Jabra Elite Active 65t Review


We’ve tried and tested a ton of earphones that are out in the market, so today, we are going to focus on the Elite Active 65T from Jabra. These were labeled as the best and true wireless earphones at the moment, and of course, we just had to see if these claims are true.

Jabra also states that the Elite Active 65T not only produces excellent sounds, but also offers solid battery life and excellent feature sets. Aside from this, the company also added a really nice sweat-proofing feature to allow outdoor enthusiasts and workout addicts to fully enjoy their activities without having to worry about ruining their Elite Active 65T.

With all the great features, Jabra seems to be outdoing the industry leaders such as Apple and their AirPods. But have they really?

Today, we’re going to see if the Elite Active 65T is better than the best fully wireless headphones out in the market, and if it performs just as perfectly as the company claims them to.

Jabra Elite Active 65t Review – What’s in the Box?

Just like what we’ve expected from Jabra, the packaging of the Elite Active 65T is clean and simple, yet very efficient. Its grey and yellow theme looks appealingly great and it’s somewhat eye-catching in its own way.

From the minute you unbox the device, you will get that sense of enjoyment and delight because you know that you’ve spent your money well. The first part of the box is all yellow, it features the name of the company right at the center and that’s about it. You’ll need to slide off this portion of the box to see the package itself.

Here, you will have a mostly grey container with hints of yellow for highlights. In front, you will find an image of the earphones while Jabra is written on the upper left corner of the box. Along the edges in a lengthwise manner, you will see the name of the device there which is the Elite Active 65T. Below the image, there are a few details about the device such as its main features.

Inside, you will find the earphones together with a carrying case that also works as a battery bank for the device. Also included in the package are three differently-sized ear tips that go along with your Elite Active 65T, as well as the micro USB cable for charging the case.

The Product

Jabra Elite Active 65t Review

The Jabra Elite Active 65T’s earbuds are sleek, small, and non-obtrusive. Compared to the AirPods from Apple which are really noticeable even at further distances due to its white stem protruding down the ear, the Elite Active 65T will be unnoticeable which is great. These sport circular buds with small arms and a slightly protruding tip that helps the device fit more snuggly and comfortably in your ears.

The Elite Active 65T looks really sleek and classy, while its left earbud sports notches indicating where you should press to repeat or skip your tracks. The buds of the earphones fit perfectly in the charging case to keep the device whenever you won’t use them. It also prevents you from losing or misplacing them.

This charging case is basically the same little box that came from the original device. It also comes with the micro USB charging port and LED charge indicator found at the bottom; plus, there’s also a flip top lid that revealed nicely molded cutouts for both charging and storing. This lid is sealed tight which is really good and secure.

The Elite Active 65T supports ambient noise reduction as well as wind noise protection, having the 4 mic’s system as well. Jabra included an accelerometer for tracking performance and fitness with the built-in motion sensor which is really useful.

For the size of its speaker, it measures 6.0 x 5.1 millimeters. It has a sensitivity of 103 dBSPL @ 1kHz / 1mW, impedance of 16 ohm ± 15% @ 1kHz, with a maximum input power of 8 mW. For the speaker frequency range, it reaches from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

When it comes to the microphone of the Elite Active 65T, Jabra used the 4 x MEMS type with a sensitivity of -38 dBV / Pa and bandwidth of 100 Hz – 8 kHz. Frequency ranges from 100 Hz  to 10 kHz.

Product Features

Power Up your Performance

With just a single charge, you can get up to 5 hours of solid battery life with the included pocket-sized charging case of the Elite Active 65T. With this feature, all your needs will be met once you wear these earphones until you take them off.

Simple and User-Friendly Voice Command

The Elite Active 65T from Jabra allows you to immediately link to Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. This will let you quickly gather all the data that you need, whether it’s finding the nearest events, setting up appointments, or having a couple of messages read to you. And with the presence of the Bluetooth 5.0, you can readily link the earphones to your smartphones with perfect convenience.

Built for Active Lifestyles

The Jabra Elite Active 65T has an IP56 rating, plus a 2-year warranty against dust and sweat. So wherever the day takes you and no matter what activity you engage in, nothing will get in the way of you enjoying your activities, calls, and music.

The Perfect Match to your Jabra Headphones

Personalize the way you use and enjoy the Elite Active 65T: you can select your voice assistant, modify the amount of nearby noise you want, customize music profiles, track your charge, and a lot more. The application is continuously evolving and developing to provide you with newer and better features to further improve your headphones and listening experience.

Proven Connectivity

With the 3rd Gen true wireless stability of Jabra, it helps decrease the music and call drop outs. You won’t have to deal with wires getting in the way, and you have no reason to not enjoy uninterrupted music and conversations.

Using the Product

The Jabra Elite Active 65T are completely wireless earphones which only means that you won’t have to deal with the bothersome wires to link segments that fit your ears. The device easily connects through Bluetooth which is really convenient.

We like how Jabra put emphasis on the frequency spectrum of the device. There’s enough detail to hear all sounds and instruments, everything sounded even, natural, and clear. Everything was crisp, clear, and the bass was just right without overpowering the other instruments.

We loved how the vocals sounded which gave us a rather addictive level of crisp and richness which was really good. Combine that with the excellent bass response, and you’re faced with a pair of nice-looking earphones that are great for music from any genre.

For Bluetooth connection, it was perfect. Since the Elite Active 65T offers us with Bluetooth 5.0. With this, we had faultless and notable performance from the device and we can say that it’s even better than aptX.

We were able to connect and pair them easily, so even while we were walking around, leaving our smartphone behind, we didn’t experience or even notice any issues and drops until we reached about 45 feet. All in all, the Elite Active 65T performed excellently, and we’re giving this two thumbs-up for it.


Each pair of wireless earbuds needs a matching software and for the Elite Active 65t, it is the Sound+ App which is available for both Android and iOS. It has a simple interface that is responsive and easy to use.

The software lets you control Focus and HearThrough modes, apply EQ, display the earphones’ battery life, as well as manage other multiple devices. Here, you can also find a digital copy of the user guide which you can access when needed.

In the Activity tab, a step counter is present and this works excellently for working out.

You can also set your earbuds to automatically pause when you pull any of your earbuds out of your ear and have it resume when you put the earbud back on. Aside from that, you can skip tracks by simply holding the volume up and down buttons on the left.

Wait for a beep before you let go of the button, then the track skips – volume up goes forward and volume down goes back. For hands-free use, you can choose from Siri and Alexa as your voice assistant.


The Jabra Elite Active 65T are earphones that are completely sweat-resistant and are truly wireless devices. These are made with comfort in mind, so you can use these earphones no matter how long you want.

They do not only look great, but they sound excellent too; plus, the Elite Active 65T performs reliably and are great for making calls. You get microphones on each earpiece which makes the device even better.

The earphones’ excellent sound quality and efficiency adds up to the already notable features of the device. And with its build, you can do anything you want without worrying about the device breaking due to sweat and the like.

Quality sounds, great build, and sweat-resistant, if you’re someone searching for wireless Bluetooth earphones that work great, then we highly suggest the Elite Active 65T from Jabra for you.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Jabra Elite Active 65t for around $329 AUD from over at the official product page.