EPSON EF-100B Projector Review


Today, portable projectors are fast becoming a trend. From BenQ’s GV-1, other brands started offering their own portable projectors for everyone to choose from. Today, let’s take a look at the offering from EPSON, which is their EF-100B projector.

When it comes to the technology of home entertainment projectors, the best innovation from recent years is the LED or laser light source. It’s what allows the new EF-100B home projector to work flexibly and efficiently. Technically, it is a long-lasting portable projector that comes with an integrated 20,000-hour laser light source. EPSON claims that it’ll last up to a total of 10 years, but can it?

If this product has piqued your interest when it comes to home projectors, then we’ll give you more information and details about the product. We’re going to learn more about it, its features, specifications, and if it performs just as efficiently as EPSON claims.

First, let’s look at what’s inside the box.

EPSON EF-100B Projector Review – What’s in the Box?

The EF-100B projector comes in a simple-looking yet highly durable white cardboard package that is sure to protect the product at all times. The front portion displays an image of the projector itself, the company’s name on the upper-left corner, while the unit’s name is on the upper-right. When flipping open the top part of the box, you will see another flap with a welcome note. It is before you can thoroughly view the device itself, which is underneath that second flap.

Inside the box, you will find the EF-100B projector set nicely and in place. You won’t have to worry about it acquiring damages while in transit because of how it’s packed securely. Aside from the projector, you will find a 1.8-millimeter power cable, remote control plus batteries, and a quick start guide for your reference.

The Product

EPSON EF-100B Projector Review

The EPSON EF-100B is today’s smallest 3-LCD laser projector, and parts of its claims are exciting and more intriguing than others. EPSON continues to be enthusiastic over the technology of 3-LCD projectors since the 1980s. So when it comes to this specific product, its laser is more vital. It is because the lens allows the integration of 2,000 lumen light outputs into a projector that is small enough to become a portable device. This feature enables the EF-100B to become one of the smallest yet brightest projectors that money can buy, thus, making it better for use compared to other single-chip models around.

The projector’s brightness is excellent, but its black levels need a little work, though tinkering with its settings helps make it better. It’s a projector designed with all the essentials and has a measurement of 210 x 277 x 88-millimeters (W x D x H). Plus, it is also quite hefty at 2.7 kilograms.

The lens of the E-100B is inside the projector’s body, so it doesn’t zoom in. Instead, it comes with a digital zoom that does all the work for focusing and such. You’ll also get both the horizontal and vertical keystone adjustments for straightening the image if the EPSON EF-100B needs an angled position.

Quite interestingly, the EPSON EF-100B is impressive and technically better in the day than at night, something that’s a bit unusual for a small projector such as this.

A lot of projectors utilize powerful incandescent lamps as a light source since these are carefully designed to create the proper color of light to achieve the best results. But since these are powerful, they’re also more fragile and often expire after a few thousand hours of use.

The EPSON EF-100B integrates a newer LED or laser technology, and it works a certain way for efficiency. Its powerful LED laser radiates a diminished wavelength of blue light that carefully strikes a select phosphor. It reacts by glowing with a bright white light, so technically, it’s a solid-state lamp that’s more robust.

You can utilize the EPSON EF-100B to display images in an upward position directly. However, you can also position it to its side so it displays portrait images instead of landscape ones.

Another reason why LED or laser lamps are great is that they’re longer-lived. With conventional lamps, they often have a lifetime rate of up to 4,000 hours on standard mode, and much longer in low-power mode. The lamp used for the EPSON EF-100B has a rate of up to 12,000 hours for normal mode, then up to 20,000 hours if you’re letting it run at 50% output. An additional advantage of these types of light is their fast on & fast off, allowing the product to switch on and off immediately.

With the EPSON EF-100B, it only takes five or six seconds for the device to get going, which is perfect.

At first glance, the EPSON EF-100B doesn’t have any inputs, yet a panel at the back is present, which you can also remove if you want. Behind it is enough space for the integrated speaker; plus, there’s also an HDMI socket, as well as a USB-A socket for giving power to accessories.

