How Has Bingo Tech Evolved?

For many years now bingo has been keeping people entertained. With so many changes in the gaming industry it’s no wonder game developers have decided to make some changes to bingo as well. One of the major changes that they made was moving bingo from halls to the net. At first, to play bingo online you had to download specific software which took ages to download, but thanks to flash technology the game was made available instantly to many people on an international level. Java and Flash platforms even made it possible for bingo to be played on mobile devices.

Numerous programmers and marketers have been busily working to create new variants of bingo games and the evidence is the existence of a plethora of online bingo platforms. It’s good to have plenty of choices, but most people want to play on the bingo sites with the most or the best bonuses and rewards. That’s why many websites, like for example, rank bingo websites according to their features, weekly bonuses and special promotions. 

Thanks to online bingo websites you can now enjoy a game of bingo from the comfort of your home. However, bingo is a social game and it’s more fun to play with your friends. The best thing about it is that you can play with friends and family all over the world at any given time. If you don’t want to spend any money you can find websites that have free bingo games and have fun without spending a dime. 

The implementation of electronic cards helped bingo players immensely because the cards were able to keep track of all the numbers that were called and it helped include different types of players such as visually impaired and disabled bingo enthusiasts. Bingo has always been fond of new technologies and has accepted them easily. Some bingo operators have added webcams to online bingo and were praised for their innovation.

Since regular bingo halls offered only some versions of bingo, online platforms took it up a notch by creating various versions of the game. For example, bingo sites offer 75, 80 and 50 ball games as well as 30 ball speed games. Some bingo platforms offer their own unique versions of bingo and even incorporate other games like slots or classic casino games such as poker, blackjack or roulette. 

The marketing aspect of bingo has changed as well. You can now see more of bingo on social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. Although these social media giants didn’t want to accept online gaming advertisements their approach to the matter has changed recently. Facebook has around 800 million (if not more) active users it has been exploring the opportunity of money gaming. Zynga, the game developer most famous for Zynga Poker, launched a new bingo game, according to, on Facebook that gained popularity quickly by amassing over a million regular players. 

Facebook is looking towards Europe and the UK since those are places where online gaming is already well established. Marketers can use technologies to get new players via Facebook. A huge uprising in social media gaming is expected in the future according to gaming experts. Who knows what next technological trend can be expected in online bingo platforms? Besides online bingo sessions maybe bingo games might be played on smart watches or VR might find a way to be used in online bingo games. Since streaming is becoming more popular with the gaming industry and maybe online bingo websites will have a live version like their online casino platform counterparts that have dealers you can interact with.