In this day and age, Wi-Fi security cameras have become a common sight in a lot of smart homes and this is thanks to the integrations of IFTTT’s, Amazon Alexa, and SmartThings. However, D-Link’s Omna 180° HD Wi-Fi Camera is the very first camera that has been certified to function simultaneously with the HomeKit platform from Apple. This is what makes the camera a big hit with a lot of users but is there more to it than just this feature?

Today, we’re going to take a better look at the Full HD Omna 180° Wi-Fi Camera from D-Link and check out its features, performance, and if it’s worth buying. Now, let’s first take a peek at what’s inside the box.

D-Link Full HD Omna 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review – Whats in the Box?

The Omna 180° Full HD Wi-Fi camera from D-Link comes in a simple-looking box that is neat and very pleasing to the eyes; it is also highly different from the company’s more functional-looking Android / PC Wi-Fi camera. Details listed on the box will provide you with some interesting information about the Omna Wi-Fi camera such as its 1080P full high definition camera, 180° full view, motion detector, support for 128 GB micro-SD slot, and a two-way audio function as well as night vision. At the back of the box, you’ll see more in-depth and detailed information about the device’s features, the items included in the box, and the application available for iOS devices.

Dlink-omna-photos15 D-Link Full HD Omna 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review Dlink-omna-photos01 D-Link Full HD Omna 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review Dlink-omna-photos02 D-Link Full HD Omna 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review Dlink-omna-photos16 D-Link Full HD Omna 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review Dlink-omna-photos03 D-Link Full HD Omna 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review Dlink-omna-photos04 D-Link Full HD Omna 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review Dlink-omna-photos13 D-Link Full HD Omna 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review Dlink-omna-photos14 D-Link Full HD Omna 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review

Once you open the box, you’ll instantly see the Omna camera that is set securely in place. There are foam partitions in the package to secure the device; so once you remove these, you will get to see the warranty information as well as the quick start guide. Underneath these, you will find the micro USB plug, AC wall plug, and the AC adapter for the wall plug.

The Product

D-Link Full HD Omna 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review – Big Brother is Watching

The Omna 180° is made from brushed aluminum and can fit right in your palm; this means you can easily place this anywhere without it taking up too much space compared to other Wi-Fi cameras. Just remember to place this on a flat surface and it also can’t be mounted on walls like other available devices. When it comes to its size, the Omna is slightly taller than a regular soda can but is slimmer than this.

The camera area is fixed on the front portion while the micro-SD slot is located at the bottom area together with the reset button; plus, a slightly grated area can also be found at the bottom of the device which most likely works as a heat dissipater since the Omna gets slightly warm at some point. This isn’t something that you should worry about since other similar devices also tend to get warm after long hours of usage.

A power cord is connected at the back of the camera and when switched on, a green LED light at the front part of the device lights up. There isn’t any battery slot on the device so you will need to plug it to a power source to be able to use this at home. Together with the camera, a microphone is also included which can be used for 2-way communication.

If you’re searching for hinges to tilt or pan the camera for various viewing angles, there aren’t any available since these are unnecessary. The 180° view was adequate enough to view the entire area where we tested the camera; it was also cool since we didn’t bother fussing about the Omna’s positioning and all. We also liked that the images projected were sharp and clear with even lighting and accurate, rich colors.

You can readily access the live feed of the camera via the Home app or the Omna app; just remember that you can only view recorded videos and access Omna’s controls and settings through the latter. Additionally, the app features all the active Omna cameras on the home screen and you just need to tap on the image of the device to reach its controls and feed. From there, you can easily control the camera’s speaker, mic, on-demand video recording, and screenshots.

The Omna 180° Wi-Fi camera from D-Link is a device specifically for indoor use and features full HD 1080P resolution to acquire sharper images that allows you to see more details. The camera also has an incorporated speaker and mic so you can enjoy clear and crisp 2-way communication; you can also easily record videos with sounds and store these into your micro-SD to playback anytime.

Additionally, this Wi-Fi camera from D-Link provides you with a night vision feature in black and white, as well as the Omna app that is available for both Android and iOS devices. D-Link also provided a one-year warranty for this specific Wi-Fi camera which is definitely convenient for all.

Omna 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera Features

Has Excellent Motion Detection

The camera’s incorporated motion detector can alert the camera when it should record videos, and when combined with the Omna or HomeKit app, you can also utilise this to send alerts whenever the camera detects motion.

180° Wide-Angle Lens

The Omna 180° Wi-Fi Camera features the 180-degree wide-angle lens that makes it easier for you to search for a camera spot that offers a comprehensive view of the whole area. For a much closer look, the Omna WiFi camera also features a digital zoom that functions with IR and visible light.

Night Vision | IR LED

With the absence of any form of light, the Omna can brighten any room with the built-in Infrared LED. With this, the Omna Wi-Fi camera can easily see up to sixteen feet even in complete darkness; to better improve its night vision efficiency, you can also add infrared enabled light bulbs.

Full High-Definition Video Resolution

We noticed that the camera also features a full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) to capture clear and detailed videos.

Micro-SD Slot is Available

Since this camera from D-Link doesn’t really store video clips in the cloud, it provides you with a micro-SD slot that allows you to use cards up to 128GB. With this feature, you can readily store videos then replay them using the Omna application.

All features of D-Link’s Omna 180° Wi-Fi Camera are highly notable and you will never miss a moment even when you aren’t at home. The Omna’s incorporated speaker and mic lets you enjoy clear and seamless two-way audio, allowing you to easily communicate with family members, or even your pet, just like how you would when you’re physically there.

