Ring Stick Up Cam Review


With a ton of home security cameras out in the market, it’s getting trickier and more challenging for newcomers to impress us. There are cameras that work outdoors, are camera powered, provides motion detection notifications, two-way audio, motion zones, HD footage, and a whole lot more. With that, how do these latest offerings stand out from the crowd amidst the already existing models that are considered great? 

Ring, one of the first and best companies that provide DIY home securities, has been able to produce and place something new to the table. Their latest offering is the Ring Stick Up Cam which is a security camera that can be used both outdoors and indoors. You can mount this to the ceiling, attach it to your wall, or just set it on the table. But the best thing about this is that it is as simple and easy to use as the other Ring devices that the company produced. The Ring Stick Up Cam is the company’s very first wired security camera that does not come with an integrated light of some sort. Its camera provides you with excellent day and night videos.

So whether you’re in the office, at home, down the street, or in a different part of the globe, the new Stick Up Cam from Ring always keeps you connected to home where you’ll get live HD videos, real-time mobile alerts, and even two-way talk. 

Ring Stick Up Cam Review – What’s in the Box?

The Stick Up Cam from Ring comes in a simple-looking box that sports a blue and white theme. An image of the security camera is set on the front part of the package, together with a smartphone. The presence of this is to let everyone know that you’ll be able to see what’s going no matter where you are with the help of your phone.

The company’s name is on the upper left corner of the package, while next to it is the model’s name and some details about it. On the sides, you will see another image of the security camera there, while the back portion shows other features and information about the Stick Up Cam. 

Inside the box, you will find two USB cords that are used for outdoor and indoor installations. The 8-foot indoor USB makes use of a huge 2.25 x 1.5 x 0.5 inch USB to AC adapter that can conceal an adjacent outlet. For the outdoor USB cable, it comes with a weather-proof and sealed 2 x 1.5 x 1 inch adapter block that is in the middle of a 20-foot cord. Keep in mind that the AC plug is not weather-proof. 

When outdoors, the inline power supply of the model is weatherproof; but once you make use of its PoE feature, then you can just use and connect the Ethernet cable to the camera. The company also included other accessories such as wall anchors, cable clips, a screwdriver, and even a drill bit for installation. 

What we really liked is that Ring offers a lifetime theft replacement for the Stick Up Cam. So if the camera ever gets stolen, Ring will easily replace this, free of charge. 

The Product

Ring Stick Up Cam Review

Ring does not stop expanding and extending their security camera range beyond their Video Doorbell 2, which is their most flexible and versatile doorbell to date. For their Stick Up Cam, it is specifically designed to work both indoors and outdoors, and has a very versatile stand that lets you mount the camera at any possible angle. With the PoE or Power over Ethernet as a standard, the Stick Up Cam is even more versatile and responsive, requiring only one cable to offer both data and power. 

When it comes to the camera design of the Stick Up Cam, Ring decided to make it like a thick, white solid column of a cam that measures 3.8 inches in length, with a circumference of 2.4 inches. Connected to the back of the Stick Up Cam is a 3-inch chrome arm that links to a flat and extended surface that flexes and pivots. It allows you to readily install this on any flat surface like a shelf, angled eaves, wall, or the ceiling. 

Almost the entire front portion of the camera, specifically the lens, is covered by a black faceplate that measures 2.5 x 2 inches. Also around the lens are a total of four infrared LED lights present for night vision, while both the speaker and microphone are located below the lens. The outdoor / indoor Stick Up Cam from Ring has a weather-proof rating – IPX5, and the camera can be powered via USB or Ethernet. 

If you think about it, connecting the Ethernet or USB cable to the Stick Up Cam can be quite tedious: you will need to utilize the provided screwdriver to remove a certain cap at the bottom-rear of the camera, then access the Ethernet or micro USB port. However, this is important since it helps prevent others from yanking off the camera. Just keep in mind that there are no other features that can help protect the Stick Up Cam from removal and tampering. 

In addition, Ring’s security utilizes WPA2, WPA, and TLS; plus, all of their video streams are encrypted. You can setup motion zones using the Ring application, and these are basically areas that you want the Stick Up Cam to focus on, such as the front door, your child’s crib, or the window.

Once you set and configure the motion zones, you’ll get more specific alerts which is always a plus when you do not have any AI features present.

When it comes to its specifications, the Ring Stick Up Cam provides you with 1080p high-definition videos, which is considered as an industry standard that goes above and beyond. The camera also comes with a field of view that is specifically a 150° viewing angle.

