a first-time user, you won’t experience any issues when it comes to setting up the Wi-Fi system.

When it comes to Quality of Service settings, there isn’t a lot and you also can’t add outside media via a USB port. For most people, this isn’t an issue as long as they have a reliable wireless home network connection. And that’s what Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi Instant offers.


After we’ve tested and tried out the AmpliFi Instant from Ubiquiti, from its hardware to the software, we think that this is an all-around, efficient, and truly a high-quality product.

With its seamless, smooth, and quick set up process, its functional touchscreen display, fast performance, as well as the convenient network controls, it’s easy to say that this is one great mesh Wi-Fi system that we can highly recommend.

In addition to these, the Ubiquiti AmpliFi Instant does what the company advertised, and with a price that is much cheaper compared to their AmpliFi HD, it’s a great option for anyone who requires an expandable mesh setup for your home or small business.

The AmpliFi Instant can perform as well as handle most tasks, but as we mentioned earlier, it’s better to look at something else if you’re planning to utilize the Wi-Fi system for hardcore gaming or other special tasks.

However, the AmpliFi Instant comes with a router to extend your network’s coverage but if this alone is not enough, the MeshPoint will be an excellent network solution for these signal issues.

The best thing about this router and MeshPoints from AmpliFi is that it adds versatility to your home network which is something convenient.

So if you’re searching for a mesh Wi-Fi system that’s efficient, functional, easy to set up, is cost-efficient, as well as expandable and perfect for your average home or your small business, then the AmpliFi Instant from Ubiquiti is something that we’d recommend.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own Ubiquiti AmpliFi Instant Wi-Fi system, you can purchase this from the company’s official website.