In this day and age, there are tons of portable speakers that you can choose from in the market; yet despite this, there doesn’t seem to be any of these from the major audio companies and brands that are made to attract the interest of children in every possible way.

Then again, there really isn’t any need for this since a good speaker can be used by anyone and everyone, young or old. The only issue here is that sometimes, the regular speakers look too ‘adult-like and serious’, or maybe their features are a little too rich and difficult for the younger ones. Plus, kids prefer eye-catching and bright-colored items.

It’s a good thing that JBL came up with the JR POP which is the company’s very first Bluetooth speaker designed just for the little ones. The kids can start partying and enjoying their favorite music and parents won’t have to worry since the device is made entirely of quality, safe, and durable materials; plus, it is also fully waterproof which makes it even better.

What’s more, it comes with a rechargeable battery to allow the kids to have fun and enjoy listening up to five hours of music playtime. It’s integrated light mode will engage kids, teens, and all the young audio fans with their favorite music, anytime. The device is also portable, with straps, and is sized perfect enough for little hands to hold.

Of course, the JBL JR POP also provides the little ones with excellent JBL signature sounds, so what more could the kids ask for?

Now if you’re wondering if this device is as good as it seems, and if it’s something worth purchasing, then sit back, relax, and continue reading as we fill you in with all the information about the device, it’s features, how it performed, and if it’s really something worth purchasing.

JBL JR POP Review – What’s in the Box?

The cool-looking Iris Purple JBL JR POP that we got arrived in this simple looking container. It’s really nice that the company placed the device in a see-through container so you can readily view the device even when it’s still packed.

There aren’t a lot of details written on the package, just the brand and device’s name, and a couple of designs that make the product more appealing and eye-catching.

Together with the JBL JR POP, you will find a micro USB charging cable, a quick start guide, a safety sheet, sticker papers, plus the warranty card.

The Product


The JBL JR POP is a little and compact device that weighs adequately for children. The color of the device that we have is the attractively eye-catching Iris Purple which even we loved. The speaker also comes with an integrated light show that is reminiscent to the company’s Pulse lineup; however, the only difference is that the LED ring here covers less surface area than those of the Pulse devices.

There’s also a removable, built-in strap which makes the device easier to carry and bring around; it’s also a convenient piece to allow the little ones to hang this device whenever necessary. The cool thing about the speaker is that it is fully waterproof because of having the IPX7 rating. This only means that the JR POP can be submerged up to a meter and can readily withstand rain, splashes, or getting rinsed.

The speaker also has a forward-facing grill that is decorated with the company’s logo which covers the 3-Watt mono driver.

Along the side panel of the speaker is a collection of buttons that function as the power, Bluetooth, volume, and the LED lights. The minus and plus buttons on the JR POP work simultaneously with smartphones or a tablet’s primary levels. This light show can be switched off or on, and it also spins a dazzling ring of pastel and rainbow colors along the dial of the speaker.

Despite its size, the JBL JR POP is loud enough for everyone in the room to enjoy the music. Though of course, it can’t output the bass bonanza that seems like it would shake the house down; but at maximum volume, the JR POP’s audio sure is louder than what you’re thinking when it comes to a child’s speaker.

Another good thing to note about the device is that it is really easy to pair. Once that’s done, your device will be remembered. Then, it will be automatically paired when both of the devices are powered and within the allowed range.

When it comes to the battery, the company estimates that this speaker’s battery life can last around 5 hours in total. However, the results may vary depending on your volume levels.

Product Features

Child-Friendly Design

The speaker is made up of rugged materials and its strap is made from thick fabric. With that, you can ensure that it will withstand every bump. Aside from that, its compact size is perfect for children’s small hands. Its weight is only 121 grams which is light enough for kids to carry around.

IPX7-Rated Waterproof

The JBL JR POP is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about this getting wet. With that, kids can buckle the speaker on their bags with. What’s interesting about this is that its USB port doesn’t have a rubber cap and even if that’s the case, it will not get damaged.

Lighting Effect

The JBL JR POP has a ring of LED lights that illuminate vibrant colors. The lights dance to the music in random movements. If the lights are unwanted, these can be disabled.

When you stop the music and the Bluetooth stays connected, the flashing lights do not stop but these slow down instead. The speaker’s power also does not automatically switch off when Bluetooth is not connected.

Comes with Cute Stickers

Just like JBL’s headphones for kids, there are stickers included in the JR POP package for children to customize their speakers.

Indented Buttons

Unlike common speakers that have protruding buttons, those of the JBL JR POP are indented. Pressing the buttons will be difficult for adults but for children, this will be easy since they have small and thin fingers.

Battery Life

The JBL JR POP can last for 5 hours which is just right for kids.


The JBL JR POP uses 3 Watts for the output power to readily provide continuous music playback for up to five hours. For its dimensions / measurements, the speaker is small at just 3.97 x 8.78 x 7.55 centimeters, though its battery capacity goes all the way to 600 mAh which is really something. The total charging time would be around 2 hours, and it makes use of the 4.2 Bluetooth type.

Using the Product

We really think that it’s a fun and refreshing idea for the company to create such a device. And in all honesty, we really liked the idea of JBL having a speaker for kids to use when they’re playing or having fun playtime together.

And when speaking of its build, the JR POP is really a durable piece which is perfect for kids to use since they tend to be a bit rougher than necessary. With that, we tried submerging the speaker in water and just as the company claimed, it is a fully waterproof device and it still worked perfectly despite us submerging this for a couple of minutes.

When it comes to the buttons, they’re really easy to press and are made specifically for children who have smaller fingers than us adults.

We tried letting kids use the JBL JR POP and even its fabric strap is durable since they tried hanging this on various objects and the speakers nor the strap acquired any damage. We really think it’s an excellent design for young ones since it’s perfectly shaped for easy handling and it has a brilliant color. The lights are an additional bonus that enhance the speaker’s appearance, and it’s another thing we really appreciate.

We think that the JBL JR POP is perfect for parties, picnics, birthdays, and more. Its audio quality, appearance, durability, as well as the features that come with it is all great. Surprisingly, it performs very well which isn’t common for devices designed for kids.


What makes the JBL JR POP absolutely child-friendly is that it’s IPX7 rated waterproof. The light show is a great bonus to the device since it adds to the fun of listening. Since it’s designed for kids, we were really surprised with the volume levels that it was capable of reaching. Since volume is usually limited in your audio source or device, the JBL JR POP can play these at a higher volume.

If you’re a fan of JBL’s previous portable speaker models such as the Clip 3 and Go 2, the JR Pop is another great option that comes at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a good present for children, the JBL JR POP is an excellent gift for them.

The JBL JR POP is really designed for kids so you can ensure it durability and long life span. Aside from that, its audio output is great as well.

Where to Buy

You can pickup the JBL JR POP for only $49 AUD. For more information head on over to the official product page.