Noctua NT-H2 and NA-SCW1 Review


The Noctua NT-H2 is the company’s highly improved and developed second generation hybrid thermal compound from the company. They combined the NT-H1’s established features, excellent ease of use, and its known long-lasting stability plus a optimized formula made of micro-particles for a better and boosted thermal performance.

The NT-H2 from Noctua is an enthusiast-grade paste that is perfect for tough and demanding use. Whether it is water or air-based cooling, silent or overclocking systems, and even GPU or CPU applications, the NT-H2 can continuously provide outstanding results. Plus, the included cleaning wipes make it easier to remove, which is just as easy as its application.

When it comes to the NA-SCW1, it is a collection of 20 pieces of individually arranged NA-CW1 used for cleaning off thermal compounds like the NT-H2 and H1. It comes pre-moistened with a special detergent mix, making it best for cleaning GPUs, CPUs, as well as the heatsinks’ surface of in an efficiently quick manner. With its size, a single pad is already enough to clean both the cooler and chip.

Curious about the NT-H2 and NA-SCW1 from Noctua? Then we’ve got you covered; just sit back, read on, and we’ll give you all the necessary information that you’ll need to know more about these products.

Noctua NT-H2 and NA-SCW1 Review – What’s in the Box?

Noctua NT-H2

The NT-H2 is featured in two different types of packaging: one in 3.5 grams, while the other is in a 10-gram pack. Both of the boxes have a similar layout except for its dimensions. The top portion of the NT-H2 3.5-gram pack has the words NT-H2 written there in a vertical manner, and is followed by the package details.

At the bottom left portion, the mobile tag of Noctua is printed which can be scanned to get redirected to the product page via mobile services.

The product’s salient features are printed on the primary area; the brand’s logo and name can be found printed at the bottom right area. Overall, their packaging follows their standard method of packing for their available coolers. The back portion of the primary box features the product’s specifications printed on the left.

Each of the packaging features an inner container that can slide in / out for access. Of course, Noctua is known for their excellent packaging, and these products are no exception. The thermal pastes are all tucked and fit right in the center of the paperboard box on an adequately-sized cutout. You will also find the company’s web address printed at the bottom left portion of the package.

Aside from the tubes, you’ll also get a couple of cleaning wipes: the bigger tube comes with ten sheets, while the smaller one comes with three. Noctua has also included a couple of instructions on how to properly apply the thermal paste on different processors. Of course, you can also apply this to other components like the GPU, but its primary use is for the outer part of your processor.

Noctua NA-SCW1

If you only want or need the cleaning wipes, the company also has the NA-SCW1 available. It’s a box of twenty wipes, and each solo package is labeled as the NA-CW1. All the 20 pieces of cleaning wipes come in an all black box. The top side portion of it features a sticker that’s pasted at the center which extends to the rear side.

Each of the cleaning wipes measures 15 x 12 centimeters which is basically more than enough to clean the base of the cooler, as well as the IHS of the CPU. The UPC and EAN information labels are found at the bottom, while the sticker extends to the bottom portion of the box.

The instructions of how to utilize the product is printed on the side part of the sticker; for additional safety instructions, these can be found at the bottom. You can also scan the codes to easily watch the video instructions on how to properly utilize the product. This can be found on the official YouTube channel of Noctua. Each of these are sealed in brown packages marked with the company’s name. These are meant for single time use to ensure its cleanliness especially when wiping and cleaning off the CPU and the heatsink.

The Product

Noctua NT-H2 and NA-SCW1 Review

Noctua NT-H2

The NT-H2 thermal compound is kept in a syringe for an easier and more convenient application. Keep in mind that you don’t really need to manually spread this before installing the CPU’s cooler. This product from Noctua is claimed to be a fine-tuned mix of metal oxide microparticles to achieve an even more decreased thermal resistance, as well as a lessened bond-line thickness at standard mounting pressures.

This will allow it to be more useful and efficient in a lot of different application scenarios. As mentioned earlier, the NT-H2 has two varieties: the 3.5 gram pack is 1.2ml while the 10 gram pack has a volume of 3.6ml. For the paste’s density, it is 2.81 g/cm³ while its should have a solid gray shade.

The company came strong by their advertisement stating that its recommended use time after applying this on the CPU is five years. This specific period of time is highly impressive since previous and similar types of pastes often dry out over time. The dry out often causes an impact on the product’s efficiency and performance.

Due to its combination of metal oxide microparticles, the paste becomes a non-conductive product, and it is also a non-corroding thermal compound as well. The NT-H2 can be utilized as any form of metallic plating since this will not cause any form of short circuit which is good.

Noctua NA-SCW1

The NA-SCW1 from Noctua is a set of 20 individual packs of the NA-CW1 cleaning wipes. It’s used for cleaning thermal compounds such as the NT-H1 and NT-H2 from Noctua. It’s pre-moistened with a unique isopropyl alcohol and detergent mixture which makes it great for cleaning heatsink surfaces, GPUs, and CPUs.

The isopropyl alcohol seems to have a concentration of around 70% since the residue from the wipes does not completely evaporate. Noctua mentioned that the residue is just a visual effect and it’s nothing to worry about since it will not affect the performance of any component.

