Patriot P200 SSD Review


The P200 Series from Patriot is a high-performing SATA III controller, and it is an excellent solution for cost-efficient, low power notebooks and PCs. With its notable transfer speed, the Patriot P200 SSD enhances loading, start-up, as well as transfer times.

Its nicely-measured form factor SSD is perfect for fast and easy upgrades to your overall system. And with more storage, the Patriot P200 SSD that we have has storage of 512GB, which is enough to store large files while also providing you with efficiency for daily tasks.

Improve the performance of your computer and speed up the application loading time for enhanced productivity and gaming experience. And even if a limited warranty backs the Patriot P200 SSD, the P200 series of the company is sure to deliver the best, most reliable, and price to performance SSDs today.

Today, we’ll be focusing on the 512GB Patriot P200 SSD. And if you think that this is something required for your daily tasks, then continue reading through our review to learn more about this product from Patriot.

But before anything else, let’s take a look at what’s inside the box.

Patriot P200 SSD Review – What’s in the Box?

The box that houses the Patriot P200 SSD is similar to the other SSD series from Patriot. So, expect to receive a little box with a window that will let you see how the SSD looks. Although small, the package provides you with a lot of information about support, warranty, and even the general specifications of the Patriot P200 SSD.

It sports a simple white design where the name of the series can be seen in the upper-left corner, while the name “Patriot” is on the upper-right corner of the box. Below Patriot is where you’ll find the window to see the Patriot P200 SSD itself. Next to the window, you will find some details about the SSD, such as its form factor, size, and that it uses the SATA III technology.

When you flip the box, you will see the upper portion of the back area that displays “P200” and “2.5-inch Solid State Drive”. There are some other details about the drive written below these, while most of the space in this area displays its features written in nine different languages.

Once you open the package, the only thing you’ll get is the Patriot P200 SSD itself. It is placed securely on a plastic tray that is tough enough to prevent the drive from getting damaged while in transit.

The Product

Patriot P200 SSD Review

Taking a look at the Patriot P200 SSD, you’ll notice that it comes in a sturdy metal enclosure, and we’re delighted about this. The previous budget series came with a plastic enclosure, but with the P200’s metal alloy, it gives off a more premium and higher-grade product.

To make things more interesting, inside this SSD, you’ll find a little PCB that displays the SMI-2258 XT controller, together with the 29F01-T2ANCTH2 64-layer, 3D Micron NAND. It’s a perfect combination if you think about it, but does it work efficiently?

Let’s continue with our review, and check out the Patriot P200 SSD’s specifications this time.

The 4K aligned random read of the Patriot P200 SSD reaches up to 90K IOPS, while its 4K aligned random write goes up to 80K IOPS. Its sequential read (ATTO) goes up until 530MB/s while its write is up to 460MB/s. Aside from these, the Patriot P200 SSD can go for 320TB TBW (Terabytes Written).

The Patriot P200 SSD uses the SATA III 6GB/s interface, with a 2.5-inch form factor to boot. Operating Voltage of the product is at 5 Volts and works at a temperature ranging from 0 ~ 70-degrees Celsius. This drive measures 0.28 x 2.75 x 3.94 inches (H x W x L), and weighs 0.10lbs.

Although the Patriot P200 SSD is inexpensive, it comes with notable specifications, which makes it an efficient drive for all to use. The standard endurance of this drive is like most other known series, so basically, it’s something that can readily last until the end of its 3-year warranty. Of course, we assume that the Patriot P200 SSD will last longer than that, so you don’t have to worry.

Product Features

SMI-2258 XT Series Controller

The P200 SSD sports the newest SMI-2258 XT series controller that allows it to achieve quick transfer speeds quickly. Its speed rates can go up to 530MB/s read, and 460MB/s write, improving the system’s overall performance. Not only that, but the SSD comes with a global-wear leveling algorithm to maximize its lifespan.

Auto Standby Mode for Power Saving

With a laptop, you are likely to use standby mode to avoid waiting during rebooting. Although the process saves a lot of time, it becomes a risk to your battery life. The Patriot P200 SSD’s design is for preventing battery loss by reducing the power consumption of the SATA interface when you’re not using the drive.

Integrated Temperature Sensor

The P200 comes with an integrated temperature sensor that can detect excessive heat. With that, you can protect your drive from overheating. Since the temperature sensor can protect the SSD from heat, it will also prolong the life cycle of the SSD.

Equipped with Premium Chips and Components

The P200 SSD comes with top-quality components and memory chips that have passed rigorous processes for quality control. As the P200 SSD undergoes this process, it guarantees storage capacity, improved reliability, as well as fast read and write speeds. This SSD has the newest SMI 2258XT series controller to deliver unmatched read speeds of up to 530MB/s and write speeds of up to 460MB/s to improve system performance in various ways.

TRIM Support

SSD TRIM is ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) command that allows for an operating system to detect which data blacks a NAND SSD that is no longer in use. Using TRIM can improve the SATA to SSD writing performance, contributing to longer SSD lifetime.

Small and Low Profile

The compact and low profile design of the Patriot P200 will give you ease when placing it into any system. With its thickness of 7 millimeters, building your rig will be a lot more seamless since it saves more space on motherboard trays. Aside from that, it allows for better air circulation and cable management. It’s an excellent solution for system builders who plan to have a mini PC or tower-style gaming rig.

Similar to SATA 6Gbps SSDs

As mentioned, the Patriot P200 SSDs can deliver up to 530MB/s sequential read speeds, 460MB/s sequential write speeds, 90K random read IOPS, and 80K random write speeds. In terms of performance, this SSD can work as fast as other SATA 6Gbps SSDs.


Using the Product

We didn’t pass up on testing the Patriot P200 SSD to see how well it performed. Compared to what Patriot claimed, the Patriot P200 SSD’s performance was great. We were able to reach 527MB/s read & 463MB/s for the write while its specifications note up to 530MB/s read & 460MB/s for its write. We like these results a lot.

Depending on the test-file size, the performance was lower or higher. However, in all the tests that we did, the results were still high for this type of lower-series SSD. More in-depth queue tests didn’t show us performance results on your standard office and home PC. And although the Patriot P200 SSD was not the fastest, it displayed well-above-average results, and we’re very much satisfied with what we’ve seen.

We were impressed with the random read & write tests as the performances for both were high. It wasn’t the highest we’ve seen in tests, but it’s something notable and respectable. We also liked that the drive was able to keep the same level of performance throughout the tests, and that was something very noteworthy.

For storage, the Patriot P200 SSD 512GB worked efficiently. The results weren’t over the top but were highly respectable for such an SSD. The storage results that we acquired were pretty high, while its bandwidth was rather average.

Overall, the Patriot P200 SSD performed excellently, so we’re giving two thumbs-up for that.


The Patriot P200 SSD may not be the fastest drive on the market, but it offers the right balance between price and performance. It’s an affordable SSD that performs better than what the company has claimed, which is satisfying. It’s also an excellent replacement for HDDs since it’s fast enough even for demanding users. Aside from performance, its compact design makes building more convenient.

If you are looking for an inexpensive SSD that performs well, we highly recommend the Patriot P200 SSD. It’s one of the most affordable drives that deliver above-average performance. Lastly, its compact design would suit the newest SFX chassis, making it the perfect choice for a smaller system.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own Patriot P200 SSD, you can purchase this online from the Patriot Store.