Razer Raiju Ultimate Review


Way back in the year 2016, Razer released their controller, Raiju – a pro-oriented wired PS4 gaming controller that is focused on meeting the demands of a fast growing market for eSports. And when we move forward, we’re getting the Raiju Ultimate from them. The Raiju Ultimate from Razer is an officially-licensed premium controller that improves and enhances the performance and quality of its predecessor in every way.

This can be considered as an ultimate controller for stepping up your game and taking that level as a pro. It is also a great controller if you’re in the mood to have a PlayStation 4 peripheral that gives you a little something extra. It has a ton of features in store, making it a controller that stands out from your standard DualShock controllers. The Raiju Ultimate can function as either a Bluetooth or wired controller; plus, its face buttons also have that satisfyingly nice level of click to them, and it has the multi-colored Razer light strip to make it a controller that stands out from the rest.

Though the most noticeable improvement with Razer’s Raiju Ultimate over its predecessor, is the fact that it provides you with excellent build quality, a lot of customization options, plus a vast set of efficient wired functions.

Sounds good? Seems like something that you’d need for your gaming enjoyment? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re going to focus on the Raiju Ultimate from Razer to see what it’s all about, what enhancements it has, any new features and specifications going on there, if it performs well, and if it’s something worth investing in.

Razer Raiju Ultimate Review – What’s in the Box?

Typically, products from Razer arrive in boxes that sport a jet black theme with hints of neon green on the side. But since this specific controller is affiliated with the PS4, it came in a bright blue box instead.

The front part of the box displays an image of the Raiju Ultimate controller together with some basic details about it. The back part of the package displays the annotation of the controller, together with a rear and front view of it.

Aside from the Raiju Ultimate gaming controller, other items and accessories you will find bundled in the package include the USB to micro USB cable, one carrying case, the welcome sheet, a product information guide, plus a molded adapter to keep a snug and perfect fit for the controller.

The Product

Razer Raiju Ultimate Review

The Raiju Ultimate from Razer is your best bet for a wireless PS4 controller. It lets you make advanced customizations based on your gaming preferences, but what’s nice about it is that you can simply use your own mobile application to fix and manage everything. Whether it is adjusting your sensitivity options or remapping the multi-function buttons, you have complete control right at the palm of your hands.

Take it a bit further with the controller’s interchangeable thumbsticks then select whether you want an individual or tilting D-Pad button layout. Razer made things easier for you since you will get to enable functions with ease via the quick control panel. Here, you can activate the Hair Trigger Mode to get quick-firing action for certain games.

The controller comes with a total of three connectivity modes, and this includes the USB, PS4, and PC without any manual repairs for optimal efficiency.

About the overall build quality of the Raiju Ultimate, to put it simply, the controller has a high-end and premium feel to it. You just need to hold it and you can immediately say that all the materials used to build this are top notch. Not only that, but it has that solid weight to it which makes it better.

When we talk about its weight, it sure is heavier than your common DualShock 4 controller. However, we can definitely say that the Raiju Ultimate controller will be something very accommodating to anyone with larger hands. In addition, the extra heft on the controller allows it to sit better in a relaxed grip.  For its contours, it really helps make for a comfy shape: your index will be curled perfectly over the shoulder triggers and buttons which will make your entire gameplay more enjoyable.

Speaking of the triggers and buttons, the face of these are just like your standard Raiju controllers; however, we’re not complaining about it since the regular controllers are good too. You’ll be presented with a couple of smooth inputs that are easy to distinguish from the rubberized material present on the controller’s frame. This specific rubberized material stretches across the entire pad, together with textured grips that are set on the under portions of the controller’s arms.

Needless to say, the Razer Raiju Ultimate is a controller that will not slip even when it is being used by gamers with really sweating hands, and the same can be said of its finely conspicuous analog sticks. It is also worth noting that the Raiju Ultimate’s “arms” are not as pointed as the regular Raiju’s. The company made sure to give it a softer curve to these, especially along the back portion. This surprisingly gives a whole lot of comfort over much longer gaming sessions, and that’s really good.

In general, one of the best things about the Raiju Ultimate controller’s design is that you don’t really need to grip it hard like you usually do with regular controllers. Holding it is pretty much effortless and that’s what matters when gaming.

Product Features

Interchangeable D-Pad, Thumbsticks, and Quick Control Panel

The parts of the Razer Raiju Ultimate are interchangeable. The thumbsticks have various shapes and height, while the D-Pad has an either tilting or individual layout. You can customize this controller for the ideal comfort and gameplay experience. The quick control panel allows you to instantly access important functions, and the secure button lock prevents unintended keypresses.

Advanced Configuration via Mobile App

With the Razer Raiju Mobile app for iOS and Android, you can now make advanced customization which makes things much easier. This allows you to remap triggers and multi-function buttons, adjust the intensity of rumble motors, and even change the sensitivity clutch levels to fully enhance your in-game experience wherever you are.

