Philips Hue Play Review


If you have the Philips Hue Bridge or don’t mind adding one in your home, then there’s something in store for you. The Philips Hue Play light bars can provide you with biased lighting to your home theater, allowing it to add more appeal and charm to the environment. If you’re a gamer, these can also function as more efficient bias lighting for your computer monitor.

The Hue Play light bars from Philips are efficient for use with the rest of the company’s Hue smart lighting ecosystem. What’s more, these are compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and even the Apple Home Kit. If this is your first purchase of the Hue component, you’ll also need to have the Philips Hue Bridge to make things work.

If the Philips Hue Play is something that piqued your interest, then we’re giving you more details and information about the product. This review will also provide you with its efficiency, features, and how well it performs.

Philips Hue Play Review – What’s in the Box?

The Philips Hue Play is packed in a classy and premium-looking box sporting a violet and black theme. You will find an image of the two light bars featured on the front. There are also a couple of details about the product are listed on the left portion of it.

The sides of the package feature the same things except that each picture displays the light bars from different angles for reference.

Inside, you will see that the Hue Play from Philips comes with two light bars made of plastic. The package also includes two vertical stands, double-sided tape, two clips to mount the light bars to the back-panel of a monitor or television, a power pack, plus mounting screws.

On each power pack, you’re allowed to link up to a total of three light bars.

The Product

Philips Hue Play Review

Compared to the other more chic and polished pieces under the Hue range from Philips, this Hue Play appears to be more straightforward. Instead of the hardware creating a statement for its interior design, The Philips Hue Play light bar relies on the output for additional impact.

Clad in plastic that is either white or black, the Philips Hue Play has a nicely-written frosted white font surrounding it. Another thing to note is that the Hue Play supports a variety of mounting options for your convenience which is something we appreciate.

Depending on your choice, you can opt to set the light bar directly at the top of your television cabinet via its flat base. If not, you can also utilize a rubberized, angled rear to project the light upwards.

Alternatively, there are stands included in the package, and these let you easily mount the Hue Play light bar in vertical or horizontal orientations. If you want to achieve a clean and minimalist appeal, circular mounts and self-adhesive strips can be utilized to fix and position the lights directly to your television’s rear.

There’s a high chance that you’d want to try multiple positions and mounts for the Philips Hue Play to enhance, as well as to improve the ambiance.

Each Philips Hue Play bar is 10 x 1.4 x 1.7 inches (L x H x W). It comes with a white luminous lens covering, 78-inch power cable, plus a rubberized base with a total of three mounting holes.

Inside the Hue Play light bars, you will find 530 Lumen LED light bulbs that can display a total of 16 million colors, as well as 50,000 shades of white. These bulbs can be dimmed and rated to the last and up to a total of 25,000 hours.

With the Hue Play lights, the Hue Bridge is vital for us, but do remember that it isn’t part of the kit since it is for purchasing separately.

Product Features

Make the Most Out of your Gameplay

The Philips Hue Play can make your gaming experience more immersive. This Hue Sync application allows you to transfer a variety of your computer’s effects to the Philips Hue Play lights. The best thing is that you can change the entire ambiance of a room to create a personal gaming space based on your preferences.

Better TV Experience

If you want a cinematic experience while watching movies and TV shows at home, the Philips Hue Play can bring this kind of atmosphere to you. With these lights giving an immersive experience, you can enjoy any show you watch.

Create the Best Ambience Suitable for Every Atmosphere

Whether you invite friends over or relax while reading a book, the Philips Hue Play can give you any ambiance you need. Its flexibility allows you to mount the light bars in different ways, and you can choose from a vast range of colors.


Using the Product

Once we set up the light bars for static biased television lighting, all we could say was that it looked stunning in our eyes. These lights cast a neutral and soft tone on our wall which was highly commendable since it kept us from squinting at the screen.

