Razer Basilisk Essential Review


Razer is one of the companies able to build a strong presence in the world of PC gaming peripherals. They continuously create and deliver top-notch products that appeal to both all-around gamers and specific gaming niches alike.

The variety of their peripherals – each designed with a particular type of gamer in mind – recognizes that gaming is a large environment of both personal enjoyment and competitive achievement. With heightened quality and expertise integrated into their products, it’s not a surprise that Razer leans towards the slightly pricier side of gaming peripherals. The items aren’t too expensive, yet these are above the affordable standard range for a lot of gamers.

Because of that, Razer decided to expand their product line yet again. But this time, they launched a brand new version of a currently existing mouse, the Basilisk. To cater to most gamers around, they created a budget version of their Basilisk mouse, calling it the Razer Basilisk Essential.

With a lower price, this gaming mouse aims to be part of the entry-level peripheral category for anyone who wants to upgrade their gear.

Razer Basilisk Essential Review – What’s in the Box?

Starting with its packaging, the Razer Basilisk Essential comes in your typical-looking Razer box. You will see the standard top-notch image of the mouse in front while the highlighted features are at the back of the package.

Inside the box, you’ll notice that the company keeps things on a budget by setting the mouse on a Styrofoam sleeve and cardboard tray. The way they packed the mouse is excellent since it’s sturdy and ensures zero damage while the mouse is in transit. The thing is, they don’t offer the same presentations found on Razer’s more expensive products.

Still, it was quite a surprise to see a manual included; we also appreciated that Razer added braiding on their USB cable. Generally, the packaging isn’t fancy at all, but rest assured that Razer included most of what gamers would expect coming from a new Razer mouse. Not only that, but the multi-functional paddle comes as a separate inclusion, which we think is interesting for a key feature.

The Product

Razer Basilisk Essential Review

The Razer Basilisk Essential is a mouse that sports a nice-looking asymmetrical design. It has a widened thumb rest that takes up a good portion of its left side. This wired mouse displays a simple design so you won’t find a lot of frills at the top of the product either. The Basilisk Essential instead, comes with a DPI button behind a simple tactile scroll wheel.

Along the left portion of the mouse, you will see two extra buttons. You will also have the option to include a paddle that is customizable to work for different functions. There are a total of seven buttons, which is more than enough options for everyone to make the necessary shortcuts.

The integrated DPI toggle beneath the scroll wheel is essential, especially during intense gaming battles. By default, this button lets you cycle through 800, 1600, 3600, 5400, plus 6400 DPI with every click. The good thing about this is that customization is possible via the Synapse 3 software from Razer.

Its multi-function paddle included with the Razer Basilisk Essential is a vital tool since having a button right against the thumb is great. It’s also very nifty since you can set it to almost any function you want.

When looking at its build, the Razer Basilisk Essential has the same shell as the original mouse. It only means that the mouse kept the Basilisk’s signature feature, the thumb rest. It is a deep dent located on the mouse’s left side that comes with a subtle textured grip along the groove. This style used for the mouse lets your thumb rest comfortably while simultaneously keeping your entire hand leveled. Not only that, but it positions you to thumb-tap both of its side-facing macro buttons easily and quickly.

Flipping the Razer Basilisk Essential over, you’ll see that it comes with three Teflon feet that let the mouse smoothly glide along surfaces. The positioning of the button wasn’t an issue for the Razer Basilisk Essential since the DPI toggle was close enough for scrolling the wheel. It also had adequate distance to allow for comfortable clicking.

Despite the Razer Basilisk Essential being on the chunkier side, it is still extremely lightweight. Even if you pair it with the thumb grip, you will get minimal drag with an agile product for better gaming enjoyment.

Product Features

Multi-Function Paddle for Unlocking Extended Controls

The multi-function paddle allows you to activate functions and programmed macros that help you adapt in various game situations and scenarios. Here are different ways to utilize the multi-function paddle:

  • Push-to-Talk: Razer designed the paddle to make it feel natural to press and hold when talking. It acts as a walkie-talkie but for gaming.
  • DPI Shifting: Holding the paddle allows for low DPI when you aim to snipe in FPS games. To go back to the default DPI settings, you only need to release the paddle then you’re all good.
  • Press and Hold Function: You can use the paddle for immediate press and hold functions when you need to charge a special attack or heal your character.

