Top 5 Streaming Devices

If there ever was an era so absorbed in the fascinating world of tech, it would be this one. The modern day life of 2019 relies heavily on the evolution of tech and as we have just justified why we need one gadget, BOOM! The next one is available. But in between the soup of various technology and gadgets, there are a few to draw our eye and eventually our hearts. This tech is highly motivated by the consumer’s desires, convenience and affordability. With all that in mind, we have discovered some of the best streaming devices of this year. Imagine that, on the big screen!

The Amazon TV Fire Cube

The Amazon Fire TV Cube has been reviewed as one of the best Amazon inventions this year. Why? Looking at the specs will give you some insight as to why this small gadget is trending today.

The smart streaming video player is compact, visually appealing and is said to be so advanced it might even replace the archaic remote. It is a hands free device that is voice controlled with Alexa and can be connected to a number of applications. It also offers a far field microphone which has been designed to recognize your voice from across the room. Watch all of your favourite shows without fighting over the remote, kids beware!

Roku Ultra

Ultra affordable meets ultra-modern and the Roku Ultra is all that and more. It offers a 4K memory which comes in a compact box, HDR for the best high definition recording opportunity and finally, its speedy connection allows for uninterrupted streaming. Needless to say, the affordable streaming device has been reviewed and rated as one of the best of 2019.

Roku Streaming Stick

At it again is Roku, really owning this division of technology, is a device as small as a USB stick and as powerful as any streaming device. The 4K HDR video streams audio and projects high quality images, all the while being hidden behind your TV.


It looks like an Xbox, it feels like an Xbox, it must be an Xbox but in fact it is a streaming device built specifically for gamers. This is the ideal gadget to have in your home if you for 4K memory and HDR with gaming features. You can expect this bad boy to work for all android platforms, taking your mobile gaming to the next level. Enjoy exclusive features for gamers via the mobile streaming capabilities or even TV should you so choose.

Apple TV 4K

Not to forget the iOS users, the Apple home streaming device is as smart as it is pretty. Stream ultra-high quality content from your phone or the TV and enjoy additional exclusive features to Apple users.

There really are so many devices to choose from in 2019, but we know prices and affordability and even though Apple may be pricier than the rest, it sure has a stronghold over Apple users who are raving about the quality! Choose any of the above for superior quality streaming.