Noctua Chromax Review

Noctua has been around for some years now, and it is also one of the most popular and favored brands in the market today. The company has a very outstanding and positive reputation in the CPU cooler and high-performance fan market, and they have been on the top spot of the cooling market with products such as their NH U14S, the NH D14, and their NH D15 to name a couple of these. Enthusiasts love and greatly support the company’s fans and CPU coolers since these are not only durable and effective, but these perform well and are near-silent when used.

The only issue that most people have when it comes to the fans of Noctua would be the traditional color scheme that they use since it has always been the classic brown shade for their products. Because of this, Noctua started producing some of their items with a different color scheme; they began selling industrial PPC fans that come in black with brown pads. Personally, we really don’t mind the color scheme of Noctua and we actually like their choice, but we also understand that people still prefer to have some variety when it comes to such things.

Today, we are going to take a look at the Chromax from Noctua and its accessories which include the heatsink covers, cables, the fans, and its Anti-Vibration Mount Accessories. We’re also going to check out its specifications, performance, and other details about the product; but before anything else, let’s go ahead and first see what’s inside the box of the Noctua Chromax accessories.

Noctua Chromax Review – Whats in the Box?

These items come in the typical Noctua box that features a brown, white, and black theme – the usual for the company so we automatically know that the product is from them. However, if you look closely, you will see a slight hint of color highlighting the “O” for the Chromax logo which is basically the company’s little teaser of what you’ll see once you open the boxes of these accessories. There isn’t really much to see on the packages for the Noctua Chromax except for a few information and details about the items.

The Products – Damn These Look Awesome!

Chromax Cables

Let’s first talk about the Chromax cables; these are referred to as the NA SEC1 and we actually have a very good first impression when it comes to these. Its colors are surprisingly vibrant and its texture is somewhat glossy. The Chromax cables aren’t like the usual fabric braids that are used since these feature a more rubbery quality and finish while still appearing like a woven material. The result of having this type of quality is that it won’t come apart like most cables, so basically, these are much stronger, last longer, and can hold its color much longer than others.

Both edges are equipped with black connections together with some of the cleanest and tightest-looking heat shrink wraps that we’ve ever seen. With Noctua, even if they produce a lot of fun and interesting products, they still focus on over-engineering these items which is generally good in our opinion. The cables come in different shades that you can choose from and these include blue, white, green, yellow, and black – these are all available in boxes of four.

The extension cables of Chromax are called the NA SYC1 that works just as great as the NA SEC1. Because of its performance and durability, it’s simply obvious how you can include this to your build. We have their Y-split cables and these are perfect especially if you run two fans for your CPU cooler but prefer utilizing just a single motherboard header.  Of course, these extension cables also come in the same shade and are featured in a box of three; the colors that are available include red, white, green, blue, black, and yellow.

NA-SEC1 chromax.white
NA-SEC1 chromax.yellow
NA-SYC1 chromax.white
NA-SYC1 chromax.yellow

Chromax Heatsink Covers

The Noctua packaging that carries the Chromax Heatsink Covers come in a clean, all-white box that gives off a nice, high-end feel to it. When you open the box, you’ll see the covers set in place; of course, we greatly appreciate that Noctua ensured that the items are well-secured to avoid any issues of damages when the product is being transported. The smaller and larger covers come in different colors and these include Satin Black, Black Swap, and Gloss White; the Black Swap features cutouts that are specifically designed to be utilized together with a variety of colored inserts. This will let you easily match your cover with the overall theme of your build.

Generally, both of these look really nice with their finish: they aren’t really completely matte but aren’t also completely glossy; but surely, these will look great on any cooler from Noctua. For its interior, you’ll find a removable magnetic backing and also a couple of thick and chunky anti-vibration rubber mounts. This will greatly help keep the cooler’s cover protected and secure, plus that also goes for the featured cutouts that allow the available heat pipes to easily poke through; this will give a more flush finish once you mount this. If you want to have more color to your scheme, you can make use of the insert model which is somewhat the same, and the only difference is that it features a cutout design right at the front.

Fitting and trying out the covers is actually a piece of cake and this is all thanks to the concise, clear, and detailed instructions provided by the company. You’ll just have to pop out the product’s internal magnetic mount, choose one from the six-color inserts, then remove all of the protective film before clipping it between the two portions and you’re all done.

NA-HC2 chromax.white
NA-HC4 chromax.white

Chromax Fans and Anti-Vibration Mount Accessories

Together with the heat sink covers, Noctua also released a wide selection of fans in black and we have with us here is their new and slick Chromax fan. What we first noticed when we got our hands on the product was that the fans aren’t the typical brown – something that has become the trademark for Noctua. They’re actually like the company’s more industrial fans that feature a black on black design which we think is pretty cool and classy.

If you’re not content with the black fans from Noctua, they also offer these fans with six varying interchangeable anti-vibration pads. These are available as the NF-A14 PWM, NF-S12 PMW, NF-F12 PWM, and NF-A15 HS-PWM; plus, there are also included pads in the box but if you still need other shades for your color theme, you can purchase these separately from Noctua’s official site as products NV SAVP2 and P1. These parts are specifically made from premium-grade and quality silicone which means that these are tear-proof and extra soft, making these extremely durable and long lasting.

The box of the fan includes color-matching corners which lets you add a little bit more to the corners of the device. It isn’t something really fancy, crazy, or over the top, but we can say that it looks really great and we’re sure you’ll appreciate this too. Of course, you can also mix things up a bit if you want, have some fun with the colors depending on your tastes and preferences.

When it comes to the real-world use of these fans, if you’re utilizing fans with screws and plan to eliminate any further vibrations coming from the case, you’ll be able to get some help from the NA SAV2. When we were trying out the anti-vibration mounts, when the fans reach their maximum speed, we learned that the NA SAV2 mounts to further eliminate vibrations from the case; as for the NA SAVP1 corner pads, these work similarly to the pads included with the Noctua fan.

Chromax Fans

Chromax Accessories


Again, we can say that Noctua has definitely done an excellent job of providing us with premium and high-quality products. Generally, these items aren’t really essential to Noctua’s product range, but if you’re someone who wants to fine-tune and customize your build, then you’re definitely going to enjoy having these additions to your Noctua products.

The build quality on all of these Noctua products are much better than what you’d expect them to be; the cables are highly durable and the rubber finish weave on its color areas is extremely resilient so you won’t have to worry about these splintering, snagging, and even coming away from the heat sink wrap. As for the wrap, these are strong and tight – we actually think the company used a little too much of it though; however, we believe that Noctua did this to ensure its reliability and build quality which isn’t really a bad thing since we’re talking about great products here.

The mounting system, magnetic inserts, uniform paint job, as well as the rubber anti-vibration mounts speak all about quality; all of the items and accessories fit perfectly and these stay in place with extreme precision. Of course, what else can you expect from Noctua but sheer perfection and quality? Overall, we highly recommend the Noctua Chromax.

Where to Buy

If you want to purchase Noctua’s products under the Chromax line, you can visit Noctua’s store locator to see which shops near your place offer these items.