Mobile apps are now a part of everyday life, with the gargantuan app markets boasting multiple applications for pretty much everything. From learning a new language to puzzle games, examining the makeup of the human brain to streaming a new film, there is an app for everything.

In 2018, mobile apps have continued to take steps forward alongside increasingly powerful mobile devices, with streaming apps being released by the bucket load. While many people have their go-to streaming application, apps of other genres tend to be battling in a more open field, allowing the more innovative creations to begin to emerge as favorites.


It used to be that SHAREit was the top cross-platform file-sharing app, but recent updates to bring in pop-ups, unnecessary features, and reduced functions have made users turn to newer apps. Of those newer apps, SuperBeam has emerged as a fan favorite. SuperBeam offers incredibly fast and very easy file sharing capabilities using a WiFi connection. Similarly to top streaming apps, SuperBeam continues to update and provide an even faster service. Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers as well as Apple and Android devices, SuperBeam offers a very useful base version as well as a pro version for only $1.99.

Heart of Vegas

Mobile gaming is taking over the world, already contributing to over half of the global games market. It’s a trend that is only set to continue thanks to the increasing quality of mobile games. It has also been seen that casinos have made a very well-met move to online and mobile with countless fans streaming and uploading their successes on casino games. Still, one game combines the joys of mobile gaming, the need for socializing, and the thrill of casino games into one, with that game being Heart of Vegas. The game offers players all of the best real Las Vegas slot machines with social functions as well as special rewards. With so many social slot games on offer, there’s no wonder why Heart of Vegas has become one of the most loved gaming apps.

Camera+ 2

Owners of iPhones have long bragged about the power of their camera, but some hold reservations as to the limited functionality of the phone’s built-in camera app. Available for iOS devices, the Camera+ 2 app succeeds the Camera+ app as an even better way to make the most of the device’s powerful camera. The app boasts many features which help you to take the very best photo possible, including focus peaking, slow shutter, a RAW Lab, depth editing functions, and much more.


If there’s one area of the app market that you could say is overwhelmed, it’s the health and fitness section. There is a plethora of apps out there to help you get fit, track your fitness, and get healthy, which can make it difficult to know which one is the best for you. One app which has been adopted by people who exercise socially is RunKeeper. The app has many useful functions but it’s the social features that have made it such a desired app. In the app, you can set up running groups to track and compare progress with your friends as well as set team goals. You can also use the Broadcast Live function to give live updates and stream your progress to your group in real time.

While these four apps likely won’t demand the amount of time that a streaming app does, they each offer significant benefits with their innovative features and functions.

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