You will find a hole in the EPSON EF-100B’s side, which allows you to slip an HDMI cable in. This part was one of the things we liked about the EF-100B since it enables you to slip in a wireless streaming dongle inside the device. Also, it’s convenient to plug the projector in power, then utilize your Netflix, or any other mobile application for sending movies to it.

Product Features

Brighter and More Vivid 

White brightness alone cannot project true colors. However, a lot of 10-chip DLP technology manufacturers believe that making a projector’s white light brighter can improve image quality. With EPSON’s EF-100B projector, the combination of increased brightness and True Color creates realistic and vibrant images using 3LCD technology.

3-LCD Technology

Every projector from EPSON uses 3-LCD or 3-chip LCD technology to produce the best colors and details. This 3-chip architecture continuously dedicates one whole chip for each primary color, unlike single-chip projectors that sequentially delivers color. With the 3-LCD, you get full-time color, resulting in more vibrant and realistic images.

Brighter Colors by Up to Three Times

EPSON projectors utilize 3-LCD engines with no color wheel with a white segment. With that, the projectors do not force a tradeoff between white and color brightness. EPSON projectors feature up to three times brighter colors compared to their leading competitors with single-chip DLP projectors. If you’re in the market for 720p home colors or business and education projectors, EPSON will deliver all your needs. All of EPSON’s projectors have white & color brightness specifications, plus, each unit features high color brightness.

Laser Light Source

EPSON’s exclusive Laser Light Source technology offers spectacular image and video quality. It also provides maximum reliability that will not require a lot of maintenance in the future.

Virtually Project on All Walls, Screens, and Surfaces

The EPSON EF-100B Projector is the perfect device for a wide range of entertainment in any room. Aside from walls and screens, you can also project onto ceilings and floors since you can rotate the projector by 360 degrees in any direction. Even with this flexibility, the EPSON EF-100B Projector will not compromise on image quality and brightness. When using this device, you can project on any wall or screen by up to 150 inches, and enjoy the versatility of 1-1.35x digital zoom. The auto vertical keystone correction is also present to allow for adjustments on any surface.

Lightweight and Portable Design

Like other models in the series, the EF-100B Projector weighs only 2.7 kilograms. It’s easy to carry it from one room to another. It also has a slim design, making it the ultimate family-friendly display device that you can at home o when you go out on a trip.

Dazzling Images in Any Setting

The EPSON EF-100B Projector delivers an exceptional range of color and detail in dark and bright scenes. Also, it projects images and videos with a constant ratio of over 2.5M:1. With 2,000 Lumens of color and white brightness, this projector allows you to enjoy stunning images even in well-lit rooms.

Easy to Use

The EF-100B Projector lets you experience and enjoy big-screen entertainment at the comfort of your home. This compact unit can hold a small media streaming device that fits into the back of its body so that you can stream your favorite movies and series. It’s user-friendly, allowing you to enjoy high-quality home media right after setting it up.

Integrated Speaker

The EPSON EF-100B comes with an integrated 5W speaker so you can watch movies on the go with no hassle.

Hassle-Free Set Up

With the intuitive remote, all of the functions you use most often will be at your fingertips, so you can easily find what you need. The units under the EF-100 series also come with a Welcome Guide for users to be able to completely use and maximize the projector’s features for the perfect entertainment.


The black EF-100B projector that we have uses a 3-LCD projection system, plus a 0.59-inch LCD panel and laser diode light source. It comes with a total of 2,000 Lumens for its color light output, 2,000 Lumens for the white light output, and a WXGA resolution. The projector’s native aspect ratio is 16:10, while the contrast ratio is at 2,500,000:1. Color reproduction goes up to 16.77 million colors, while color processing is 10-bit.

For the EF-100B projector’s vertical keystone correction, it is -45 to 45-degrees (auto), while it’s -40 to 40-degrees for the horizontal correction. Its optical digital zoom ranges from 1.0 – 1.35, and has a screen size of 30 to 150-inches for wide-zoom, and 22 to 111-inches for tele-zoom.

