Bringing the cinema into your home is becoming increasingly popular with people everywhere and thanks to the rapidly rising interest in media players and home media centres this is now a simple thing to achieve. With the ever increasing popularity of Roku, AppleTV, FireTV and Android boxes we are able to enjoy the latest movies and TV shows from the comfort of our home and at a very affordable cost. Even with all of the online streaming services that are available to us there still isn’t quite as good as having a library of local media content that you can access at any time and this is where people generally ask “What is the best way to store my movies and TV shows?”. To this question the most common answer people give is to purchase a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device and save your media on there and thanks to the likes of QNAP that are known for making affordable and very easy to use NAS products this is now a valid option to home users. Today we are taking a look at the latest offering from QNAP, the TS-451A 4 Bay NAS. How well does it perform? Let’s take a look in our QNAP TS-451A review.

QNAP TS-451A NAS Review – Whats in the Box?

When the QNAP TS-451A arrived at our front door it was packaged nicely inside a well-constructed QNAP shipping box. There was no damage to the exterior of the shipping box. Opening the shipping box I removed the TS-451A packaging. The NAS comes packaged in a brown cardboard packaging which was sturdy and I personally love the look of. The minimalist look to the box helps draw attention to the company brand that is printed on the front as well as the attached sticker. The sticker showcases some of the main features and specs of the TS-451A as well as provides a product shot.

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-01 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-02 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

I noticed no damage to the packaging of the NAS and everything appears to be very securely packaged inside by the use of foam inserts and plastic wrapping. There were no signs of any loose objects rolling in the box which was good. QNAP has certainly put the effort into ensuring that your NAS arrives to you in the same state that it was in when it left the factory.

Removing the contents from the packaging I found the following were included:

  • QNAP TS-451A NAS
  • 2x Ethernet Cables
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Power Adapter
  • Power Cord
  • Screws
  • IR Remote Control

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-03 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

The Product

The QNAP TS-451A – A Killer New Product Aimed at the Home Entertainment Enthusiast

Removing the QNAP TS-451A from its packaging I was surprised to see a white colours NAS. I am used to seeing the older QNAP units that are grey or the black Synology devices and I must say, I do like the look of the white QNAP. QNAP have opted for a matte which instead of high gloss which is a good move.

On the left side of the NAS QNAP has incorporated a metallic blue strip that houses the activity lights and buttons which looks pretty nifty. All in all I like the look of the TS-451A and feel that it can fit in well with most home entertainment setups without sticking out like a sore thumb.

The front of the NAS contains the 4 hard drive bay covers that are removed to be able to access the hard drive bay rails for hard drive installation.

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-05 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP has kept the product design of the TS-451A simple and modern and have made sure not to clutter the design with logos and images printed all over it. The QNAP branding is printed in a light grey at the top right of the device which allows it to be clearly seen but also allowing it to not be the most dominant thing on the NAS.

At the top of the TS-451A you will find a couple of stickers which show you the hard drive sequence for the drive bays as well as some specifications for the NAS including HDMI capabilities and hardware.

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-07 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

On the left side of the NAS is where you find a sticker that provides you with the information you need in order to setup myQNAPcloud. This includes the website URL for accessing the setup process as well as the Cloud Key required for setup. If you have a QR scanner on your mobile device you are able to scan the provided QR Code in order to setup myQNAPcloud.

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-08a QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

The Ins and Outs of the TS-451A

As we come to expect with QNAP products the QNAP TS-451A comes with pretty much all the inputs and outputs that you could possibly need which means that there is no reason this device should not work with your home entertainment setup.

On the front of the NAS you find the LED status lights which are used to indicate the LAN, USB, HDD 1-4 and SD card status. The LED lights will change colours and flash depending on the current status of each item, helping to diagnose any faults and issues. You can see a list of the LED status’s over at the official QNAP page.

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-06 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

To the left of the status lights there is an SD card slot where you can insert an SD memory card. Underneath the status lights is where the power button is located, copy button and the USB quick access port.