Customizable to Match Gameplay Preferences

Razer Basilisk Essential comes with customizable features for you to extend your controls and perform better in battles. With full customization, you can maximize your mouse’s functions and unleash your full potential.

Razer’s Reliability

The Razer Basilisk Essential has a 2-year warranty. You also have access to reliable tech support. When you purchase directly from RazerStore, you can take advantage of a 14-day risk-free return.


The wired Razer Basilisk Essential comes in a sleek black color that will fit perfectly with any gaming build that you have. It’s good that Razer gave the mouse a 1.8-meter braided cable with a Type-A connector. Plus, it also comes with a total of seven hyper response programmable buttons that has a 200 to 6,400 DPI. These buttons are technically Razer mechanical mouse switches rated for a total of 20 million clicks.

For its tactical scroll wheel, it has up to 220 IPS or inches per second + 30G acceleration. It uses an optical sensor and comes with a 1,000HZ polling rate. The mouse features backlight RGB LEDs on the scroll wheel, two on the zone, on the Razer logo, while the Razer Chroma lighting has 16.8 million customizable colors available.

We also liked that the Razer Basilisk Essential comes with a single length multi-functional paddle. It comes with fairly-sized dimensions at 124 x 75 x 43 millimeters (L x W x H) and weighs 95 grams without the cable.

Using the Product

When testing the Razer Basilisk Essential we also noticed that the Razer Basilisk Essential has a high LOD or lift-off distance. This LOD won’t cause any acceleration issues, and the general movements of the mouse still appear accurate and precise.

When it comes to its actual performance, the Razer Basilisk Essential is precise, quick, and effective that best carries the Basilisk name. With its design and uses, the mouse may be more appealing to casual gamers since it avoids a few complexities that the original mouse has.

Overall, the Razer Basilisk Essential is a top-notch mouse made for excellence, and its efficiency is not far from the performance of the original Basilisk. With that, this mouse is something that we highly recommend, and we’re giving it a solid thumbs-up for its notable performance.


Make use of all the advantages of the Razer Basilisk Essential via the Synapse 3 from Razer. It is a united hardware setup tool that brings your mouse to the next level. With the software, you’ll have access to several granular control and advanced options.

Razer Synapse 3 lets you access advanced options and get granular control when you assign macros, rebind buttons, customize device lighting, and a lot more. Another notable option available on the Synapse 3 is that you can remap every button available on the Razer Basilisk Essential: all seven of these, including the clutch.

The Razer Basilisk Essential has a built-in memory that can handle up to four profiles that are accessible through any PC using the Synapse interface. From here, the Hypershift option will be brought up.

With the Synapse 3 interface, you can readily designate any of the mouse’s buttons to function as the Hypershift button. It allows any other button to act like entirely new buttons, as long as you hold down the Hypershift button.

The Synapse 3 software is something simple and easy to use, especially for first-time users. It comes with a lot of customization options for the mouse, including key remapping, macros, calibration, lighting effects, and more. You can either utilize the Chroma Studio module for more creativity or select the preset options for lighting effects.

With the Chroma Studio module, you can use this by stacking the lighting effects, setting the brightness, or even adjusting the light’s effect speed.

To use the Synapse 3 software, you will need to create an account for it. It’s efficient since there are a lot of useful benefits since Razer can save all your preferences to the cloud, allowing you to share across different PCs.


Razer Basilisk Essential is genuinely an exceptional gaming mouse that comes at an affordable price. While the regular and more expensive Basilisk still delivers better overall performance, the Basilisk Essential is a good model if you’re on a budget. It is because both mice are almost as good; and in most cases, the missing features of the latter won’t matter.

We had a great experience using the Basilisk Essential. It was comfortable even for long periods of use, and it works excellently. The mouse is smooth and responsive, which allowed us to perform well in our games. If you need an affordable mouse for gaming and working, we highly recommend the Razer Basilisk Essential.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own Razer Basilisk Essential gaming mouse, you can purchase this from the company’s official website.