Product Features

See Everything Wherever you Go

Whether you’re in the office, out of town, or even out of the country, you can stay connected to your home with the Stick Up Cam. It provides notifications, HD video, and two-way talk, all in real-time.

Endless Possibilities

You can place the Stick Up Cam from Ring anywhere – place it here and there, stick it up on the wall, or on the ceiling. It’s the most versatile camera that you could ever have.

Smart Security at All Angles

With the Stick Up Cam’s adjustable mounting bracket, you can let it stand on any flat surface; plus, you can also move it whenever you need to. All the necessary tools for setting up your video camera are present and it will only take minutes for you to finish.

Control the Camera with your Voice

Connect the Stick Up Cam with your select Alexa devices to launch videos happening in real-time. Just talk and ask Alexa, then you’ll get to see who’s there and what’s happening. Smart security is in your hands with the sound of your voice.


Using the Product

Image Quality

The image quality produced by the Ring Stick Up Cam was excellent, clear, sharp, and in 1080p HD. We were able to see a good wide field of view which was adequate enough to cover a whole room, no matter where you install this. Keep in mind that the Stick Up Cam doesn’t support HDR which would be good for balancing the view of a scene that has extremely dark or bright areas. Thing is, it shouldn’t really be a big deal or issue to most users.

The Audio Quality

All the videos that we recorded using the Stick Up Cam produced sounds that were loud & clear. It was also in sync with the video so we didn’t experience any lags or issues. All words were in sync with the people in the video. 

Since the camera’s two-way audio is full duplex, you don’t really have to wait for someone to stop speaking just to respond. We tried listening to the audio from the Stick Up Cam on our smartphone and it was pretty loud and clear without any form of static. 

From the phone to the camera, the volume was slightly lower; in both directions, we didn’t experience any drop outs and all spoken words were easy to understand.

When it comes to the sounds outdoors, it was pretty good too. It was loud enough to scare away anyone who attempts to intrude in the area.

Motion Detection

Just like other security camera models from Ring, the Stick Up Cam comes with motion detection, which you can switch on and off depending on your preference. If you opt to subscribe to the optional Ring Protect Plan, you can set the Stick Up Cam to automatically start recording videos once it detects motion. 

We were able to adjust the motion detection’s sensitivity. This is adjusted by increments of 5; plus, you can also fine-tune the system by creating motion detection zones. This allows you to select the areas in the video image where the camera’s system will detect and respond to movement; other areas that aren’t selected are ignored.

Aside from the zones, we were also able to set a schedule for this feature to work. You can choose certain times of the day or week for the camera to detect motion. This is highly necessary if you’re utilizing the camera indoors, since you don’t want to receive notifications every time you walk into the room where you placed the camera. However, you definitely want to receive alerts when you leave home. We think that this feature is really useful and convenient. 

All in all, the Ring Stick Up Cam performed well, and we’re giving it a good thumbs up for it.


The Ring mobile app is where you manage the Stick Up Cam. It’s compatible with iOS 9.1 and higher versions, as well as Android 5.0 and newer versions. The interface is simple, easy to master, and is also responsive.

When we tried the Live view feature, it stayed connected to the camera which is something we liked since we usually experience disconnection with other security cameras.

You can also view recorded videos via the Ring.com web portal if you subscribe to a cloud plan which is about $3 a month. You can also share a recorded video’s URL via Twitter, Facebook, or email, then download this to your computer. The web portal works with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.


The Stick Up Cam is a unique and versatile security camera that can be used for both indoors and outdoors. 

The Stick Up Cam gives you plenty of options; and aside from indoor and outdoor use, it can also work with Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It’s an extremely versatile camera since it can be mounted on a wall, a ceiling, or you can simply place it on a desk. 

Ring’s Stick Up Cam worked great as well, which is another thing we liked about the device. It delivered quality images and audio; plus, its motion detection was just as responsive. 

All in all, the Stick Up Cam is an efficient, durable, and versatile security camera. There are a lot of security cameras to choose from in the market today, but if you want a stand-alone camera that doesn’t need to be connected to other systems, we highly recommend Ring’s Stick Up Cam. It works well and it’s packed with great features for you to effectively keep track of your home, work area, and more.

Where to Buy

Ring Stick Up Cam is also available at  ring.comAmazon.com.au, Harvey Norman, Bunnings, Officeworks, Bing Lee and JB Hi-Fi.