Logitech K830 HTPC Keyboard Review

It’s a nice thing to have a built-in web browser in a smart TV, Blu-Ray player, or into just about any smart device out there in the market. But making use of its smart features can be annoying. How so? Its user interface. Try keying in an e-mail or a sentence using the TV remote control it came with and start selecting the letters on the on-screen keyboard. Pretty soon, users will start to wonder why manufacturers were insane enough to even toss in a browser to the product.

It’s one big reason why a majority of today’s smart devices come in with a physical keyboard. Any old keyboard can be used, but that would mean partnering it with a mouse. So why not settle for both functionality in a single and organized device?

That’s where the Logitech K830 would come in.

Logitech K830Review – What’s in the Box?

Contents of the Logitech K830 include:

  • 1x Logitech K830 keyboard
  • 1x receiver
  • 1x USB extender cable
  • 1x micro-USB charging cable
  • 1x manual

The Product

Logitech K830 Review – Giving Back Control

The device boasts a compact and sleek appearance. It measures at 14.4” x 4.9” x 0.65.” It weighs a merely 17.5 oz.

The keyboard makes use of a QWERTY layout along with low profile keys. Its small size has no number pad. But on a positive note, the K830 offers a functioning touchpad on the right area, as well as left-right mouse buttons.

Right on top of the touchpad are three hot keys with volume controls. These are contain a mute, volume up, and volume down downs. The upper row keys contain secondary feature tasks such as closing down windows, blowing up the desktop, pausing/playing, and searching media content. The top portion of the device contains a micro USB (for charging purposes), a power switch, and a left mouse button. This is particularly important when the K830 is being held up.

Page up and page down as well as home-end are seen as arrow keys, and Fn-shifted.

A light for the battery indicator is located on the right portion of the keyboard. It’ll constantly blink red when the keyboard needs to be charged.

Product Features

The Logitech K830 is living room keyboard with illumination properties. It’s essentially a near full-sized keyboard covering a majority of its surface. A track pad, with measurements of 79mm x 51mm, is located on the far right. The trackpad contains left-right buttons situated underneath it.

The K830 functions via Logitech’s very own wireless connectivity system to its small “Unifying Receiver” or dongle. The dongle plugs directly into the USB socket. Its communications systems is Bluetooth and can’t be openly used with other Bluetooth devices.

The keyboard’s receiver is capable of supporting a maximum of six compatible Logitech keyboards and mice. That means having the ability to add more devices without relying on additional USB sockets. This will come in handy if a user prefers using a mouse as opposed to a trackpad. A majority of the manufacturer’s wireless devices function in this manner.

The keyboard contains a pre-installed rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. Charging the K830 is sufficient enough for it to last a little over a years. Using the backlight, will reduce the longevity to around twenty-plus hours.

A standard USB charger will do the job if the user wants to retain the keyboard’s backlight for extended periods. A micro USB-B cable and a 1.5m USB extension cable can be used with the K830. This is due to most TVs with USB sockets that are concealed by the TV body, which can hamper communications. Logitech indicated its wireless system to have a maximum range of ten meters.

The keyboard is slightly smaller than what many would perceive it as. As a matter of fact, it’s a bit smaller with its dimensions being around 95% of its height and weight. To keep things compact, Logitech converted the main tasks of its function keys into controls and shortcuts (ex. Manual backlight operation, play/pausing media, and etc…).

The keyboard can easily be configured by utilizing its software. The software can be downloaded for free from the official Logitech website. Aside from including other devices to the receiver, the function keys can be set to default. This allows accessibility to other functions by means of an Fn- key. A computer is required for this to be carried out.

After being connected to the receiver, the downloaded software can then be installed for enhanced keyboard control. The K830 functioned exactly as expected. Its trackpad is highly effective and offers two-finger support for swiping and scrolling. It can also handle two-fingered pinching and stretching the fingers to zoom things such as the browser, images, and document sizes.

The trackpad was about as effective as they usually are, and it supports two fingers scrolling and swiping, plus two fingered pinching and stretching apart for changing the zoom level of zoomable things, such as photos and the web browser and the size of documents in Office programs. A light tap on it doubles as a left click, and a light two-fingered tap is a right click.

But it’s controlling your home entertainment gear that’s relevant here. How well it works is going to depend entirely on the gear. For example, I tried a HiSense TV, and the keyboard and trackpad worked fairly well in the web browser, albeit with enough milliseconds of delay to be slightly disconcerting.


Wireless Protocol

Logitech 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
Bluetooth Smart

Supported Hardware

Logitech Unifying receiver

Key life

Up to 5 million keystrokes

Typing noise

Within 55 dBA for all keys

Wireless range

10m (33ft)

Indicator Lights (LED)

Battery and connection status LED (green / red)


Smart Illumination

Special Keys

Volume Down
Volume Up

Connect / Power

On/Off Switch

Battery Details

Rechargeable Li-Po Battery
Battery Life (rechargeable) 10 days


The software allows for the function keys can be toggled between standard PC functions and media functions by ticking a check box at the bottom of the first screen after the software is opened.  Another notable feature of this program is that it provides a very quick graphical representation of the battery state of the K830.

The point and scroll capabilities of the K830 are controlled by the second tab in the controller program.  This allows a few features of the trackpad to be changed.  As a Mac user for the past few years, I appreciate the trickling-down of gestures into the PC world.

Speaking of gestures, the last tab of the companion software allows the behavior of certain gestures to be changed or disabled.  This makes using the K830 a truly customizable affair.


The Logitech K830 keyboard is a tremendous accessory for your home entertainment setup. It provides you with the ability to easily control your media player from the comfort of your couch without the need of having to configure a universal remote control. The keyboard is incredibly simple to use, compact enough so that its comfortable to use on your lap and at an affordable price point.

Where to Buy

If you are in the market for a solution you controlling your media  you can pickup the Logitech K830 for only $149AUD over at  the Logitech website.