Product Specifications

Indoor / Outdoor

  • Indoor

Video Compression

  • MPEG-4|H.264


  • No

MicroSD Card Slot

  • Yes

Digital Zoom

  • None

HomeKit (Apple) Enabled

  • Yes

Camera Type

  • 180 degree wide view

Email Notification

  • No

Motorised Pan / Tilt

  • No

Two-way Audio

  • Yes

Wireless Range Extender Built In

  • No

Built-in Speaker

  • Yes

Motion Detection

  • Yes

Sound Detection

  • No

Built-in Microphone

  • Yes

Dimensions (Size)

  • 135 x 53 x 53 mm

Ethernet Port

  • No

Wireless Connectivity

  • 11n

Night Vision Range

  • B&W 5m

Maximum Video Resolution

  • 1920 x 1080 @30fps


  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Night Vision

  • Yes

How it Performs

The Omna 180° Wi-Fi camera is an adequately efficient device with highly reliable alerts and feeds that are necessary for your needs; also, the motion detection zone makes it easier to focus on specific areas. The 180° view range allows you to see more of the area that it’s placed in, and the micro-SD card storage of the Omna 180° provides you with more control over all the video clips made. The device’s motion detector, as well as the related push alerts, was highly responsive. The recorded clips could be viewed easily on the app or viewed and downloaded via micro-SD card reader.

As for the image quality of the D-Link Omna 180°, we noticed that it was good and very clear; though squeezing a 180° panoramic view in a 720-p recorded piece meant that a couple of the fine details were smoothed out with a little fish-eye effect; it was still easy to see what was happening or to even recognise people in the image.  When lights are low or out, the Omna makes use of its IR (infrared) night vision settings that allows you to capture clear videos even when in dark areas – another thing that we really liked about the Wi-Fi camera so we’re giving a thumbs up for the Omna 180°’s performance.

How to Use

We liked that the Omna iPhone application does not require you to register nor does it have a login process; you also do not have to enter any details such as your email address and wait for confirmation messages to allow you to start using the app. Instead, you just need to open the application then select ‘Add Accessory” and ensure that the Omna 180° is powered on. Also, see to it that the configuration of your mobile device is set to local network before connecting it to the camera. When everything has been set, just wait for the application to recognize D-Link’s Wi-Fi camera and you’re all set.

Just continue following all of the instructions from the app such as scanning the HomeKit code that can be found on the camera, as well as adding the built-in motion detector and camera to specific rooms in your smart home. Now, you’re all set and you can use the Omna 180° via the Home or Omna app. The device and its motion sensor should automatically populate in the Home application and appear as two separate accessories.

The Omna application will allow you to easily set the motion zones and adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor; as for the Home application, it does not have any of these functionalities but you can still see the Omna 180°’s live feed via the Home app then make use of the device for specific automation.


The Omna application can be used on both Android and iOS devices; the Omna companion app has been created to provide you with additional benefits such as the ability to playback recorded videos on your smart device, receive motion-detection alerts and notifications, firmware upgrades, and a lot more.

The Omna app is simple and features just a few options compared to other similar camera applications: it opens and starts off to a home screen with a couple of buttons which allows you to view the camera, add accessories, change the Room / Home settings, and even select between the SD playback or live view for videos that are saved in an SD card. The app also archives all event-triggered videos in chronological order so when you access this, you will be prompted to select a date so the app can instantly display videos only from that specific date.

You can also switch on the motion detection settings and position the motion detection area to allow you to single-out spots where the settings should only focus on; such areas include the window or doors while ignoring the rest of the space; there is also a re-trigger delay that can be set, as well as the sensitivity feature.  Motion detection can be utilised together with the HomeKit and can also be used to send various notifications when any type of motion is detected. You can readily create motion detection automation via the Home app but remember that it is limited to just on after sunset or always on; additionally, it can’t also be utilised in scenes.

The Omna 180° Wi-Fi camera from D-Link can also be utilised together with the dedicated Omna app from D-Link or with the incorporated Home app that is available on all iOS devices. In the Home application, if you add the Omna as a favourite accessory, the device feed can be viewed directly on your home screen; this is something quite useful especially if you’re getting an analysis of any HomeKit-enabled devices at a glance. Since it is also viewable in the Home app, it only means that it isn’t necessary to download the Omna app on every device, and you can just utilise your Home app every time you need to access the Omna 180°. Also, remember that you need to utilise the dedicated Omna app to view footage that has been recorded on your SD card since the Home app can only display the live view.


D-Link’s Omna 180° Wi-Fi Camera is one solid security camera with excellent image quality and great motion detection that is very reliable. It also features tons of customisation options for adapting to various situations; plus, the Omna companion application is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate so you won’t have any issues using it.

If your main priority is to have the best smart home integration, then the decision to purchase the Omna really depends on how much you have invested in the HomeKit system from Apple. Although the list of HomeKit’s accessories continues to develop, there are still a couple of products or brands that aren’t featured here; that won’t really matter especially if you are already satisfied with the Apple HomeKit. So with that, you will definitely enjoy having the Omna 180° right in your home.

If you’re someone searching for a highly dependable and effective DIY security solution, then the Omna 180° Wi-Fi Camera is the best option for you.

Where to Buy

If you want to get your hands on the D-Link Full HD Omna 180° Wi-Fi Camera, you can check out D-Link’s official site where you can get one for $249AUD.

D-Link Full HD Omna 180 Degree Wi-Fi Camera Review
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