Evil Controllers PS4 and Xbox One Controller Review


The Evil Controllers’ modified gamepads for Playstation 4 or Xbox One feature a cool addition of useful buttons right on its grips. Aside from this, the controllers also come with a lot of other options for customizations which makes it perfect for anyone and everyone who loves personalizing their gaming controllers.

With these controllers, there is really an outstanding world waiting for you and every other console gamer out there, who’s searching for more and better management over their gaming experience.

Evil Controllers is one company that produces controllers that are modded specifically for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. They provide everyone with a plethora of options that one can choose from. Just recently, we discovered the magic and efficiency of modded controllers. And by the addition of buttons or paddles at the back of these controllers, these sure have a huge impact on how all your games are played.

So today, we’re going to check out the Evil Controllers PS4 and XBox One controllers. We’re going to see if these perform well, if they are really useful and more effective for gaming, and if their performance is good enough to actually invest in these accessories.

First up, let’s check out what’s inside the box.

Evil Controllers PS4 and Xbox One Controller Review

Whats in the Boxes?

The Evil Controllers – PS4

This Evil Controller for the PS4 has the Sony Stock Blue faceplate that’s really nice and appealing to the eyes. Its buttons and the analog sticks are black which goes perfectly with the blue shade. When you flip the controller over, you’ll see that the body’s color is a nice clean white, specifically the Stock White backplate. You’ll also find the shift paddles present, which also sports a nice black color just like the rest of the buttons on the device.

The controller sports a tactile D-pad while its left and right thumbstick comes with a standard tension of 80 grams. The controller sports the Evil Sticks measuring 11 millimeters; these are actually really nice since the sticks help improve the accuracy of your gaming. Both the d-pads and buttons are stock versions.

Aside from giving you an edge, modded controllers just like this one creates a more comfortable and useful gaming experience that you’ll truly enjoy. Some MMO’s need their gamers to utilize a claw grip which will contort their hands to easily reach the buttons.

Having additional paddles lets you hotkey your preferred commands while simultaneously using the standard grip. You won’t have to stretch to run through the whole rotation which will improve your gameplay. Also, there are other benefits to this for 1st person shooters. Once the additional controls become second-nature, your gaming experience will sure have an exceptional impact especially when it comes to performance.


When it comes to the performance of the PS4 Evil Shift controller, the buttons can be easily remapped in just a snap; and with all the profiles that you can save to the device, you’ll get to have a variety of favored setups to easily switch from depending on what game you’re currently playing. The paddles found at the back of the Evil Shifts are adequately small; plus, they are positioned at the right area so you won’t accidentally press on these while gaming. We’re really happy since Evil Controllers didn’t sacrifice any of the comfort on the grip their controllers have. And even if we played for longer hours, we didn’t feel any pain or discomfort while executing controls.

Another cool thing about the design and build of the controller is that it is also made for competitive eSports, so it was able to handle all the presses and clicks that we executed during our gaming tests. The Evil Shift PS4 controller is also very light, which is quite surprising especially when you compare this to your standard DualShock4 controller which is, in our opinion, really good. Though it does have a different feel to it compared to your standard PS4 controller, but it still has a nice and quality feel to it, and it also provides that comfortable grip that we really have to stress on. All in all, it performed well and we give the Evil Shift PS4 controller from Evil Controllers a double thumbs-up.

The Evil Controllers – XBOX ONE

The custom controller builder of Evil provides different types of visual customizations. And since we’ve received ours, the chances of altering the colors of the button’s face has been included, as well as the ability to add customized texts to the device. You’ll  get to choose customized shells for the back, front, the side, plus, you  can also find various battery covers.

Its faceplate has a nice Soft Touch Purple shade while the grip options is the default white color. It comes with stock ABXY buttons, as well as stock D-pads. For its thumbstick tension, it provides a standard tension of 80 grams in total and its LED options are stock as well.

The final noticeable tweak in the visuals would be the ability to alter the light on the device to various colors that depends on your tastes. We opted to stick to the standard lighting while adding this Urban Winter shell. Thing is, the list of options are vast if you decide to go all out. Generally, this is a stock controller for the XBOX One and has been integrated with a ton of tweaks inside and out of the device.

Another good thing about the controller is that it comes with a standard 90-day warranty for every order. The warranty covers all the firmware updates, parts, and the labor.


This controller for the XBOX has very easy remapping functions compared to the other controllers that we’ve used. It’s as simple and easy as pressing on the back button, plus the paddle button that you wish to remap. The controller’s power light will flash which indicates that you need to choose a button you plan to map to that specific paddle. Once you press this, the power light will once again flash and that means you’re all set for gaming.

Features of the Evil Controllers PS4 and Xbox One Controller

Pro Gaming Features: SHIFT Paddles

The paddles of these controllers can perform any functions and its design is made to be used by all the four fingers at the same time. Its shift paddles are set beneath the controller where you can easily and naturally rest your hands while still keeping the comfort. This lessens the learning curve since you’ll be able to hold the device with ease while using all these buttons.

The revolutionary paddle system also lets you, no matter what your hand size is, use them with utmost comfort. And since these paddles are fixed right at the top of the activation buttons, it makes the paddles all the more responsive compared to the hinged designs of other controllers that are out in the market. Also, this only means that the lags you usually experience with other controllers won’t affect this Evil Shift PS4 and Xbox One controllers.

Additionally, you’ll get to remap these paddles to suit your preferences. You just need to hold the share button until the lights at the front starts flashing; once that happens, press the button you want to reassign then you’re done. Remember that the lights in front will flash twice to tell you that the reassignment was a success. Honestly, it’s a real piece of cake so you don’t need to have any technical skills or knowledge just to do this.