Turning to the rear of the QNAP TS-451A you find the large cooling fan that helps circulate air through the NAS keeping it cool whilst running. On the right hand side there is the line in audio port, audio output, HDMI output, 2x USB ports and 2x Ethernet ports.

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-09 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-10 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review


  • Processor : 14nm Intel® Celeron® N3060 dual-core 1.6GHz (up to 2.48GHz)
  • Hardware Encryption Accleration: AES-NI
  • System Memory: 4GB DDR3L (2 x 2GB) / 2GB DDR3L (2 x 1GB)
  • Maximum Memory 8GB
  • Memory Slot: 2 x SODIMM DDR3L
  • Flash Memory: 4GB, pre-loaded with QTS system
  • Drive Type: 4 x 3.5″/2.5″ SATA 6Gb/s HDDs/SSDs
  • GbE LAN: 2 x Gigabit RJ45 LAN port
  • USB Port: 3 x USB 3.0 ports (Front: 1, Rear:2)
  • SD Card Reader
  • USB QuickAccess
  • HDMI
  • Audio Input: 3.5mm Microphone Input jack (for dynamic microphone)
  • Audio Output: 3.5mm Line Out jack (for ampliers or speakers)
  • LED Indicator: Status/Power, USB,HDD 1,HDD 2,HDD 3,HDD 4
  • Button: Power/Status, USB one-touch-backup, reset
  • IR Receiver: Supports QNAP RM-IR002 and MCE-compliant remote controls
  • Dimension: 169 x 160 x 219 mm, 6.65 x 6.3 x 8.62 inch (HxWxD)
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40˚C
  • Relative Humidity: 5~95% RH non-condensing, wet bulb: 27˚C
  • Noise Level: 18.1 dB (A)
  • Fan: 1 x 12cm system fan (12V DC)

Using It

Setup and Using the QNAP TS-451A NAS

When it comes to setting up the QNAP TS-451A the process could not be simpler. QNAP has provided a great quick start guide that is accessed by browsing to which guides you through the setup process.

The first thing you are required to do is install your hard drives which is as simple as in clipping on of the drive bay covers and sliding the bay rail out of the enclosure. Once the rail has been removed simply attach the hard drive to the bay cover and screw it in place. Once the hard drive is screwed in securely it’s just a matter of sliding the drive bay back in to the enclosed. Once the bay is pushed all the way in there is a click and you can lock the bay cover back in place. The drive bay rails ensure that the hard drive slides in straight allowing it to connect to the SATA connections that are located inside the unit.

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-12 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-13 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-14 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Once you have installed the hard drives you are required to connect the power adapter to the NAS as well as the NAS to your home network via an Ethernet cable. Once everything is plugged in you just need to fire it up by pressing the power button. Once the NAS has fully booted you will hear a long beep indicating it is ready to go.

Now that the TS-451A is powered on and connected to your network you are now required to install the QNAP firmware (QTS). In order to make this process as simple as possible QNAP provided you with 3 methods of installing QTS:

  • Cloud installation
  • Qfinder Pro
  • Local installation

Cloud installation

Installing QTS via the cloud installation method is the easiest method of the 3. To do so you simply need to ensure the NAS is powered on and scan the QR code on the side of the NAS. If you do not have access to a QR code scanner you can visit to complete the QTS setup via Cloud installation. The website will detect the NAS on your network and you are required to enter the cloud key that is located on the side of the NAS.

Qfinder Pro

If you are not able to setup the NAS using the Cloud installation method you are able to download and install a utility called Qfinder Pro from QNAP which will scan for the TS-451A on your network and will provide you with prompts for setting up the NAS.

Local installation

If the above 2 methods aren’t working you are able to setup the NAS using the local installation method. Simple connect a keyboard and mouse to the USB ports and connect the TS-451A to a TV or computer monitor using the HDMI port on the back of the NAS. Once connected you will see onscreen prompts that will guide you through the setup process.

Once the QTS firmware has been installed you are able to login to the TS-451A using your computer to access the QTS system and administer the NAS.

