ProWritingAid Review


These days, people write for a living, as a past-time, to create stories, news, or for the sake of sharing their daily adventures to the world. To come up with something that will catch and retain the attention of your target audience, you will need to create winning entries. Also, they should be exciting, fun, as well as easy to read and understand.

Your blog posts, reviews, or articles may have exciting topics that are up to the current news and trends today. However, if these are difficult to read, your audience will not think twice about looking elsewhere for a better and more readable post. To create writings or entries that are pleasing to your readers, improving grammar and writing skills is a must. But is there a quick and easy way to help, as well as guide you with your current writing activities?

Thankfully, ProWritingAid is a tool made for everyone. Whether they are professional authors, bloggers, professional copy-editors, indie writers, or even students, this tool can help improve and enhance their written work.

Do you think that this grammar and writing tool will help with your work? If so, continue reading our ProWritingAid review to learn more about it, and to see if it’s something that would help improve your writing skills.

ProWritingAid Review – Making Writing Easy

Just as the name states, this helpful instrument is an ideal pro writing aid tool. It is something essential in this day and age since online editing software, as well as grammar checkers, are becoming must-have writing elements for more writers.

It is a useful tool that highlights all your common spelling and grammar mistakes. Simultaneously, it offers easy and quick corrections that will help improve your grammar and writing skills.

ProWritingAid is an automatic and highly efficient editor for all your writing tasks. If functions similarly to other tools like Hemingway editor and Grammarly, but works more than just your simple spellchecker. The writing tool flags up common issues such as incorrect punctuation and provides suggestions to avoid using the passive voice.

Here, you can choose to type directly on the web interface or opt to copy-paste an already written project. Once you’ve added your work, ProWritingAid will analyze your project, check your grammar, writing style, spelling issues, and more.

Product Features

When it comes to ProWritingAid’s strengths, these all lie in reports that the tool can produce. All of these relate to the varying aspects and elements of your writing.

Another useful feature of ProWritingAid is that it also allows you to select your preferred writing style. From there, the tool suggests all appropriate edits that will make your project clearer, readable, and more engaging.

Its toolbar displays the reports that you choose. If you want the premium version of ProWritingAid, you will get a total of 25 different reports. If you prefer to use the free version, you will receive 22 of the 25.

Useful Tools of ProWritingAid

Writing Style

This specific report helps you avoid passive voice use. It also deletes unnecessary adverbs, as well as repetitions.


It identifies sentence fragments, incorrect tenses, and also the misuse of apostrophes.

Overused Words

This specific report detects words that make your writing weak.

Clichés and Redundancies

Technically, clichés are self-explanatory, but here are some redundancies that often occur:

“She blinked her eyes” – What else would she blink?

“He shrugged his shoulders” – What else would he shrug?

Sticky Sentences

These may be a new term to some, but sticky sentences are those that get you stuck because of needless words. When it comes to ProWritingAid, it calls these glue words.


For repeats, the tool detects all the duplicated phrases and words in a project.

Sentence Length

When it comes to the sentence length, the tool generates a graph depicting sentence lengths. It allows you to determine where you want to add some variety.


Overusing pronouns can make writing repetitive. The pronouns report will determine the percentage of pronouns used in a project.


The transitions report produces transition scores. These scores are based mainly on the percentage of possible sentences that have one. For ProWritingAid, it often recommends that you maintain a 25% score.


This report checks for capitalization, spelling, and punctuation issues.


Pacing is vital to avoid slow passages. So pacing determines sections with pacing so you can address these issues.

Dialogue Tags

This report determines the speaker, but a lot of these often slow down your project. It is an essential report to determine if each of the speakers is necessary for your writing.


The readability report calculates four specific scores for your project. Namely, these scores include the Dall-Chall Grade, the Coleman-Liau Formula, Flesch Reading Ease Score, and the Automated Readability Index.

Vague + Abstract Words 

Here, writers should choose regular words over obtuse ones. This specific check helps you find the words that you may need to change to make reading easier.


The Thesaurus report offers several replacement words programmed for shorter entries.


Diction helps you identify and address complicated words or sentences in your project.


This report is the option to click when you need definitions.


A report that searches for words that have the same sound. However, these are spelled differently, such as brake and break.

Corporate Wording

This report that can detect language that sounds fancy but is relatively pompous.


The acronym is a report that makes a list of abbreviations created via initial letters of a collection of words. Samples of these include CEO, USA, and more. This report makes you double-check on their correctness.

Complex Words

Complex words report functions by highlighting words with three or more syllables. It will let you decide whether to simplify the words depending on your choices.


Eloquence determines a variety of stylistic methods.


The combo report allows you to choose which reports from ProWritingAid are most significant and helpful. It’s for letting you use all your favorite options.

House Style

House style allows you to create customized rules for the ProWritingAid tool. You can assign the program to check individual words that you often overuse or get wrong.


Plagiarism is something that every writer should avoid. This specific report determines any copied content so you can appropriately credit your sources.


Overall, the performance of ProWritingAid was excellent because every possible tool that you need for correcting and improving your writing or grammar is present. Its interface is clean, pleasing to the eyes, and it is incredibly user-friendly; plus, we liked the fact that learning how to use it was easy.

If this is your first time using an online grammar & writing checker, you don’t have to worry. It is because learning how to use it will only take you a few minutes, and you’ll feel comfortable using the ProWritingAid in no time.

The tool is fully-equipped and has all the possible writing tool checkers that you’d ever need, especially within their desktop editor. Aside from its notable performance and features, its Premium version comes at a low price, so most writers can easily avail of this efficient and useful tool.

Overall, it’s a writing and grammar tool that we highly recommend. So if you’re looking for an online writing coach, then ProWritingAid is something that you should consider.

Where to Buy

ProWritingAid is available for download on the official website. The Premium and Premium Plus versions can also be purchased here.