Android TV boxes with added extra features are amazing. This is why today we’re going to review the HiMedia A5. This TV box does not have as many features as the HiMedia Q10 Pro however, it has enough to keep you entertained and still provides excellent video playback. It offers support for Ultra High-Definition 4k as well. The HiMedia A5 boasts an even more powerful processor and also highly improved specs to bring you the best video experience.

HiMedia A5 Review – What’s in the Box?

The front of the box presents itself in a blue and white color theme. It showcases the HiMedia A5 box in the front as well as some of its features like 4k video, HDMI and Bluetooth. You can also see at the top that it’s an Octa Core Android TV Box.

Himedia-A5-Photos-01 HiMedia A5 Review

The sides of the box show more of its features like its 64bit CPU, 2 gigs of ram and Android 6.0 marshmallow operating system as well as the company’s name, HiMedia.

Himedia-A5-Photos-03 HiMedia A5 Review

Himedia-A5-Photos-02 HiMedia A5 Review

At the bottom is its serial number and HiMedia’s information.

So what’s inside? Let’s take a look.

HiMedia A5 TV Box

When you lift up the box, you’ll first see is the actual HiMedia A5 which is covered in a thin layer of foamy plastic. We’ll cover the box more in-depth later but I’d like to put emphasis for now on its aluminum build which is a nice touch by HiMedia. The top, bottom and sides of the HiMedia A5 is covered in black aluminum and it has a sleek silver and shiny aluminum bezel on the side that makes it look classy. The TV box definitely has a high quality design.

HDMI cable

Next up is the HDMI cable that comes with HiMedia’s branding. It’s nice of them to also add a cover to the jacks because some of us like me have a few unused HDMI cables lying around and I’d prefer to use the old ones than these new ones.

Power adapter

The power adapter is covered in plastic which like many TV boxes is also 5 volts.

Remote control

The remote control is covered in plastic. It has all the basic features and controls that an android TV would have. It also has a 3D button which is pretty cool and would most likely be a widely used feature in the future. The remote control uses AAA batteries but it doesn’t include it when you buy the HiMedia A5 Android TV.

Quick Start Guide

And lastly, we have the quick start guide that comes with every product.

The Product

The HiMedia A5 – Another Quality Product from HiMedia

HiMedia A5 TV Box is of quality design. As I’ve said before the case is covered in black aluminum which has a nice silver shiny bezel on the sides. It also has a matte finish that prevents fingerprints to stay on the TV box.

Himedia-A5-Photos-09 HiMedia A5 Review

The Ins and Outs of it

The front doesn’t have much going on but just has an IR receiver. Meanwhile at sides we have two USB ports and another one on the other side. There’s also an SD card slot beside one of the USB ports.

Himedia-A5-Photos-05 HiMedia A5 Review

At the back we have an external wifi antenna which is pretty obvious. We also have a composite video output which is pretty interesting because you don’t see these anymore, especially with TV boxes. Most devices now use HDMI but it’s nice to have this addition for those who still would want to connect their old devices to the HiMedia A5. We also have an HDMI out which is pretty standard. And towards the end we have an Ethernet and a DC In for the power.

Himedia-A5-Photos-06 HiMedia A5 Review

Himedia-A5-Photos-08 HiMedia A5 Review

Himedia-A5-Photos-07 HiMedia A5 Review

The HiMedia A5 Remote Control

The remote is pretty standard. You won’t hear clicks when you press the buttons and all key functions can be used. There’s even a mouse mode. You can also assign any application on the buttons 1 through 9.