Should you ever need help with using the QNAP TS-451A there is some great documentation over at the QNAP website.

QNAP-TS-451A-19 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-20 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-21 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-22 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-23 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-24 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

A High Quality NAS That’s Packed With Features

So, the QNAP TS-451A looks great and is simple to setup but does it come featured packed? Well, the answer to that is a resounding yes. The TS-451A not only ships with a number of great features that allow it to handle pretty much everything you can throw at it but QNAP have built this NAS with home entertainment enthusiasts in mind. Let’s cover some of these stand our features now.


The first feature that proved to be very useful is the inclusion of a USB 3.0 QuickAccess port which not only allows you to easily complete the setup of the NAS but also allows you to directly access files that is stored on the NAS. This is a great option should you wish to quickly access your files without needed to setup network connection on other devices. A great scenario of the QuickAccess port being handy is when your friends come over and want to grab a copy of your latest movies or TV shows. Here is a great little video from QNAP that covers the QuickAccess port:

CPU and Memory

The QNAP TS-451A packs a serious punch when it comes to CPU and memory. The included 14nm Intel Celeron N3060 dual core CPU clocks in at 1.6HHz and is capable of a burst of 2.48GHz which should be more than enough to process anything that it needs to process. The CPU is a little beast but the thing that I am very happy about is the allocated memory.

So many NAS products on the market today ship with 512MB – 1GB of RAM which may be ok for basic usage but will struggle when running installed addons and will certainly struggle with video transcoding. QNAP solves this problem by packing in 4GB of RAM which is expandable to 8GB ensuring that you can run all the addons you need without having to worry about seeing an impact in performance. Considering the TS-451A is targets to home entertainment its great to see decent RAM allocation for video transcoding.

4K and 1080P Video Transcoding

Thanks to the generous RAM allocation, the TS-451A provides you with NAS powered 4K video transcoding for your media. The supports 4K H.264 hardware decoding and is able to transcode 4K and 1080P video in real time allowing smooth media playback over your network on PC, mobile devices, smart TVs and media players. The NAS transcodes all content offline which means that you don’t need the fastest internet connection available in order to be able to enjoy your media.

Multi-zone Media

A great quality of life of the TS-451A is the Multi-zone media system that allows you to stream content to various areas of your home across a wide range of devices. You are able to centrally manage your media with the provided Plex Media Server which is a great alternative to Kodi.

The QTS Software – The Brains of the Operation

The brain of the entire operations for the TS-451A is the QTS software. QTS is the place where you manage all aspects of the NAS including disk management, network, users, multimedia, files, applications and much more. With QTS you are able to expand on the out of the box features of the TS-451A by installing applications that help turn the NAS into a full multimedia work horse. With the QTS system being so important in the QNAP ecosystem it only makes sense that we take a bit of time now to take a look through some of what QTS can do.

Before we go into what the QTS can do it’s important to note that the QTS firmware has gone through quite a significant interface redesign which is aimed at making the software even simpler to use for both the novice and the expert. The QTS revamp, I feel, is a much welcomed update from the QTS that I have running on my old TS-410 NAS which is now about 4-5 years old. It is great to see that one of the key focuses of QNAP is aimed at providing the best user experience possible. Now, onto the software!

The first time that you login to the QTS software you are presented with a very informative quick start guide that helps to get you familiar with the QTS software and the main functions of the NAS. It was great to see that QNAP included a detailed quick start guide that helps ease new users into the world of network attached storage and QNAP products.

QNAP-TS-451A-01 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-07 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-08 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-09 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-10 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-11 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-12 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-02 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Once you close the quick start guide you are presented with the QTS dashboard in all its glory. The design looks up to date and modern, similar to what we are used to seeing in software being released currently. QNAP has taken the time to make sure that the interface is easy to navigate and work with. All of the installed apps are shown as app icons on the dashboard as well as icons to key areas of WTS such as the control panel. At the top left of the screen is where you find the action bar which provides you with the ability to search QTS, see what tasks are running in the background, access connected devices, view system notifications, view and edit your profile, power settings, general options such as language and finally the system overview screen. The system overview screen shows you the system health, hardware and resource monitor, hard drive health storage stats, connected users, scheduled tasks and latest news from QNAP.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-13 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

When it comes to managing the TS-451A NAS all of the settings and configuration can be found within the control panel within QTS. Once you fire up the control panel you will notice that the control panel is broken up into 4 sections including System Settings, Privilege Settings, Network Services and Applications. Let’s dive into each of these sections.

