How Will Google Stadia Work With Online Interactive Games?

Google has confirmed a list of games to be released once its Stadia gaming platform is out later in November.  Like all things new, there are more questions to be asked than answers provided. Will Stadia support interactive casino games? What will it cost? We’ve got answers to these questions and more below.

Free Full HD Streaming

Google’s Stadia will initially be provided on a subscription basis only. You can preorder now at $9.99 per month for a plan that offers 4K streaming. Google also offers a Founder’s Edition plan that includes a stylish controller and three months of premium gaming. Additionally, you also receive a three-month Pro plan for your friend and the chance to create a Stadia username before all the best names are picked.

Next year, Google will then unveil its free model that will limit gamers to 1080p, 60fps streaming. Free-mode players will also be required for games at their regular prices. If you’re a casino player, Google Stadia free makes more sense.

The Pro subscription certainly offers excellent perks. Streaming video games in up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second on any device is game-changing. But unless you fancy VR casino games or 3D games, Google free plan will be the ideal package for casino players. 

You will be able to stream high-quality roulette games and enjoy live casino games in full HD resolution anyway. Only if you decide to play games that demand more computing power could you consider upgrading to the paid plan.

Immersive VR Gaming 

Google Stadia’s biggest benefit is its ability to immerse you into any type of game with whichever device available. It will take some time before support for all games is available. But by June next year, you’ll be able to play any interactive game you’ve ever wanted without worrying that your PC can’t handle the requirements.

The cloud-based gaming platform will be one click away from your Chrome browser. And while fast, low latency Internet connections will be required to enjoy online gaming efficiently, you don’t have to go for the most expensive plan.

Google Stadia’s Internet speed requirements will be:

  • 10Mbps for 710p, 60 frames per second stereo sound quality
  • 20Mbps for 1080p, 60 frames per second sound quality
  • 35 Mbps for 4K streaming, 60 frames per second sound quality

VR casino players could access live gaming with any of the video quality formats but 4k gaming provides the most in-depth experience. In the future, Google Stadia will also support 8K gaming

Share Special Gaming Moments on YouTube

Google Stadia will be seamlessly linked to YouTube. You’ll be able to capture any special moments you have while gaming and share them on YouTube. What’s more, streamers will now be able to welcome fans into their gaming actions.

In a single click called Crowd Play, you could invite your fans to start playing the game on Stadia. Google Assistant will also be available with Google’s new controllers. And you could use it to find tutorials or special features on the gaming platform. 

To Conclude

Google Stadia promises elegant online gaming without the need for expensive gaming equipment. A list of confirmed games to be availed on the platform later in November is out. And while none of the games is an interactive casino game, you can be sure Stadia will impact the gaming community in special ways.