SHIFT Preference: Remapping Any Type of Input

You can remap any input using this controller to any Shift. It takes less than 3 seconds to remap without any tools required. What’s cool is that you can save up to a total of 15

custom layouts for your gaming.

Sensitive Buttons + All Mod Options

With the controller, you’ll be able to press inputs much faster than your usual buttons. The buttons usually travel about 0.3 millimeters before it initiates command.

When it comes to the All Mod option, it improves the software of your controller to mod gameplay. The featured mods include Adjustable Rapid Fire, Tactical Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Auto Aim, Fast Reload, Auto Run, Auto Scope, Fast Build, Auto Spot, Weapon Hotkeys, and a lot more. The controller is compatible with games like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, GTA, Battlefield, and more.

For its warranty, it comes with a standard 90-day warranty which covers all parts, firmware updates, and labor.

Mod Options

These controllers come with a variety of mod options and these include the following:

Auto Scope

Auto Scope can be used for Call of Duty – WWII, Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty4 – Mordern Warfare, Titanfall 2, and other games. Here, you can immediately steady and balance your aim when activating the Auto Scope mode. With this, you’ll be able to make confident shots and hit your targets with more efficiency and reliability.

Rapid Fire

With this Rapid Fire mod, you’ll be able to boost the rate of fire of weapons like pistols and semi-automatics. Conveniently unload your magazine faster than the enemy and start shooting for the win. Rapid Fire is compatible with APEX Legends, Black Ops 4, Battlefield V, Call of Duty, Star Wars – BATTLEFRONT II, and more.

Adjustable Rapid Fire

What’s really cool is that you also have the Adjustable Rapid Fire mod which creates a preferred and more adequate rate of fire for any kind of in-game weapon. Perfect for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Wildlands, Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare, and Fallout 4.

Auto Run

This can be used for APEX Legends, Star Wars – BATTLEFRONT II, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Wildlands. As for the Auto Run mod, running and gunning will be smooth and seamless, just like a cruise control while gaming. You’ll definitely enjoy this specific mod since it will make your gameplay easier and more fluid with this gaming improver. Not only will it make your gaming moments better, but it will also extend the life of your PS4 or XBOX One controllers’ thumbsticks which is great.

Tactical Rapid Fire

This time, it’s the Tactical Rapid Fire mod which will be a whole new level of added thrill when using semi-auto weapons. Enjoy shooting at the enemies and firing at the speed of your choose from both the XBOX One and PS4 controller triggers. Plus, utilize all the 20 custom profiles that are available to make your gaming experience more exciting. It’s compatible with Fallout 4, Tom Clancy’s Rainbowsix | Siege, Black Ops 4, Battlefield V.

Akimbo Rapid Fire

There’s also the Akimbo Rapid Fire which boosts the rate of firing on both triggers while simultaneously dual-wielding your main weapon for attacking. Best for Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 1, and more.

Drop Shot

APEX Legends, Call of Duty – WWII, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Wildlands are some games that the Drop Shot mod is compatible with. With Drop Shot, you can easily drop on enemy fire. Prevent your opponents from taking you out when you take advantage of environmental terrain.

Weapon Hotkey

Weapon Hotkey competitively enhances your gaming for Fortnite. Here, you can make two out of four paddles perform as hotkeys for choosing weapons 1 and 5. Simply press a designated hotkey paddle and the controller will always choose the best weapon for you. It works like a keyboard by providing additional button inputs.

Button Remapping

This is another mod used for Fortnite. Remapping lets you spontaneously reprogram the paddles to any button in real time. It’s easy to use and it also works for a wide variety of games.

Fast Build

This is one of the three mod features for Fortnite. When Fast Build is active, the controller’s paddles will create structures for you. This mod option automatically enters and exit build mode. Each of the paddles will be assigned to various structures and you can customize these on the go.

Tactical Rapid Fire

With Tactical Rapid Fire, you can make your gaming experience more thrilling with the semi-automatic weapons when out-shooting your opponents. Choose your preferred speed from the triggers of your PS4 and XBOX One controller to make use of twenty custom profiles. It’s compatible with Battlefield V, Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare, Playerunknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS, and more.

The Build


Grasping the Evil Shift controller from Evil Controller only gives an instant impression that there is something more than just its cool-looking exterior. Taking a look at the top portion already displays a ton of subtle adjustments that can make a whole lot of differences when milliseconds matter.

The company has been creating excellent modified devices for so many years, and when we’re speaking of competitive gaming, the difference between defeat and victory only matters in a split second. So with that, you can be sure that the Shift hits all the perfect controls and moves that will guarantee a higher chance of winning in any game.

Honestly, our Evil Controllers PS4 and XBOX ONE controllers are a true dream come true. Though we were quite hesitant about them at first since we didn’t want to accidentally click on unnecessary buttons while in the middle of a game, we were wrong because holding the controller was perfect and none of us ended up pressing randomly on buttons so it was all good.

Plus, there are a couple of us who aren’t really that coordinated, so we were quite worried about not becoming comfortable enough when it comes to using four additional fingers while gaming. But after the tests, we realized that not only did the reprogrammable paddles enhance our gaming performance, but playing games became easier and more comfortable which was great.

So all in all, the PS4 and XBOX One controllers from Evil Controllers are great, and we highly recommend these devices to you and every gamer out there.

Where to Buy

If you want to customize your own PS4 and XBOX controllers, you can do this at Evil Controllers’ official website.