System Settings

The System Settings is where manage all of the main settings for the TS-451A. The first item within System Settings is the General Settings. General Settings allows you to change the general settings of the NAS such as server name and port, date time formats and passwords.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-14 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Storage Manager is the place where you configure your storage drive options such as RAID settings, storage space, iSCSI options and virtual disks.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-15 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

The Network options allow you to configure all of your network settings for TCP/IP, IPv6, service binding, proxy and DDNS service. You are able to jump into here at any time and view your current network status.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-16 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Security provides you with all of the settings you need in order to keep your TS-451A safe from unwanted intrusion. You are able to blacklist specific IP addresses and deny connection attempts, configure Network Access Protection which enhances the system security as well as specify security certificates and access keys.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-17 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

For those of us that like to tinker with every aspect of our devices the Hardware settings allow you to modify the settings for the hardware buzzer and smart fan as well as specifying the standby settings etc.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-18 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

The Power Settings provide you with configuration for the systems power including EUP mode, Wake-on-LAN settings, power recovery and power scheduling.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-19 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

The TS-451A provides you with a wide range of system notifications that help keep you fully up to date with how the TS-451A is running and the Notification settings allow you to specify exactly how you want to receive those notifications. You are able to receive system notifications via email. SMS and push notifications.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-20 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Keeping the QTS firmware up to date is a breeze with the Firmware Update options that QNAP makes available to you. Their Live Update function allows you to check for firmware updates online and automatically download and install them. This is a great piece of functionality as it helps reduce the risk of you causing system errors by installing incorrect firmware. Should you like to install the latest firmware manually you are also able to do so with the manual update options that are made available to you.

You are able to specify the system backup and restore settings via the Backup/Restore options in the control panel. This allows you to keep a backup of system settings and configuration as well as the option to review restore these settings should something go wrong. If you would like to clean the TS-451A completely you are able to restore the unit back to default factory settings.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-21 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Using the External Device settings you are able to configure attached external storage devices, USB printer and UPS.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-22 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Should you ever want to take a look at detailed system status information you can do so by accessing the System Status options. Here you can review system information, network status, system services and hardware information as well as monitor resources.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-23 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Finally, the last item in the System Settings is the System Logs. The System Logs present you with a running list of all events that have taken place on the NAS which is fantastic should you be required to troubleshoot any issues that you may be experiencing.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-24 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Privilege Settings

The Privilege Settings is the place where you configure user access rights for the TS-451A and is broken up into a series of sub sections.

The Users section is where you are able to create, edit and delete any user accounts that you would like. These user accounts allow specified people to access data that it stored on the NAS based on access rights that you specify.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-25 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

If you ever need to see what computers are accessing the TS-451A you are able to do so via the Computers section. This will list any computers that have access to the NAS along with details related to each system.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-26 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

User Groups allow you to create specific groups that contain varying access rights for each group. This allows you to assign users to a user group which then allows the user to inherit the access rights settings for that group. This is great if you manage a large number of users as it allows for much easier management of those users.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-27 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

In order to be able to share files and folders with people you need to be able to specify what folders are to be shared. This functionality is achieved by the Share Folders section in the control panel. You are able to specify what folders you want to share as well as what the share settings are for each folder. The TS-451A comes with some predefined folders already created however you are able to add any new folders that you would like.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-28 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Should you want to keep a tight leash on your users you are able to specify how much quota they are able to use when accessing your NAS.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-29 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Domain Security allows you to specify domain level settings such as Active Directory and LDAP authentication. Domain Controller is the place where you configure the Domain Controller options for the NAS including users, groups, computers, DNS and backup and restore settings.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-31 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Network Services