Himedia-A5-Photos-04 HiMedia A5 Review



  • CPU: Amlogic S912 Octa Core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 CPU
  • OS: Android 6.0 OS with 1080P UI
  • RAM: 2GB
  • ROM: 16GB
  • GPU: ARM Mali-T820MP3 GPU Up to 750MHz, Support OpenGL ES 1.1/2.03.1, DirectX 11 FL9_3, OpenCL 1.1/1.2 Full Profile and RenderScript


  • Wired LAN: 1000M Ethernet
  • WiFi: Built-in 802.11AC 4/5.8G
  • Bluetooth 4.0


  • Video Decoding: AVE-10 Support H.264/VP9-10/WMV/VC-1 /MPEG4/MPEG2/MPEG1/AVS+
  • Processing: Video Post-processing Engine Support HDR10 and HLG HDR Processing
  • HDMI: Output up to [email protected]
  • Decoding: H.265/HEVC [email protected]
  • 3D BD-ISO


  • USB: USB2.0 Host x2
  • AV Output: Composite
  • HDMI
  • L/R Stereo
  • TF Slot

Other Features

  • Remote Control: Remote with mouse function for use by all Android apps
  • Update: Support firmware local update and OTA online update
  • Mouse/ Keyboard: Support mouse and keyboard via USB;Support 2.4GHz wireless mouse and keyboard via 2.4GHz USB dongle
  • OSD languages: Chinese/English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/ etc multilateral languages
  • Network Function: KODI, Google Play Store, Youtube, Skype, Twitter

Using It

Initial Setup, Dashboard and Using it

To set up the HiMedia A5 is pretty easy. Just connect it to your TV and also plug it in. Switch the right source using your TV and voila, you’re now ready to enjoy this wonderful box.

The UI is pretty straightforward and looks like Windows 8. Just click on the icons and you’re ready to start using that app. You can also add more icons of your choosing via the “+” icon. This lets you add more shortcuts to your favorite apps. I love this feature. Not a lot of TV boxes have this feature where you can customize and add your own icons.

himedia-a5-home HiMedia A5 Review

himedia-a5-apps HiMedia A5 Review

The TV box doesn’t have a standby mode which is disappointing since a lot of devices nowadays have it. That means you have to wait for the HiMedia A5 to boot every time. It takes about half a minute to cold boot using a wireless keyboard and a mouse connected. You can also leave it powered on if you know you’ll use it again soon since it doesn’t really use much power.

HiMedia A5 OTA Updates

The HiMedia A5 supports OTA updates which is great. In order to update Android boxes you generally need to load the latest firmware on an SD card or USB and then manually flash the latest update. The issue with this is that its time consuming and there is always a chance you can brick the device.

With OTA updates you can simply click the check for updates button and if there is an update simply hit the download and install button and the HiMedia A5 will take care of the rest.

Media Playback

For media play back I used Kodi which is what I use for all of my media playback on my different media players. Kodi is available on the Google Play store for free.

Launching the Kodi app was trouble free and I did not notice any issues such as lag or stuttering. Navigating around the Kodi app was a smooth experience and media playback was great.

The HiMedia A5 scored an Antutu Video score of 860.

himedia-a5-antutu-video HiMedia A5 Review

Running the Geekbench3 benchmarking app the HiMedia A5 achieved a Single-Core score of 505 and a Multi-Core score of 2,488.

himedia-a5-geekbench HiMedia A5 Review

Finally the A5 scored 41,124 in the Antutu Benchmark test.

himedia-a5-antutu HiMedia A5 Review

Network Performance

The HiMedia A5 is connected to my home network via an Ethernet cable and my internet connection is running on 100mb Fibre. Network performance on the A5 provided stable speeds both up and down which will allowed me to enjoy buffer free streaming. I received stable speeds for download of 87.32 Mbps and upload of 4.59 Mbps.


The HiMedia A5 is definitely a superb TV box. The build quality is top of the line thanks to its aluminum casing. And he TV box does very well with 4k videos.

It doesn’t have the most features but it has the essentials plus a bit more to keep the user entertained with support from videos, apps, video games and many more.

It was able to play avi, mov, mp4 and mkv files with no complications or even a loss in picture or sound quality.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing the HiMedia A5 for just $118.00USD you can do so over Geekbuying.

HiMedia A5 Review
It brings in the essentials in a sleek and simple design. Highly recommended.
3.9Overall Score

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