Mega Modz Planet Modded PS4 and Xbox One Controller Review

A controller isn’t just a tool to win games. To some of us, it’s an extension of ourselves and a way to express our passion for gaming. Hence, there has been a growing demand for modded controllers.

Modded controllers not only provide you a cool aesthetic to cater to your personality but also give you hardware modifications that increases the usability of your controller. Modded controllers are specifically designed to give the user full control over their controllers with custom mappings, extra buttons, interchangeable thumbsticks and a wide array of other features.

With the growing market, of course more and more companies are offering their custom modded controllers. It can be overwhelming to find the right controller for you especially when you’re in a tight budget. There’s also the trouble of getting scammed by getting a dysfunctional, low quality controller that also can be detected online. Not to mention a controller that has been modded on the premise that it is used as a hacking tool. This risks the user being kicked out of the game or worse, their account getting banned. So when shopping for some modded controllers it is indeed important to really make sure that the company you’re buying from is legit and knows what they’re doing. It is also important that the product itself doesn’t compromise the game, the player and their own account.

Mega Modz Planet Review – The Company

With all of that in mind, it is still important to strike the right balance between a high quality product and its pricing so today we’re going to take a look at Mega Modz Planet. A modding company focused on building custom modded controllers for the Xbox and the PlayStation. Mega Modz Planet is able to deliver different designs, whether you need a simple design with few functional modifications or an advanced gadget with advanced multi-mod packages that caters to your specific and technical needs.

What started out as a passion became a business. The co-founders of Mega Modz were already part of the modding industry in its early stages back in 2008. With the knowledge and experience they have gained, they decided to start their own business to bring custom modded controllers to everyone from people looking to get their feet with their first controller to veterans looking to expand their prestigious collection.

The Promise

Mega Modz has deep knowledge and passion in the gaming industry along with their strong desire to produce the best product for their customers. They promise to offer the customer the best and are responsible for what they produce.

They also believe in trust and customer satisfaction as key element to their business and have promised to never intentionally misrepresent a product, steal the customer’s money or leave the customer without assistance when the sale has been made. They also confirm that every modded controller is guaranteed 100% authentic Microsoft or Sony PlayStation product that have been modified and tested by experts. They also promise to be attentive to new customers ensuring them that they will make the best knowledgeable decision when selecting features for their controller. Even after the purchase, the customer can still ask for assistance from their post purchase technical support to ensure requirements have been met.

Mega Modz Planet – Whats in the Box?

PS4 Controller Unboxing

We would have thought that the box would come in a Mega Modz Planet’s own custom packaging but it makes sense to use the official packaging as it saves both money and also confirms that you are using a genuine controller. Why spend money on something that’s going to be thrown away when you could use the default one? I could see the point in that so I understand it.

The packaging is what you would expect from a typical PS4 controller, nothing really special except for the controller itself.

We took out the controller and it seems to be in perfect condition with Spongebob smirking at us.

In the package there is a user guide that shows you how to use the mods for the controller.

Xbox One Controller Unboxing

Like the PS4 controller, the modded Xbox One controller also came in with its default package. Again, this makes total sense and is a smart move on Mega Modz Planets behalf.

We picked neon green for the front and left most of the other features in its default colors.

The Product

Mega Modz Planet – Giving you the Competitive Edge

Designing our modded controller is incredibly simple. They have done a great job making the whole process straight forward.

Although the mods would probably confuse a first time buyer, a lot of them are self-explanatory. If you do get confused, read the product features for an in-depth look at the mods. You can then pick which of these you would need to wreck your opponents on the battlefield.

The interface design is very simple and straight to the point and Mega Modz Planet also made sure to consistently keep the price at the top so you know if you’re over budget.

