JBL Free X Review


The JBL Free X truly wireless headphones provide you with the real JBL signature sounds that comes in an intelligent and intuitive package. The JBL Free X is a great in-ear wireless device so it’s completely free from any wires that would often get tangled when in use; plus, it’s also easy to use and is flexible for music, calls, and perfect for an active lifestyle.

You’ll get to enjoy 24 hours of continuous playback: with 4 hours of non-stop listening plus 20 more hours of backup from the included smart charging case. There is the presence of the Comfort Stay Secure Fit ergonomics that include 3 ear-tips plus 2 gel sleeves with different sizes, providing you with a tailor fit device for every day and active use.

The company also claims that this device is IPX5 certified, so you’ll have a worry-free splashproof earpiece that you can fully enjoy. Its design will allow you to keep the music playing no matter what: whether through rain or shine, you can listen to your favorite tunes with the Free X from JBL.

But are these earpieces really as good as what JBL claims it to be? Does it perform well and do these produce outstanding audio that you’ll fully enjoy? If this device has piqued your interest, then we’ve got you covered, because today, we’ll be talking about the Free X, its features, specifications, performance, and if it’s something that’s really worth investing in.

JBL Free X Review – What’s in the Box?

These smart wireless earphones come in a clean-looking box which has a convenient hang tab right at the top. The front of the package displays an image of the Free X while the company’s name is written on the upper left portion of the package which is really easy to see.

Below this, you will find the name of the model, as well as some information about the product written there. On the sides, you will see other images of the device, but in different angles to give you a better idea of how the wireless earplugs look. At the back, there are other details about the Free X such as a few of its features and the like.

Inside, you will find the JBL Free X wireless smart earphones. We got the white one and it really looks classy and clean which is something that we greatly prefer.

There are other items present which include the charging case, two sets of gel sleeves with two sizes (medium and large), three sets of silicone ear tips (small, medium, and large), one micro USB charging cable, a safety sheet, the quick start guide, the warranty, and a warning sheet.

The Product

JBL Free X Review

The JBL Free X earphones has a nice and distinct look which makes it a decent compact pair of earbuds that has a premium feel to it. It looks and feels great compared to other truly wireless earphones that we tried, which is a really good thing for starters.

The earbuds are narrower if you compare these to other models that are out in the market. The feel of these earbuds are durable and dense; plus, they’re also more conveniently sized than models like the Samsung Gear Icon X.

What’s good about these earphones is that the pair comes with a charging case that sports a see-through cover so you can easily note and determine the charging status of the device without having to open the case. This is a really nice and convenient touch that JBL added to their Free X smart true wireless earphones.

Easy Management and Control

These earphones have really simple controls with easy to press physical buttons for ease of use. The right earbuds’ button functions as the play, pause, and answer button; plus, it also triggers the voice assistance which triggers when you press the button two times.

For the left earbuds, it is a dedicated button specifically for changing tracks. When you press the button once, it will advance to the next track, while pressing it twice will rewind and shift back to the previous tune. This is an efficient control scheme and is also very easy to use; it also has decent feedback which makes it even better.

Though you should remember that the JBL Free Xsport does not sport a volume button, so if you need to lower or increase the volume, you’d need to use your smartphone to adjust this.

Breathable and Comfy

The JBL Free X is extremely breathable which makes them a great pair of smart earphones for working out. These barely cause any change in the temperature even after long hours of intense working out. This is all because of its design wherein the earbuds do not cover and fully conceal your ears.

Product Features

Completely Wireless

With the JBL Free X, you can experience wireless freedom whether you listen to music, or manage your calls. Since it has no wires, it is easier to use; this allows you to do both tasks while working out.

JBL’s Signature Sound

The JBL Free X lets you experience its immersive signature sound so you can have a more enjoyable audio experience.

Combined Playback for 24 hours

You can enjoy a whole day of wireless audio with the JBL Free X since its battery can last for 4 hours of continuous playback. From the charging case, it has additional 20 hours of backup power. In total, you can use the earphones for 24 hours.


The JBL Free X ear tips are made from silicon and makes use of the Bluetooth 4.2. For each ear, there’s a single driver present which is 5.6 millimeters in size with an impedance of 16 Ohms.

Its lithium ion polymer battery has a dynamic frequency response range of 10Hz to 22kHz, and it takes a total of 2 hours to fully charge from empty. When it comes to talk time, the device goes on for a total of 4 hours while play time is just the same.

Using the Product

Of course, we tried and tested the performance and qualities of the JBL Free X earphones, and we can start off by talking about the sound quality. The earphones are above-average pieces and when we tried them, these delivered deep, punchy, and powerful bass.

It’s treble was great too, and we were able to enjoy clear and warm mid-range as well. This makes the earphones really versatile and very suitable for various genres of music: from pop, to rock, classical and jazz, even audiobooks and podcasts are great with the Free X.

The bass of these smart true wireless earphones are outstanding and is a deep but also clear bass which is great. Also, the response throughout the entire range is virtually flat and well-balanced. So overall, its mid-range is adequately-balanced, producing a clear, warm, and enjoyable mix that you’ll surely enjoy, because honestly, we really did.

We loved the device’s treble range performance, and its response was even throughout the entire range. The headphones also have an excellent and consistent frequency response.

We were able to acquire consistent treble and bass delivery each time we used the device.

Its connection was excellent too. We were able to go as far as ten meters from the phone and were still able to maintain a solid and strong connection which we really think is great. And for its battery, we were using these buds for a couple of weeks, and we’d usually listen to music for a total of three hours each day.

All in all, we consider these smart and true wireless earphones an outstanding device, so we give it a thumbs up for performance.


The sound quality of the JBL Free X was beyond the company’s high standards. The best and most important thing about these earbuds is that everything was just right; there were no disproportionate emphasis such as excessively high frequencies. Because of that, we were able to enjoy both music and calls with these earphones.

It’s audio quality is above average for critical listening. Its bass is well-balanced while the bass and treble sound neutral. With that, the JBL Free X is able to cater to most music genres since everything is just right. The overall sound quality is great if you’re looking for simplicity and balance for your music.

We also appreciate how it’s made. It’s portable, lightweight, comfortable, and completely wireless; plus, it has a comfortable and stable fit in the ears which make it great for sports. It’s control scheme is also simple and easy to use. Another great thing about these earphones is that they come with additional rubber sleeves in different sizes so you can choose which one fits best in your ears.

If you’re looking for a great pair of wireless earphones that you can use while working out, the JBL Free X is the best device for you.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the JBL Free X wireless headphones for only $199 AUD. For more information head on over to the official product page.