There are lots of great Android TV boxes out there however a large number of them sit at around $100 or more and although those boxes are great sometimes we want something that is a little bit more friendly to our wallet. This is where the Schishion V88 steps in, offering a quality Android TV box for only $22.99.

The Scishion V88 doesn’t skimp on the features just bacuse it comes in at a low price point, the media player packs 1GB of RAM, Rockchip 3229 Quad Core processor, runs Android 5.1 and support 4k video playback.

The V88 is certainly worth the money if you a looking for a cheaper, easy to use media player for playing your local media files and is a great option for the kids or if you are looking to take something on a holiday with you for entertainment.


GPU: Mali-400

System: Android 5.1

CPU: RK3229

Core: 1.5GHz,Quad Core



Max. Extended Capacity: 16G

Decoder Format: H.264,H.265



Photo Format: JPEG,JPG,PNG

You can snag yourself the bargain box for only $22.99 over here.

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