Microsoft and Sony’s Joint Venture Demonstrates How Vital Streaming Services Are Right Now

With the recent news that Sony and Microsoft have joined forces in using the Microsoft Azure cloud service to offer both XBox and the new PlayStation streaming service, this joint development is just further evidence that streaming services are continuing to grow in popularity and are vital in the wider entertainment sphere.

XBox and PlayStation Joint Streaming

It’s no secret that Sony has been using Microsoft’s manufactured artificial intelligence applications and semiconductors for a long time. Now the partnership has gone a step further with the announcement of a new streaming partnership that aims to compete with other major streaming providers like Amazon’s Web Services and Google’s game streaming platform.

As the streaming market looks set to expand even further, Sony’s PS Now has looked increasingly left behind in both infrastructure and technology, despite accounting for over 30% of the global games streaming market. On the flip side, this deal also helps with Microsoft’s own wider cloud technology ambitions in retail applications.

Games Streaming Inspired By Twitch Growth

Google’s video game sights are set high. With Stadia, Google hopes to provide a platform to home its huge array of android games. It offers the opportunity to play the world biggest and most expansive games on mobile, without the traditional requirements of huge computing power and bandwidth and being able to play them directly on any device.

The popularity of the Twitch live streaming platform has undeniable influenced the acceleration of streaming services. Twitch which has over 4.4 million monthly streamers and an average of over 1.27 million current viewers. This includes gamers watching games from the most popular streamers, as well as from games developers like EA and Ubisoft.

It also has seen a growth in viewers of other types of games streaming, notably the growth in live casino and slots gaming where watching online gamers playing slots can be a compelling watch for online casino fans. For gamers looking for the best online casino bonuses and sites on, it can be a vital try-before-you-buy process. Much like watching and learning tips from the top Fortnite players is.

Netflix Threatens Cinema

What all this demonstrates is the insatiable appetite for on demand and a wide variety of entertainment watched today. It is an argument that continues to question the future of cinema too. Netflix has become bigger than any movie studio or entertainment corporation, producing its own movies, TV series and documentaries that threaten the existence of cinemas.

In much the same way that games streaming technology threatens to undermine consoles in offering cloud-based games that reduce the need for huge memory and bandwidth, Netflix threatens an entire movie theatre industry.

What Sony and Microsoft have proved is that streaming services are technologies that cannot be rested on their laurels. Twitch’s almost vertical rise in popularity in gaming, live casino streaming and as an entertainment platform, has influenced Google’s foray into streaming with Stadia. All of which have Netflix, the pioneer of mass streaming, to thank. We are experiencing a huge shift in how we consume our technology and entertainment and Sony realise that those who don’t keep up will get left behind.