For a 60-inch screen has a projection distance of 1.34 to 1.81 meters; there’s also a throw ratio of 1.04 (wide-zoom) and 1.40 (tele-zoom). There is a 1.59 projection lens focal number and 13.53-millimeter for the projection lens focal length; plus, the projector comes with a manual focus method. For security, it features a Kensington-style lock provision, and as for its color modes, there is bright cinema, dynamic, cinema, and natural styles available.

For the projector’s dimensions, it measures 230 x 210 x 92 millimeters (D x W x H) and weighs approximately 2.7 kilograms. With the laser on, it consumes a total of 172 Watts of power, and 0.4 Watts when on energy-saving mode. Its noise levels on normal mode is 29 dB while on eco mode is 26 dB.

Lastly, the EF-100B projector comes with a 3-year warranty for convenience.

Using the Product

Setting up the EPSON EF-100B projector is easy, so we’re glad that EPSON did their best to make it as simple as possible. The welcome guide is a tutorial that evenly sums up various features the projector offers. It also explains how to link different devices to it.

To link a cable to the EPSON EF-100B, you need to remove the panel located at the back, providing you access to the HDMI, mini USB, and USB-A. You can also utilize the bigger USB connector for power streaming devices. The cool thing about this compartment is it has adequate space to keep the Amazon Fire Stick.

The full-sized remote provides access for you to navigate the projector’s menu system, including pause, skipping, and playing tracks or videos, as well as switching on/off the unit. Presets are also available such as bright, dynamic, cinema, and natural, to give you the best video settings based on your preferences.

For the audio, the EPSON EF-100B comes with complementing options like vocal, standard, movie, and music, offering an excellent sound experience coming from this projector. Some other available projector options include light output, cooling speed, as well as aspect illumination & ratio. These will help tailor the device based on your needs.

As mentioned, there are different ways to position the EPSON EF-100B, with the company boasting that the laser light can last up to ten years. Add 60-months of warranty, or 12,000 hours to the product, and then you can consider the projector as an excellent investment.

We started by plugging the Roku Express, and the EPSON EF-100B immediately detected the device and projected the Roku’s main menu. The image was sharp, clear, and had adequate brightness to it. We tried tinkering with the focus to see how much better it would go, and surprisingly, its projection enhanced further.

We utilized Netflix as our primary media playback source, and we tried it out by using one of the most unique projector screen surfaces around, the ceiling! That’s right, this projector was built with using the ceiling as a screen in mind. We were highly impressed with the image quality that it projected since these looked sharp and clean. When it comes to texts, these were also clear and readable, so we were delighted with the results.

As mentioned earlier, the EPSON EF-100B makes use of the 3-LCD technology for projecting images and has a laser projector. With that, the unit was able to produce a very bright light, which was extremely bright for the device itself. So when we used the projector in a dark room, it shone brightly. During the day, the EPSON EF-100B did its best since it displayed high-quality images, even on our grey wall. Since its contrast ratio is at 2,500,000:1, movie images appeared fantastic, and we had no complaints about it.

Overall, the EPSON EF-100B performed excellently. All the images it projected was clean, clear, and crisp, while written texts were readable, as well as understandable.


The EPSON EF-100B projector is a compact and stylish device that delivers media entertainment in excellent-quality. It’s the perfect projector you can buy because of its convenient & portable design, flexibility, simple set up process, ease of use, and excellent performance. It projects extraordinary image quality, which impressed us a lot, and it works for any setting, whether it’s dark or well-lit. You will also be free from worries when you purchase this projector since it comes with a three-year warranty.

If you’re looking for the perfect projector on the market today, we highly recommend the EPSON EF-100B. The device ticks all the boxes and will meet all your needs, which makes it worth the purchase. It’s portable, family-friendly, user-friendly, and most importantly, it delivers impressive image and video quality. If you’re someone who wants to bring high-quality media entertainment at home, this is the right choice for you.

Where to Buy

If you want to have the Epson EF-100B Projector, it’s now available for online purchase from the company’s official website. If you want other options, check out EPSON’s store locator. Enter your postcode to see all of the company’s trusted resellers and retailers near you.