Using QTS you are able to configure all of the Network Services options for the TS-451A. You can configure the settings for Microsoft Networking, Apple Networking and NFS Service as well as settings up FTP access to files on the NAS. For those that want to make the most of the network services that are available you are able to utilise Telnet and SSH, SNMP, UPnP discovery services and Bonjour. You are able to configure the network recycle bin by specifying the file retention settings as well as the ability to restrict the deletion of certain file extensions.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-34 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-35 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-36 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-37 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-38 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-39 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

One great inclusion of the QTS software is the Qsync Central Station which aims to make day to day administration a much simpler task. Qsync Central Station allows system administrators to configure the NAS settings using the QTS panel and then apply those settings to all connected devices. System administrators also have the option to lockdown the client side options for users such as the ability the configure client preferences. The functionality of Qsync Central Station is similar to what is available in the control panel of WTS however it is designed around being able to manage a large number of users and devices efficiently.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-40 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-41 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-42 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-43 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-44 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review


The Applications settings in the control panel allow you to configure a wide range of application options for the QNAP TS-451A. To start with you are able to enable and disable the main suite of QNAP Station applications including Photo Station, Music Station, File Station, Download Station and Surveillance Station. HybridDesk Station, which we will cover in more detail shortly, allows you to install various TV applications. You are able to configure the NAS as an iTunes server and DLNA media server as well as configure various multimedia and transcoding options. Being able to configure the TS-451A as a DLNA server is brilliant as it means that you use the NAS to stream your media content to pretty much most of the media players and devices out there.

One nifty pieces of functionality for the TS-451A is that you are able to configure the NAS to run as a web server and virtual host. This is a really great feature if you would like to host your own website or run any number of web based applications and services. In a similar vein you are able to enable functionality as an LDAP server, VPN server, VPN client, SQL server and Syslog server. There are Antivirus options available to you as well which is great to see considering that the NAS can indeed run as server. Finally the options are there for you to be able to configure RADIUS server, TFTP server and NTP service settings.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-45 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

When comes to installing applications you are able to browse all available apps from within the AppCenter. The AppCenter contains applications such as the Download Station, Music Station, Video Station, Photo Station etc. which all help expand the functionality of the QNAP TS-451A.

QNAP-TS-451A-02 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

The QNAP TS-451A – Expanding Your Media Capabilities

So, the TS-451A packs a lot of features and functionality under the hood however where it really shines is in its ability to be integrated into your home entertainment setup. The NAS is built around multimedia and it provides a range of options to you for being able to access and enjoy your media content.

File Station

Although file browsing and file management aren’t the most exciting things in the world it is still something that we do day in and day out and is critical in being able to keep our media library organised. QNAP has included the File Station in their WTS software which aims to make file management straight forward and simple and thanks to the great interface it achieves this.

The file station is similar to the file browser you use on your computer every day and it provides most of the functions you require. You are able to browse your files on the NAS using the folder and file browser, manage your files with common create/edit/delete functionality, rename files and transfer them all over the place. Using the File Station you are able to share any files you wish with other people by generating share links which can be shared with other to provide them with direct access to the specified files and folders.

QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-46 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review QNAP-TS-4541A-Screens-47 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Video Station

The QTS software provides you with a great application called Video Station which allows you to sort your media files via categories such as TV Shows and Movies and then use the Video Station to playback your videos. The software is easy to use and only requires you to navigate to the settings menu and then select the folders on the NAS that you would like to use in the Video Station. Once you select a file you are able to specify what type of video content is in each folder such as TV Shows or Movies.

Once you have added some video files they are located in the left hand side menu under their related category. You are able to browse through these categories and see the videos that are located within. If you want to watch one of the videos it is just a matter of double clicking the video to play it using the inbuilt media player.

Right clicking on a video file opens up a menu that offers you a range of options including the option to play, open, download, add to collection, share, delete and the ability to add tags.

