With together driving laws coming into place around the world regarding the use of mobile phones in vehicles it is important that you have a suitable place to keep your phone hands free in your car, or risk hefty fines that can cost more than you phone itself.

The problem with a lot of phone holders available currently is that they don’t attach to your car in very convenient manner. They either attach to your windshield which can obstruct your view and increase the ricks of driving or they attach to your air-conditioning vents which have a tendency to move while driving and also restricting that cool air from filling your car during summer.

The Humixx Car Phone Holder solves these issues by providing you with a non-intrusive way of mounting your phone, keeping your view clear whilst driving whilst also remaining rock solid and keeping your phone at the exact angle that you set up. Supporting all popular models of smart phone including iPhone X/Xs and Galaxy S9/S8/S7, this car holder will support you with your current phone and future phone upgrades.

Thanks to the included 3M Glue the 360 degree adjustable magnetic arm, the Humixx Car Holder is a piece of cake to use and is easily one of the best mobile phone holders in the market today.

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Product Features:

  • Upgraded version of powerful 3M tape with adhesive. Longer adhesive duration; Extra support points, more protection, offers a tight, secure hold.
  • Four built-in ultra-strong high-quality magnets; increased magnetic area provides greater suction force,supports devices weighing up to 6.6 lbs / 3 kg.
  • Stick perfectly to the dashboard ; does not block line of sight; universal model for mainstream car model center console; 360° rotation ball and 180 degree adjustable connecting rod; a variety of angles to choose from; simple and convenient.
  • Widely compatible with mobile phones of various sizes; it can be used safely with mobile phone case (it is recommended to attach the paster to the back of case; if you stick it on the back of your phone , the thickness of case is recommended to be less than 3mm)
  • After-sales & 100% Satisfaction: We are committed to giving a complete refund within 30 days of purchase, and a free 180 day replacement, for any faulty items; we also provide 24 hours x 7 days immediate customer service.
  • humixx-car2 Humix Car Phone Holder - Holds Fast and Strong humixx-car3 Humix Car Phone Holder - Holds Fast and Strong humixx-car4 Humix Car Phone Holder - Holds Fast and Strong

You can get yourself the Humixx Car Holder for 12.99pounds/16USD from over at their Amazon store.

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