Intel Announce New 8th Gen Processors

Intel have introduced new 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors, the Intel® Core™ processor family and Intel® Xeon® E-2100M processors designed for mobile workstations. Engineered to help make digital transformation real, organizations of all sizes can upgrade their fleets with these latest processors to optimize productivity with Windows* 10 and help protect company assets, while also managing costs. There are now more than 100 new 8th Gen Intel Core processor-based business PC designs built on the Intel vPro platform that deliver sleek devices workers want and the control IT teams need.

With new 8th Gen Intel Core and Intel Xeon E-2100M processors built on the Intel vPro platform, businesses can:

Empower the modern workforce: In the age of data-driven productivity, rising analytics workloads demand more horsepower. By bringing a new quad-core configuration to mainstream mobile PCs, as well as six cores to premium mobile and desktop designs, IT pros that upgrade to the latest Intel vPro platform-based PCs can deliver top performance through a range of devices for all types of work.

  • Finance and marketing teams can analyze and visualize data up to 40 percent faster1 on new 8th Gen Intel Core vPro processor-based laptops using tools like Microsoft* Power BI for speed to insight. And on the other side of these dashboards, data scientists can find patterns in data up to 2.1 times faster2 to shape the future of machine learning.
  • With the addition of Intel® Optane™ memory, power users can gain up to 78 percent better overall system performance3 with new 8th Gen Intel Core i5+ vPro platform-based desktops. As a smart system accelerator, Intel Optane memory also delivers up to 2.27 times faster responsiveness4 and maximizes productivity by adapting to workstyles.
  • Advanced professionals can count on the reliability of new mobile workstations powered by new Intel Xeon E-2100M processors, which deliver up to 20 percent faster modeling and interactive 3D applications.5 This new level of performance empowers fields such as financial services, life sciences and engineering to work with the latest and most complex applications.

Intel Authenticate, a multifactor authentication solution that verifies identities in hardware for added protection below the software layer, now includes support for facial recognition with Windows 10. This enables an intuitive user experience across leading business devices from Dell*, HP*, Lenovo* and more, while also supporting specific IT policies and management consoles.Protect data proactively: Stolen, default and misused credentials at the endpoint continue to be the leading cause of data breaches.6 The Intel vPro platform is architected to provide advanced security, which now includes improvements to the Intel® Authenticate solution and a new hardware enhancement called Intel® Runtime BIOS Resilience.

  • Right out of the box, new Intel vPro platform-based PCs from Lenovo and HP will begin to take advantage of Intel Runtime BIOS Resilience – a hardware enhancement that minimizes the risks of malicious code injection. As part of Intel’s commitment to continually advance cybersecurity, this new firmware feature locks BIOS when software is running to help prevent planted malware from gaining traction.

Mitigate risks and costs: As computing extends to digital signage, vending machines and hospital rooms, there are more devices to manage and the Intel vPro platform provides one consistent way for IT to stay in control. In addition to how Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) reduces on-site support and the Intel® Stable Image Platform Program mitigates maintenance during transitions, Intel is also introducing new component-level traceability through the Intel® Transparent Supply Chain, as well as streamlined tools for taking full advantage of Intel AMT.

  • Dell and Intel recently unveiled new functionality for the Dell Client Command Suite. This deployment and provisioning toolkit will help IT activate Intel AMT in under 30 minutes for managing endpoints remotely and out-of-band. A well-managed fleet is more secure and this equips IT teams with the flexibility they need to be successful.
  • Counterfeit and gray market parts are also an increasing issue in the cybersecurity landscape, especially for government organizations. Select new business PCs from Lenovo are the first to leverage the Intel® Transparent Supply Chain – a sophisticated service Intel has extended from servers into clients. The program gives IT pros peace of mind by enabling traceability and allowing them to validate the authenticity of their PC purchases.

Staying on the latest PCs is how modern organizations can optimize Windows 10 and prepare for heightened cybersecurity standards such as GDPR. It is top performance and premium business solutions from the Intel vPro platform that IT teams need to prioritize as they aim to turn all of their endpoints into more strategic assets. Thin and light notebooks and 2 in 1s powered by new 8th Gen Intel Core vPro processors are available now, followed by premium mobile and desktops powered by 8th Gen Intel Core and mobile workstations powered by Intel Xeon processors with vPro technology coming later in the first half of this year.