The Video Station worked as it should however I do recommend using something such as Kodi or Plex in order to fully get the most out of the QNAP TS-451A and your media.

QNAP-TS-451A-03 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-04 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-05 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-06 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Photo Station

The next app on the list is the QNAP Photo Station. The Photo Station is similar to the Video Station in the sense that it provides you with the ability to store, organise and archive your photos. When you first load the Photo Station you are presented with another helpful quick start screen that gives you a good overview of the capabilities of the Photo Station.

The Photo Station allows you to organise photos saved on the TS-451A into galleries and then share those galleries with friends and family. You are able to add tags to your photos to reference friends and family that are in the photos as well as tags to make it easier to search. There is an advanced search functionality that allows you to easily find any photos you need within a huge collection of photos.

You are able to browse your photo library and view any photos that you would like including the details of each photo such as file format, dimensions etc.

Once you have organised your photos you are able to share them with friends and family using the built in share function. The share function allows you to share the photos to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Plurk, Renren, Flickr, Weibo and email. If you don’t use any of the social networks you are able to generate a share link which you can give directly to the person you want to share with.

QNAP-TS-451A-10 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-11 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-12 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-13 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-14 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-15 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-16 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-17 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Music Station

For those that love to listen to music QNAP has included the Music Station which, like the Video Station and Photo Station, allows you to organise your music library. Once again the process is very simple and is just a matter of saying your music to the multimedia folder on the NAS and then hitting the refresh button within the Music Station.

The Music Station will display any albums and songs that you have saved on the NAS allowing you to browse through your music collection. When you would like to listen to your music it’s simply a matter of double clicking the track and the song will start playing. Right clicking on a track provided you with the option to add to a sharing list, add to a playlist, add to now playing, select call, delete file and view detailed information.

In order to make it easy to browse your music collection you can use the left hand side menu in order to browse via artist, album, genre, now playing or playlist. Playlists are easy to create and is a great way of creating varied playlists for parties etc.

Finally you are able to listen to online radio stations such as TuneIn from within the Music Station which is great for when you want to listen to something a little different.

QNAP-TS-451A-07 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-08 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

QNAP-TS-451A-09 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Download Station

One application that I think is a great addition to the software suit is the Download Station. For those people that like to torrents as a means for getting the latest TV shows and movies the Download Station provides you with a way to download torrents directly to the NAS itself. This saves the effort of having to download torrents on your computer and then transfer the files across.

The Download Station comes with pretty much all the features that popular torrent clients such as uTorrent and Deluge come with. You are able to add torrent files directly to the Download Station in order to initiate a download and you can pause and resume them whenever you wish.

QNAP-TS-451A-18 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

HybridDesk Station

One of the most interested features is that of the HybridDesk Station. The HybridDesk Station allows you to install a number of different apps that are designed to be viewed and experience on your TV. Once an app is installed you simply connect the NAS to your TV via the HDMI cable and access the installed app on your TV. This is an amazing feature as it essentially means that you no longer need to have a dedicated media player such as an Android TV box in order to install multimedia apps.

The HybridDesk Station offers a decent number of applications that can be installed to enhance your home entertainment experience with the following being some standout highlights:

  • Kodi (Pretty much the best media centre out there I believe)
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Spotify
  • TuneInRadio
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Skype

QNAP-TS-451A-25 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Essentially, if you install the above applications you pretty much have a killer media player that offers local media capabilities, video streaming capabilities, web browsing, music playback and social options. On top of all that the TS-451A even comes with its own remote control.

Wait, what? The TS-451A Comes With a Remote Control? Awesome!

That’s right, the TS-451A actually comes with a remote control so that you can use the NAS as a dedicated media centre, and that’s pretty awesome. The included remote control is similar to the remote controls that we are used to seeing with Android TV boxes, and that’s a good thing. The remote control is made of aluminium which gives it a nice premium look and feel to it. The remote control comes with pretty much all of the features that you need in order to be able to sit back and enjoy your media content.

