Razer Viper Review


When thinking about gaming mice, the usual thought that pops into mind is a bulky and massive chunk of durable plastic with LEDs here and there. Yet with the Razer Viper, excess heft is stripped off from the device to deliver a more lightweight gaming mouse designed for accuracy and speed.

With this mouse, you’ll be able to control and manage the outcome of your game battles because of the combined high-precision, quick actuation in gaming, and cutting edge lightweight design.

Not only that, but the company claims that it features industry-leading technology for mice designed and tested with the help of athletes from Team Razer. It’s all to give you and every other gamer a mouse made for the best.

But with its price range, is it something worth investing in? We’ll find out today.

Razer Viper Review – What’s in the Box?

The Razer Viper came in a dark-themed cardboard box that is tough and durable enough to keep the mouse from getting damaged. In front, you’ll have an idea about how the Viper looks since an image of the mouse are at the center.

5G is seen at the top-left corner of the box, while the series’ icon is on the upper-right portion. The lower-left corner lists the name of the product, so you won’t miss out on what series it’s from. At the back, there are more details listed about the mouse, specifically its key features.

Inside the box, you will see the Razer Viper itself, together with other items such as a welcome note and a quick start guide.

The Product

Razer Viper Review

The Razer Viper is an eSports peripheral designed to boost the performance of high-speed games such as Overwatch, Counter-Strike, and Global Offensive. It is lightweight at 69 grams and utilizes optical switches similar to that of the Razer Huntsman Elite. And what’s nice about the Viper is that Razer did this without making the mouse feel flimsy.

This gaming mouse is also ambidextrous and technically sports a total of eight buttons on the right and left sides. It also comes with the DPI profile switch located underneath, so it’s technically the regular 5-button form factor.

For its buttons, they have good clicks and a nice position on the mouse; however, there isn’t anything new or exciting about them, until you look underneath. At the bottom of the hood, the two main clicks feature a new kind of hybrid mechanical/optical switch. In effect, clicking the Razer Viper provides a path for the laser to activate the input signal.

Razer claims that their Razer Optical Switch works in two ways. First, it takes away a few milliseconds off the time your computer registers a click by removing the debounce delay. It is a specific feature that prevents the occurrence of double-clicks on mechanical mice. Second, it lessens the number of mechanical portions, making the Razer viper more durable.

The company rates the mouse’s switches for a total of 70 million clicks, which is exceptionally high, but not something new.

Generally, the Razer Viper has notable components and is well-built by having a matte plastic base, as well as textured grips on each side. These make the mouse feel pleasant and comfortable to the touch, allowing you to keep your hand in place while gaming. This gaming mouse also comes with a 2-year warranty, as well as access to reliable and efficient tech support.

Since the Razer Viper is an eSports gaming mouse, it lacks the style that other gaming mice have. It doesn’t have a lot of customizable buttons, which is fine since its design is specifically for esports games.

The Razer Viper’s size is smaller and lighter compared to other similar products. This compact design can also be a bonus to those with smaller hands.

While other ambidextrous mice allow users to swap the left and right buttons, Razer uses a different approach to the Viper. It has the same button layout on either side, so you can access every single button, whether you’re right or left-handed.

The Razer Viper comes with the 5G Advanced Optical Sensor + true 16,000 DPI, and up to 450 IPS (inches per second) / 50G acceleration. Not only that, but there’s also Ultrapolling that is 1,000 Hz.

This ambidextrous mouse also sports the Razer Optical Mouse Switch that has a total of 70 million clicks for its life cycle. Plus, it comes with the Razer Speedflex cable and the gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel.

It features Razer Chroma lighting that allows you to choose from 16.8 million customizable color choices. Also, it has eight Hyperesponse buttons that are independently programmable. You can do all of these configurations on the Razer Synapse 3 software. Moreover, its onboard DPI storage can store up to five presets.

The Razer Viper is light, having a total of 69 grams without the cable. For its approximate dimensions, it is 4.99 x 2.61 x 1.49 inches (L x W x H) while its cable is 2.1 meters long.

Product Features

Razer Optical Mouse Switch

Every click you make is as fast as the speed of light. With the infrared light beam, the Razer Optical Mouse Switch registers a click as quickly as 0.2 milliseconds. Its quick response time eliminates unintended clicks and debounces to give you full control.

Razer 5G Optical Sensor

With its DPI that goes up to 16,000 and its 99.4% tracking accuracy, the Razer 5G Optical Sensor delivers high levels of precision. With your skill, ability, and this sensor combined, you can bring an extension of yourself in your game when you use the Razer Viper.

Lightweight Design

The Razer Viper has a total weight of only 69 grams, and it doesn’t compromise on its strength and durability. During competitions, you can move faster and have more controlled swipes. The mouse effectively augments the speed of your movement in your game.

Razer Speedflex Cable

The Razer Viper features a mouse cable that allows for smoother swipes to put you at a higher advantage in any competition. This Razer Speedflex Cable gives you full control with minimal drag.

Onboard DPI Storage

With the Razer Synapse 3 application, you can create up to five customized DPI presets and save these onboard. With that, you can access and use any of these five custom presets wherever you are.

Underside DPI Button

Team Razer athletes had requested for a mouse with a DPI button on the underside to avoid accidental adjustment of the DPI in the middle of a game. Now, you don’t have to worry about pressing this button by accident.

Eight Programmable Buttons

Aside from customizing DPI presets, you can also configure the Razer Viper’s eight programmable buttons through the Razer Synapse 3. Take advantage of macros and the mouse’s secondary functions to efficiently execute more moves.


Using the Product

Since the Razer Viper has a 16,000 DPI sensor, it’s highly responsive, especially when we raised its sensitivity levels. The mouse delivered the perfect speed for playing your favorite esports titles.

Its optomechanical switches also helped us execute more rapid moves in our games. We didn’t experience any debounce delay since it excellently delivered the signal. Each click was accurate, so we were able to perform well in all the games we tested.

While playing single-player games, we noticed a quick response time whenever we clicked on the mouse. Everything was great since all the mouse was fast, precise, and responsive. For FPS games, the results were as impressive, since we were able to shoot our opponents with ease.

Overall, the Razer Viper delivered excellent performance, and we’re giving this mouse our two thumbs up. It’s the best choice for your gaming needs.


Now, let’s talk about Razer Synapse 3, the software where you configure the Razer Viper’s settings. When we plugged the mouse into our gaming desktop, our computer automatically installed Razer Synapse 3.

In the past few years, Razer has made improvements to the software. One of these is that it no longer requires you to create an account. Also, the customizations on the mouse’s macro and buttons work even without the software running on the background.

With Synapse 3, you can manage all of your mouse’s buttons, macro, profile, RGB lights, and other configurations. If you’re using a bottom-mounted button as a DPI switcher, a nice touch is that it cycles between a variety of five LED colors. It quickly shows the configuration you’re on.

All in all, we liked the Razer Synapse 3. It had enough settings to customize the Razer Viper, and its interface was clean & simple, making it easy to use.


The Razer Viper is one of the best eSports mice available today, and it’s perfect for competitive shooting games. It’s lightweight, ambidextrous, has low latency, and is highly precise, which puts you at an advantage in any game you play.

If you’re an aspiring professional esports gamer who is in the market for the best gaming mouse, we highly recommend the Razer Viper. It has the ideal design for an ambidextrous gaming mouse, and it delivers the best performance that will help you execute your skills to win any competition.

Where to Buy

If you want to get your hands on the Razer Viper gaming mouse, you can easily purchase this from Razer’s official website.