Supporting Wired and Bluetooth Connection

The Razer Raiju Ultimate is the company’s controller to initially support not only Bluetooth, but also wired connection.  Enjoy full freedom with wireless gaming wherever you are, and if you need the assurance to stay connected during tournaments, go for wired gameplay. It’s all up to your choice and preference.

Razer’s Mecha Tactile Action Buttons

The Raiju Ultimate features the Razer Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons for you to have a greater gaming experience. These provide a soft cushioned touch with tactile feedback.


At a glance, the Raiju Ultimate works perfectly with Windows 7 or higher PCs, and also for the PS4. It comes with wired and Bluetooth connections, plus interchangeable thumbsticks and the D-Pad. The controller sports the Razer Chroma lighting strips, and it comes with a 12-month warranty as well.

Now for the technical stuff: the Raiju Ultimate has a total of 4 multi-functional buttons which are the Mecha-Tactile triangle, square, circle, and X action buttons. The controller has trigger stops for quick-fire action too.

The controller comes with a 3.5-millimeter port for microphone input and stereo audio output, though keep in mind that the audio function is only available in the USB mode. With just a single charge, you’ll get up to 11 hours of battery life, plus it has a detachable 10-feet lightweight braided fiber cable that has a micro USB connector.

It measures approximately 106 x 155 x 66 millimeters (L x W x H)  and weighs 370 grams without the cable.

Using the Product

When you take a look at the back portion of the Raiju Ultimate, you will find an easy to toggle switch that is able to move its functionality between the PS4’s Bluetooth, PC and wired USB Bluetooth. For the most part, the controller works flawlessly on each of the platforms, and it simultaneously charges the Raiju Ultimate while being connected.

When it comes to its Bluetooth connection, it’s very simple to pair up; and when we’re speaking of actually playing games with it, the connection of the Raiju Ultimate is something that will not disappoint. This is most evident when you’re playing competitive or online games.

Let’s talk about the triggers and buttons this time. When we started using the controller, we realized that these felt really better and more comfortable to use. The Raiju Ultimate from Razer has adequate amounts of firmness, and it easily bounces back to the controls which makes each and every movement satisfying. Since the company included replaceable joysticks with varying heights and D-Pads with different shapes, you will be able to customize the feel of the controller based on your preferences.

Taking a look at it, the Raiju Ultimate looks a bit like the Xbox Elite wireless, and just like it, this specific one from Razer is built with a chunky exterior for comfort and adequate grip. We really loved the inner paddles of the controller; and with the help of the Razer Raiju mobile app, remapping the regular second shoulder buttons was much easier on the hands especially during long game-playing sessions.

In addition, the Raiju lets you save a couple of different profiles for the various games that you play; you can also switch between the styles in an instant, which is really convenient during intense gaming moments. It’s pretty cool that you can color-code the layouts so the Raiju Ultimate will pulse, let’s say, red for shooting, and the color green for sports.

All in all, the Razer Raiju performed really well and we loved every single thing about it. Though it is indeed a controller on the pricier category, its features, quality, durability, and function is definitely worth it.


Although you can remap the Raiju Ultimate’s buttons through the controller itself, you can further customize it through its mobile app – the Razer Raiju, which is downloadable on iOS and Android. The app has a neat interface which is something we really liked. Aside from remapping the controller’s additional buttons, you can also set profile configurations and lighting options for the four buttons on the spine of the controller.

The options can be separately applied to four individually color-coded profiles for each type of gameplay: fighting, racing, sports, and shooting. These include features such as vibration motor strength, analog stick sensitivity, as well as preferences for Chroma Lighting. Once you program a profile, you can instantly toggle through the Profile control panel directly on the Raiju Ultimate, even while you’re gaming.

The Razer Raiju app also lets you see the firmware version that the Raiju Ultimate operates on. However, you will need PC access if you need to update the firmware.  It would be much more convenient if the firmware update can be done via the mobile app as well, but this did not become a problem for us so it’s nothing to complain about. All in all, the Razer Raiju app is easy to use and we really liked the simplicity of its interface. It’s a great solution for quick and convenient button customization.


To conclude, the Razer Raiju Ultimate is an impressive gaming pad with several optimizations to give you an advantage in your games. We can’t deny that the Razer Raiju Ultimate is pricey, but it’s a high-quality controller that’s worth the purchase. It looks great and has a nice polish that you won’t commonly see these days. Aside from that, it’s a superb controller with customizable buttons that are also responsive.

When it comes to tweaking the controller via the mobile app, we really enjoyed it since doing this was quick and easy.

Overall, the Razer Raiju Ultimate controller is the answer for your gaming needs. It’s flexible and is designed for all types of games and we think that it’s the ultimate gaming controller. If you’re looking for high-performance controllers, we highly recommend the Raiju Ultimate from Razer.

Where to Buy

Purchase your own Razer Raiju Ultimate controller online from the company’s official website.