The remote control comes equipped with a power button and information button as well as directional control pad and select button for navigation the applications that you are running. There is a home button which provides quick access back to the applications home screen as well as back button and menu button. Finally the remote includes volume controls allowing you to increase and decrease volume as well as mute audio completely.

All in all it is a great remote control that performs well and feel comfortable in your hand and it was a nice addition to see included in the box.

QNAP-TS-451A-Photos-04 QNAP TS-451A NAS Review

Kodi, Plex and the TS-451A

As we covered just before, the TS-451A is able to run Kodi on the NAS itself, but what if you already have a media player that runs Kodi? Well, the good news is that hooking the NAS up to you existing Kodi setup is easy as pie. You are able to add the NAS as a video source in the Kodi settings and specify what folders on the NAS you want to access via Kodi. As usual you are able to specify what kind of media is in each folder such as TV Shows and Movies using Kodi.

Kodi is my go to hub for media playback and streaming on my Nvidia Shield TV and whilst connected to the TS-451A I found zero issues of latency and I experience no instances of buffering when streaming my content from the NAS to the media player. I used the NAS to stream 720p, 1080p and 4k videos from the NAS and the NAS handles it all without breaking a sweat.

People’s opinions of what’s better between Kodi and Plex is similar to asking people what’s better between iPhone and Android or MAC and PC, in the end it comes down to personal preference and the great thing is that the QNAP TS-451A supports both platforms. If you are a Plex fan you are able to install the Plex server app on the NAS allowing the NAS to act as the Plex server instead of having to run the server on your computer. This provides a much simpler Plex setup and means that you only need to run the NAS and your media player instead of NAS to PC to Media Player. The generous inclusion of RAM and the option of expanding the memory means that the NAS can handle this without any problem at all.

Expanding from Home Entertainment to Home Security

Another piece of functionality that we wanted to touch on that is great for the home is the QNAP Surveillance Station which provides you with the capabilities to utilise the NAS as part of your home security video setup. If you have access to a couple of security cameras, such as the great Hikvision POE cameras, you are able to connect your security setup to the TS-451A and make use of a suite of features provided by the Surveillance Station.

Live View

The Live View functionality allows you view your home security feeds live, in real-time. This is great for when someone is at your door and you want to see who it is before you answer it or for when you hear those spooky noises outside whilst you are watching your favourite horror movie. You are able to connect the TS-451A to your TV via the HDMI port and view the feed on your TV as well as interact with the Surveillance Station using your mobile phone.

The Surveillance Station also offers a range of controls that enable to interact with your security camera setup including pan, tilt and zoom control as well as record and playback functions.


The QNAP Surveillance Station allows you to record video captured with your security cameras. The software support a range of video codecs including H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG and MxPEG. You are able to specify when the recordings take place, such as when an alarm is triggered or during a pre-specified date and time period.

Video Playback

The surveillance software provides you with all the playback features that you could need. You are able to preview recorded video using thumbnail views, zoom in and out of video as well as other common playback functions you come to expect.

The Surveillance Station offers an affordable way to implement home security to help keep your family, and your belongings safe.

TS-451A File Transfer Performance

The QNAP TS-451A is a piece of cake to setup and use, so how does it perform? Transferring a large file of 4GB to the NAS I received a write speed of approximately 109 MBps on average which was a great transfer speed. Transferring the same file from the NAS to my PC I received a speed of 85 MBps which was also very acceptable.

Where to Buy

If you would like to purchase the TS-451A you can do so for around $750AUD. To find out where yu can pick one up head on over to the QNAP website and find a retailer in your area.

QNAP TS-451A NAS Review
If you are looking to expand on your current home entertainment setup or are interested in building up a decent local library of media then you need to seriously consider the QNAP TS-451A. The NAS packs a serious punch in terms of hardware and the QTS software is fantastic. The TS-451A is simple to setup and configure and you can be up and running in a very short amount of time with zero technical knowledge required. There is no reason that the QNAP TS-451A should not find a place within your home entertainment setup… go buy one.
4.6Overall Score

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