Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG Review


Fractal Design is one of the most established brands with a reputation for feature-rich and top-notch chassis that are really easy on the budget. Just like the Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG, it comes with a tempered glass panel and we got ourselves the gunmetal color which looks really great and perfectly aesthetic.

This is the company’s latest Define R6 mid tower ATX case which we’ll be reviewing for you to give you an idea of how it works, its features, and if it’s something worth considering.

Fractal Design’s flagship chassis opens up a brand new design and style era for the FS. It’s really a very enticing and attractive chassis that displays excellent aluminum elements, power supply compartment for keeping your PSU, tempered glass, hidden SSD and drive cages, and it also lets you mount even the most extravagant 520-millimeter liquid cooling solutions around.

The Define R6 USB-C TG does all of that while providing excellent airflow as it simultaneously keeps the noise down.

Here, you can see that the company is back with a lot of cooling options; plus, they added a really cool and classy-looking design, aesthetics, and a really adequate size that’s enough to house most motherboards that are out today.

The chassis is designed with liquid cooling and airflow in mind to adequately serve even the most performance-oriented PC’s around. You’ll surely get all excited about its style, storage, the USB 3.0 options, as well as the built-in fan hub.

Before we get deeper into the Define R6 USB-C TG, let’s go ahead and first check out what’s inside the box.

Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG Review- What’s in the Box?

When we received our Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG, it literally came in this huge, simple, cardboard package that looks quite like a home appliance if you’re someone who has no idea about these products.

Back to the box, the front displays an illustration of the Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG while the company’s name can be seen on the upper left corner of the box. The model’s name is on the upper right while below the illustration, you will see “tempered glass edition” written there.

The company also included their official website just in case you’d need to check out some details and information there. One the sides and the back of the package, there are various details about the device that you can quickly go through before unboxing.

Inside, you will find the Define R6 USB-C TG itself, together with the user manual and accessory box that includes all the necessary items and accessories for installation.

The Product

Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG Review

Out of the box, the Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG is a really impressive and stunning chassis. And because of its design, it would be difficult to get your eyes off it. It’s obvious that it continues to retain a lot of its great aesthetics which we already loved on the earlier Define chassis.

But the thing is, having a considerable side panel made of tempered glass goes a really long way; and with that, gives the Define R6 a really slick, quality and high-end look. But what’s really clever about its design is that it does not sport any thumbscrews on its side panel for the present glass.

It makes use of a push peg mounting system, with just two screws located at the rear to secure and fix it in place. This gives it a cleaner and more appealing exterior compared to other similar products that are available today.

For its Moduvent top panel style, Fractal Design made sure to make it look super slick and classy. By default, the Define R6 USB-C TG is a sealed and fully soundproof panel; however, you’ll be able to completely open this and leave the mesh ventilation portion in place to have extra airflow for the unit.

Of course, you’ll still need to remove its cover if you plan to mount radiators at the top. But really, the choice is all yours and it depends on your preferences.

If you just look at the front panel, it would be a bit tricky to distinguish the Define R6 USB-C TG from its predecessors. This is because it still sports the trademark solid and sturdy front-door panel which is made using a nice aluminum finish.

The 5.2-in drive support has been dropped to a single bay; however, it is available if you ever need this for a fan controller or optical drive. Though what’s great about the Define R6 USB-C TG is that it also has the new PWM fan hub included.

The most visible changes to the style of the Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG is its side panel tempered glass. This actually makes a lot of sense since it has been the biggest and most popular industry trend since the past couple of years.

Fractal Design functions a bit differently compared to other brands elsewhere, yet they made this chassis with a pop-in style that makes screws an optional element. The cases under the Define series were already really clean, classy, and simple when it comes to its exterior, and the implementation of the side panel made of glass perfectly fits this aesthetic.

Behind the adequately insulated door panel, you will find a pair of 140-millimeter intake fans that have a removable filter there. It also features a single 5.25-inch drive bay which is definitely great too. The top I / O provides you with the basics: a 3.5-millimeter audio, 2 pairs of 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports, plus the power / reset buttons.

Along the back, you will see a number of other differences the Define R6 USB-C TG has compared to the Define R5. This current chassis comes with a pair of upright PCI-e slots for substitute GPU mounting. You’ll also find a button on the upper left portion which functions as the release for the latest 3rd Gen “Modu-Vent” upper vent panel.

The panel lifts up then out with ease; plus, it can also be altered from a solid to an open panel with a max filter.

When it comes to the bottom part of the case, it continues to offer a full filter, and the case is fixed on a total of 4 rubber-tipped feet. For its looks, it’s really quite nice with the tempered glass combined with the gunmetal color that we chose.

Plus, the HDD and PSU compartments make it even better. With its glass side panel, you’ll get to check on your hardware while not really having to bother with any of the plastic see-through window.


Let’s talk about its interior. With its side panel dislodged, you’ll finally get to take a look at this really clean and neat looking interior of the chassis. It makes use of a dividing wall right on the front to help conceal the front ventilation, cooling, and storage mounts.

This will provide you with a nicer and cleaner overall finish. It’s really nice since it also comes with a removable panel, so if you choose to open the chassis, you can certainly do this as well.

Further improving the clean finish is the Define R6’s integrated PSU shroud; and not only that, it also comes with a lot of ventilation to ensure proper cooling for the system despite being a tightly-sealed chassis.

All cables will be hidden so you can expect a really neat and organized look which is something that we really want when it comes to building our rig. Plus, it also comes with a big routing grommet located at the back of the chassis that’s for your motherboard’s cables as well.

There’s an extra fan included and it makes for a perfect addition to the Define R6 USB-C TG since its black finish adds more visual appeal to the product. There’s a lot of room behind the wall, with drive mounts made of metal that you can easily remove whenever you’ll need additional space.