Here is what we built:

PS4 Controller

For the body we picked SpongeBob…because well come on, it’s SpongeBob. However, there are a lot more choices including plain colors. They let you choose from original colors which are the original colors of the PS4 controllers and this also includes the urban camo color. Next are solid colors which you guessed it, solid plain colors from green, matte gold, matte orange and matte purple. There’s also chrome covered body colors, a custom body color which is basically a theme like our SpongeBob controller and a hydro dipped one.

Next is mods which is most likely one, if not the most important feature of this modded controller. The mods tab lets you choose from a wide variety of mods which essentially gives your character a certain “skill” that you can easily press with a button. We’re going to cover that in the product features section.  For this build we chose the multi-mod packages which gives you the essential mods that are specialized for first person shooters. The pricing of the mods isn’t cheap either. You really have to spend if you want these valuable assets at your disposal.

For this build we picked a yellow paddle for our SpongeBob themed PS4 controller. Besides picking the color of the paddle, you can also add LED lights onto it which illuminate the back of the paddle and creates a highlight around it.

For the D-pads, home and action buttons we chose to stick with the black stock ones as we’re going for a black and yellow theme.

We also chose to go with the stock thumbsticks because again, we want a black and yellow theme.

Lastly, for the accessories, we added 4 sets of blue for the thumb grips.

Xbox One Controller

For the body we chose the lime green one. Again like the PS4 controller, you can choose from the original colors, solid colors, chrome colors and a custom theme which has various characters or titles to choose from.

For the mods, just like the PS4, we again chose the multi-mod packages that have the essential mods for first person shooters like rapid fire, fast reload, jitter, etc.

For the paddles, of course we’re going to choose the lime green one. The paddles come in at $35 which is not the cheapest price, however they are worth every penny.

We also added LED lights to compliment the paddle.

For the D-pad, the abxy buttons and the Xbox button, we chose the stock ones.

We decided to test out the interchangeable thumbsticks just to see how they would feel and it feels pretty good on the hand with a good grip.

For the grip panels, we chose a rubberized green one to complement our lime themed controller. The grip is good and soft in which you can tell they’re using good quality rubber.

Product Features

Rapid Fire Mod

This mod will make you a beast. To put it in simple terms, this modchip will turn all your semi-automatic and single shot weapons in game into fully automatic monsters. This will undoubtedly give players using the modded controller a tremendous advantage, firing more shots than the competition.

What it essentially does is it pulls the trigger for you. When you hold the trigger on your remote, the mod will keep pressing the trigger over and over basically turning your semi-automatic gun into a fully automatic one.

The mod is compatible to most shooting titles like CoD, Battlefield, Destiny and Tom Clancy’s The Division. It is also undetectable when you play online so you are safe when you try it out against real players.

The mod comes with 10 different fire rates so you can change the way your gun fires depending on the situation. Besides that, it offers mod packs for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 controllers which will tremendously help you in defeating your enemies. For this build we ticked most of the mods since we want to try them if it actually works.

Controller Mods

Your controller can be upgraded with various mod options. Each mod has a specific function that kind of acts like a “skill” and when it is used, gives you an advantage over the competition. There are a lot of these so we’ll go through them one by one.

Akimbo is a cool feature that makes you look like you’re a cowboy in the Midwest. What this does is if you’re dual-wielding let’s say two pistols, it allows your character to shoot with both your pistols simultaneously by just pressing one button. It basically increases the damage done by your pistols in a shorter amount of time.

Auto burst is almost similar to Rapid Fire Mod in which it changes your rate of fire except instead of making it fully automatic, it makes your gun fire in bursts. If you’re using a rifle that shoots single fire, you can essentially make it burst fire depending on how many shots you set it to. If you want it to burst 5 shots, you will have to set the burst of 5 shots every time you pull the trigger.

Auto spot is specially designed for Battlefield. In the game you can spot an enemy thus making them show on your teammates’ radar. This earns you points but you have to manually do it on your controller. With auto spot, you won’t need to. The mod automatically does it for you.

Auto sprint is very self-explanatory. This basically makes your character automatically sprint without having to press the button.