Product Features

Noctua NT-H2

Based on the Outstanding NT-H1

NT-H2 was created based on its award-winning predecessor, the NT-H1. Since overclockers and enthusiasts around the world always chose the NT-H1, it became very well-known top-notch TIMs or thermal interface materials.

Remains Stable for a Long Period of Time

NT-H2 has a special formula made for high stability to last for long periods of time. You can store this thermal paste for three years. Due to the compound’s extraordinary characteristics that can be used on the CPU for over 5 years.

No Need for Burn-In or Break-In

There are several thermal compounds require a cure time or break-in period until they reach their highest performance. Other thermal pads require undergoing a dedicated burn-in period. The advantage of the NT-H2 is that it doesn’t have to undergo such special preparations.

Next-Generation Performance

As mentioned, the NT-H2 is an improved version of its predecessor. It’s made with a new combination of micro-particles of metal oxide to help lessen bond-line thickness at usual mounting pressures, as well as lower thermal resistance. The thermal compound allows for better performance in most applications.

Non-Corroding and Not Electrically Conductive

The NT-H2 is absolutely safe to use on any type of CPU cooler and it doesn’t matter if it’s made from aluminum or copper, and if it’s nickel-plated or not. It’s not like some expensive thermal compounds and with electrical conductivity or corroding qualities. With that, the risks of short circuits are lowered.

3,5-grams for 3 to 20 Applications

The NT-H2 is enough for up to three to twenty applications. This depends on the size of the GPU or CPU; for large CPUs, it is good for three applications and for small CPUs, it’s enough for around twenty. It’s ideal for most users who only install coolers once in a while. A 10-gram pack is also available if you’re someone who changes coolers and CPUs very often.

Easy Application

The NT-H2 has great spreading properties so you don’t need to do this manually before you install a cooler. Simply apply some paste onto the CPU, put the heatsink and it’s ready.


Made for Power Users

The NT-H2 thermal compound comes with its own cleaning wipes which is the NA-CW1, but if you are a power user who frequently reinstall coolers, you can purchase the optional NA-SCW1 set. This is the best cleaning wipes for removing the NT-H2 from the CPU’s heat spreaders and the surface of the heatsink.

Makes Cleaning Easier

Just wipe off the paste easily from the CPU and the base of the cooler with these cleaning wipes and you’re done. It’s pre-moistened with isopropyl alcohol which allows for effective cleaning.

Using the Product

Noctua NT-H2

The operating temperature of the NT-H2 ranges from -50 degrees Celsius up to 200 degrees Celsius. This is totally great since the previous NT-H1 has the same lowest rate but for its highest rate was only 110 degrees Celsius. The density of the NT-H2 is 2.81 grams per cubic centimeter which is better compared to NT-H1’s 2.49 grams per cubic centimeter. Since we tested this thermal compound, we can see that the electrically non-conductive and non-corroding properties are true since it we were able to use it safely on various types of metal.

The temperature of the CPU was decreased by several degrees which is great since we didn’t have to use a larger cooler to make this happen. What we really appreciate here is that despite not having a cure time or burn-in period, it works efficiently.

Noctua NA-SCW1

The NA-CW1 cleaning wipes definitely made the removal of older thermal compound residue easier. Since this is also bundled with the NT-H2 thermal compound, it allows users to swap their cooler with just one package. If you still have thermal paste but need more cleaning wipes, you can simply buy the NA-SCW1.

When we tried to remove the thermal compound, we didn’t need to exert so much effort on rubbing the wipe against the heatsink. We also didn’t need to do this repeatedly since we were able to completely remove the residue after a few times of wiping the surface with the NA-SCW1. After this, the thermal compound was ready for reapplication but Noctua suggest to use a dry piece of tissue or paper towel to polish the surface off.


In today’s market, only several manufacturers produce and offer high-quality products and Noctua is one of these brands. This company stands out from the crowd and we were really impressed with their cooling solutions, such as the fans that we’ve reviewed previously. In fact, a lot of reviewers and users always praise their products.

Without a doubt, NT-H2 is an improved version of their previously released NT-H1, which was an award-winning thermal paste. We found it much easier to use and handle, and it improved the thermal performance advantage. As for the NA-SCW1, we really appreciate that it leaves the heatsinks totally clean and ready for reapplying thermal paste.

All in all, the NT-H2 and the NA-SCW1 are great products to use for your build. The thermal compound is really convenient and it’s an efficient item to use especially when you frequently change your CPU or GPU. For the cleaning wipes, it makes reinstalling easier as well. Although it’s easier and cheaper to use an ordinary paper towel and isopropyl alcohol, the NA-SCW1 makes cleaning surfaces much faster.

These are reasons why we think that these two items are great if you’re someone who frequently changes your CPU, GPU, and other components. We also think that the price tags of these items are just right. If you are working on your own build, we highly recommend the NT-H2 and the NA-SCW1 from Noctua.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own Noctua NT-H2 and the NA-SCW1, you can check out the company’s store locator to find their local sales partners in your country.