At the back, you’ll notice that the rear section of the Define R6 USB-C TG is probably the cleanest we’ve seen since its drive mounts fit from a single side to avoid compromising the front-cooling support. It also allows full-height radiators no matter the number of hard drives you have installed.

When it comes to the cooling for cable routing, it’s just as tidy and neat; this is all thanks to the fan’s hub. By utilizing this, you’ll have lesser cables running towards the motherboard, thus, keeping everything neat, clean, and organized which leaves your system looking cool.

If you’re planning to mount additional 2.5-inch drives, you’ll get to benefit from the stealth mounts that are available. We really liked that these are very nicely designed, even if you won’t really get to see them once you set the panel back in its place.

Product Features

New and Improved Design

The Define R6’s innovative design is the company’s latest and largest step in the renowned Define Series. It features scratch-resistant tempered glass and a bolt-free mounting system for you to enjoy a flawless view and total ease of access. There are also optional thumbscrews included for additional security when you transport the chassis. Aside from those, the Define R6 comes with dampened steel panels that encase a completely redesigned interior.

Added Storage

The interior of the Define R6 comes with additional storage capability, nine fan mounts, 420-millimeter radiator support, and a PWM fan hub. This makes the case the best choice for building your ideal water loop.

Moduvent Technology

The enhanced third-generation Moduvent Technology allows easy alteration from metal-clad sound dampened top panel to filtered multi-fan ventilation with high airflow. The new Define R6 improved its timeless elegant form and silent modular operation with these new features to meet the needs and requisites of the most demanding hardware enthusiasts.

Modular Storage Plate

The Modular Storage Plates allows you to simply convert between Open Layout or Standard Layout. Open Layout is for extreme water cooling support and clear airflow paths, while the Standard Layout is for maximizing storage capacity.


The Define R6 USB-C TG has a total of 6 universal drive brackets, 2 dedicated 2.5-inch drive brackets, and a removable dedicated 5.25-inch drive bracket. There are 7 + 2 vertical expansion slots and is compatible with ATX, ITX, mATX, and BATX (of up to 285 millimeters wide) motherboards; also, it makes use of the ATX power supply type.

Front ports that are available for the Define R6 USB-C TG include the audio I / O, 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, and a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C. For the mounts, there are a total of 9 fan mounts; it makes use of a 3 x 120 millimeter or 2 x 140 millimeter front fan while the rear is 1 x 120 / 140 millimeters. For the bottom fan, it is  2 x 120 / 140 millimeters.

The bottom fan and PSU have dust filters while its front radiator is 120 / 240 / 360 millimeters. The standard layout of the top fan is 3 x 120 or 2 x 140, and its open layout is 3 x 120 / 140 millimeters. The top radiator’s standard layout is 120 / 240 / 140 / 360 millimeters and its open layout is 120 / 240 / 360 millimeters. For its rear, it is a 120 millimeter radiator while the bottom radiator is 120 / 240 millimeters.

The maximum PSU length is 300 millimeters while the GPU’s maximum length is at 440 millimeters with the mounted front fan. For the standard layout, its total width for graphics cards that are longer than 300 millimeters is 155 millimeters with the power connectors. Maximum height of the CPU cooler is 185 millimeters while its cable routing space is 185 millimeters. Cable routing space is 23 millimeters while captive thumbscrews are the SSD and HDD brackets.

For the Define R6 USB-C TG’s dimensions, it is 543 x 233 x 465 millimeters (L x W x H). Without the feet, the Define R6’s dimensions are 535 x 233 x 448 millimeters. Its’ total weight is 12.4 kilograms.

Using the Product

We had to see if the Define R6 USB-C TG’s performance and installation process would be great, so you can easily figure out if this is something you’d want for building your rig. Let’s start off with its installation.

When it comes to the installation process of the Define R6, we can say that it’s really easy and straightforward. And for the most part, it was really easy to work with which is really great. It doesn’t matter if you choose to install this first since it will work and function adequately in the end.

Establishing an excellent cable job was also very quick on the Define R6 USB-C TG. These are all properly positioned for routing cables, whether they’re from your hard drive or power supply, also, it sports the right rubber grommets for the vibration and looks dampening. These rubber grommets are clipped and fixed in place to keep them secure at all times.

One of the great things about the chassis is its outstanding air intake mixed with extremely low noise levels. The fans function smoothly without noise, and you have to trust us when it comes to this, since we’re quite picky when it comes to PCs and parts making noise.

So overall, the noise is low and we really liked that about the Define R6 USB-C TG. The chassis also has really great temperature, so we can say that Fractal Design really did a good job with their Define R6 USB-C TG, making a winner that’s one of the best ATX cases available in the market right now.

We’re giving it two thumbs up and we highly recommend this chassis if you’re planning to build your own rig.


Most chassis brands today are jumping into the RGB and tempered glass for aesthetics, which has been the trend since 2017. This is the main difference of Fractal Design; the company did not follow the trend since you can use RGB components and add LED strips if you want these designs for your build. We think that it’s refreshing to see the Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG with its basic yet elegant design.

What we really like with this chassis is that two SSDs can be hidden at the back side tray of the motherboard, but they can also be mounted in front at the PSU cover depending on your preference.

All in all, the Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG is a feature-packed chassis with an attractive and stylish design. It can house huge graphics cards, power supplies, as well as a lot of SSDs and HDDs. The cable routing is excellent and it also comes with sound dampening materials and a fan HUB which proves that the R6 is truly a high-quality product.

With all of these features, we think that this is a great choice of PC case for your build. If you’re looking for a stylish chassis that can store almost all types of components, we highly recommend the Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C TG for around $249 AUD from your local computer retailer. For more information head on over to the official product page.