Dropshot allows your character to drop to the ground while shooting. Jumpshot allows your character to jump and shoot at the same time.

While auto spot is specially designed for Battlefield, Dual trigger is built for CoD. When you’re using dual-wielding semi-automatic pistols, using this mod will enable you to get Rapid Fire on both guns when you pull both triggers.

Fast reload utilizes the glitch in CoD games. Whenever your character starts to reload, the ammo bar actually reaches full before the animation of the reload even finishes so if you change your weapon and back to the original weapon, you would have a fully reloaded gun. The fast reload does this automatically for you without you having to manually swap weapons.

Just like fast reload, jitter uses a glitch in CoD games that allows your semi-automatic weapons to shoot faster. When you use semi-automatic weapons, it will burst fire then it will stop for a few seconds before bursting fire again. Basically, jitter decreases the time between bursts for semi-automatic weapons.

Layouts is simple. It basically allows all your other mods to work in different buttons rather than using your mods on the standard buttons.

If you’re an FPS player, you know what quick scoping is and the quick scope mod essentially does that. Just as when you’re scoping in, the mod perfectly times and fires the shot.

Sniper breath is again made especially for CoD games. When you’re sniping you have to hold your breath to aim accurately. Sniper breath holds the character’s breath for you so you can focus on aiming.

Turbo melee reduces the time between your knife attacks essentially allowing you to land more strikes on the enemy. It’s like jitter except for melee strikes.

Zombie is a special mod especially made for…well zombies. This is basically an auto-aim that only works for zombie games like the one on Black Ops. The zombie mod automatically aims on the zombie’s head or chest whenever you scope using your rifle.

Programming Mode

This mode allows the user to customize their settings, specifically the speed or delays of the mods if ever there’s a software or new patch for the games you’re playing. I don’t see this being used as much as how often do the games change the speed of their gameplay? It does happen but I don’t think you would need to constantly change this. However, it is better to tweak this initially when you do get your controller to cater to your play style.

Custom LED Indicator

The LED indicators show the player which mods are active. However not all mods are indicated on the LEDs. Player 1 only shows rapid fire, dual trigger, jitter, akimbo and auto burst. All of these mods have their own color indicators so the users will know specifically which mod is active. Player 2, 3 and 4 shows the special mods which are quick scope, sniper breath, fast reload, dropshot and jumpshot, zombie, auto spot, auto sprint and turbo melee.

Operational Mod Switch

What this does is it activates or deactivates the mods, sets up your custom settings and also allows you to scroll between sub modes. The fact that they put this button at the back is clever. This becomes non-intrusive to your game and allows you to actually focus on prolonging your kill streaks.

Programmable Paddles

These paddles are pretty much extra buttons that you can re-map to whatever you want. You can map the d-pads, both left and right sticks and the abxy buttons or the triangle, square, circle and x buttons if you’re on the PlayStation.

The paddles make a world of difference when gaming as it allows you to trigger button presses without having to take your thumbs off of the thumbsticks.

Besides that, according to Mega Modz Planet, the paddles themselves are compatible to any game on the market. So far it works with the games we’ve tested it in. 

Using the Product

Mega Modz Planet has a great support section on their website that shows you how to use all of their mods and the programmable paddles:


Mega Modz deliver on their promises and they deliver it well. The build quality is top-notch and you truly do get what you pay for.

If you want a cool modded controller that fits your own style, this is absolutely great. The controller itself looks like it’s going to last years. The rubbers used feel nice and have a really good grip too.

If you want to climb to the top with the help of your controller, you’ll have to spend. Controllers are pretty much an extension of your hand in game and a good controller is just as important as your skill.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in creating your own modded custom controller, head on over to the Mega Modz Planet website. We created our PS4 controller for $224 and Xbox One controller for $236.

The controllers are excellent but it comes with a price. If you regularly game and want to get more competitive then Mega Modz Planet is a great option for you.