Providing Proof of Onward Travel Without Booking a New Flight

Despite living in the era of globalization, during the last couple of years, countries throughout the world have introduced stricter travel requirements for tourists. As such, when travelling to several nations, tourists are required to showcase ‘proof of onward travel’, which is another way of saying ‘proof you won’t be staying’.

Oftentimes, providing proof of travelling to another country or returning isn’t an issue as many people book their tickets in advance and plan their holidays accordingly. However, there are numerous cases in which travellers choose to keep their journeys flexible, for a variety of reasons. These include waiting for cheap tickets to another country, wanting to stay abroad longer, or simply not knowing where you want to travel next. So, what can you do if a leg of your journey is in a country where showing proof of onward travel is mandatory, yet you don’t want to book another flight yet?

Luckily, there are several solutions, each with their own benefits and disadvantages.

Booking a refundable flight

This is most likely the easiest option, but it entails paying for a return flight, and going through the complicated procedure associated with getting your funds back. It works, but it’s expensive and complicated. Additionally, refundable flights often require an extra tax that will not be returned in case of cancellation.

Choosing an airline with a ‘pay later’ feature

At this time, several worldwide airlines allow travellers to book their flights, yet pay at a later date. This trick also works as long as your flight isn’t cancelled on the data when you need to show proof of onwards travel. The disadvantage here consists in the declining number of airlines willing to offer this feature. Therefore, depending on your trip dates and location, you might not find an airline willing to let you book without paying.

Using a dummy flight ticket generator

A new method that’s making its way on the market consists in leveraging the services of a dummy flight ticket generator. In this scenario, services like DummyTicket.Flights can provide users with a fake, yet completely accurate return flight that serves as proof of onward travel. To use the service, users simply need pay the fee, and then enter their names, dates, boarding country and destination country. The service then uses a template to generate a dummy flight ticket that looks just like a genuine one. The ticket will include relevant data such as the flight number, boarding country, destination country, date and time of the flight etc.

While this method might initially seem like an unethical way to trick the system, it’s important to note that it almost always works. Utilizing this method in the airport is a seamless experience, as border agents do not fact-check the data provided on the dummy ticket. Success reports showcase that the technique can be used for passing your Visa applications as well.