It was also able to give the black levels on our old TV the needed boost, which was great. After watching a show for a couple of minutes, we ended up forgetting that the lights were there. We also missed them once we switched the Hue Play off.

After watching a couple of shows on TV, we decided to try out other Hue scenes. The warm and cozy glow of the savanna sunset and the cool shade of the arctic aurora were some of our favorites. These specific scenes added a lovely glow to the walls behind our set. It was an attractive change from the usually dark shadow that’s cast by our big TV screen.

With the other Philips Hue-powered lights, we were able to easily configure the Hue Play light bars to switch off or on based on our schedule. We loved that we could conveniently control the Hue Play using voice commands via Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

We also noticed that the Philips Hue Play could somewhat sync with the colors on our television screen. However, we needed to do a couple of things to make it work. First, we downloaded the Hue Sync assistant either on our PC and laptop. After, we had to mirror what we were watching on the PC to the television. It was quite an inconvenient setup, and we experienced a slight lag as the Hue Play had a bit of trouble staying in sync with the other colors appearing on the screen. Luckily, the Hue Sync desktop application helped alleviate the lag, and everything went back to usual, which was great.

We were also able to get better results by using the Hue Play directly with our computer monitor, eliminating our worries about mirroring the computer’s display. What you have to do is click the green Start Light Sync button to let the lights sync with the available colors on the monitor. The effects that it produced were soothing, especially when we were working and browsing through applications. Plus, watching movies on the computer was more manageable compared to mirroring it on TV.

Overall, the Philips Hue Play performed excellently despite the lags, and setting it up was still easy for the most part. They looked great, and we enjoyed how it added more appeal to our surroundings. With that, we’re giving it two thumbs up, and we’d highly recommend the Hue Play as well.

The Hue Application

To further customize the Hue Play light bars, download the Hue App in Google Play Store or the Apple Store. This application is the same software used for the Hue White Ambiance Being Ceiling Light, Hue Lily Outdoor Spot Lights, as well as other lights under the Hue series.

The home screen displays a list of all your rooms. Here, you will see which lights are on or off, and which of them have specific colors set.

Aside from monitoring your lights, it allows you to dim or switch these on and off. When you tap a room on the app, you can customize the colors and adjust the brightness of each light individually. You can also select a light to switch off while leaving the others switched on. The palette tool lets you create your lighting scene if you don’t want to utilize from the preset ones.t

At the bottom of the interface, you will find four buttons. The Home button leads to the home screen. Pressing the Routines button displays a screen that allows you to configure settings for Home & Away and fade on/off at a specific time of the day.

The Explore button is where you find out about controlling the Hue Play Bars using Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana voice commands. It also teaches you how to make the lights work by utilizing other platforms such as Vivint, Nest, SmartThings, and Logitech Harmony. In this section, there are how-to videos present and a link to Hue Labs where you can try and vote for new scenes and formulas.

The Settings button to remotely connect your lights using your phone, set up rooms, configure the Hue Bridge, and add a new Bridge. It also lets you add new lights and accessories, enable Siri and HomeKit control, and create entertainment areas.

Hue Sync

Hue Sync is a desktop app for Windows PC and Mac. It allows you to sync the Hue Play bars and other Hue lights with music, games, and movies. When synced with movies, it will imitate the prominent colors on the screen. For music, the Hue Play will change and match the beat. When gaming, you can place the Hue Play bars behind your monitor so the lights will change colors while following the game’s action.


If you need ambient lighting in your home or want to enhance your gaming system, the Philips Hue Play is an excellent choice.

Although a bit pricey, these are easy to install, configure, and customize. Its app has a clean and straightforward interface, making it easy to sync with your favorite movies, music, games, and more. Most importantly, it performs excellently, which makes it worth the purchase. If you’re looking for the best smart lights, we highly recommend Philips Hue Play.

Where to Buy

The Philips Hue Play is available for purchase in various online stores. Check out the store locator on the company’s official website to see where you can buy this product.