Ever found a video on YouTube that you wanted to keep a local copy of so you could watch it on your media player? There are lots of websites that will download and convert videos from YouTube for you however they seldom work the way you want them to. What if you wanted to download an entire playlist? Most websites don’t provide that kind of functionality. Thankfully you can now download YouTube videos easier than ever before tanks to Free YouTube Download.

Free YouTube Download is a free and clean program (no nasty secrets inside) that allows you to copy and paste YouTube video URLs or YouTube Playlist URLs and then bulk download YouTube videos for you.

As the software is freeware the installer does ask if you would like to install additional software (it’s how they make their money) however its very obvious and you simple select the do not install option on those screens. Their website mentions this very clearly on the product page which is great to see.

You have the choice of downloading the original file format from YouTube, converting the downloaded file on the fly to .MP4 or .AVI as well as compressing the file.

Free YouTube Download offers the following functionality:

  • Download the original YouTube stream in MP4, MKV (up to 8K UHD), WEBM, and MP3;
  • Convert video to MP4, AVI, and MP3;
  • Customize output name format;
  • Load links from external text files;
  • Save download history;
  • Import videos to iTunes automatically, convert to iPhone / iPad / iPod;
  • Work via proxy server.


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  1. DominikValter

    The tubegeter app is also a very good option to use when you’re trying to download videos from youtube.


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