D-Link DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point Review


Just recently, D-Link surprised us with a new addition to their line of quality products, and this is the D-Link DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point.

It is designed specifically for small to medium-sized enterprises or businesses by providing everyone with exceptional bandwidth and flexibility for adequate efficiency. This is necessary for every administrator who plans on deploying a medium to large-scale Wi-Fi network.

One good thing about the DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point is that it can readily function as a free-standing access point; in addition, the product can be centrally regulated by the company’s Unified Wireless Controllers.

For convenience, D-Link also claims that their DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point can be easily mounted on a wall or the ceiling to give you the best wireless coverage at all times.

If you require added flexibility, the DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point comes with a built-in POE or Power over Ethernet support which allows the installation of the access point in a variety of areas where power outlets aren’t immediately available.

D-Link DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point Review- What’s in the Box?

All products from D-Link are kept securely in a durable package, and the DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point is no exception. The company ensures that the device is stationary and fixed in place, preventing it from acquiring any damages while it’s in transit.

Aside from this, it comes with other accessories which include the mounting ring, a CD-ROM, one console cable, plus three sets of ceiling brackets: these consist of differently sized pieces that measure 9/16-inches, 14/16-inches, and 1 ½-inches.

The Product

D-Link DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point Review

This wireless access point from D-link is the latest device from the company that is packed with a number of notable features and uses such as the latest wireless technology – Wave 2 802.11ac, concurrent 2.4GHz + two 5GHz tri-band, 2 GB LAN ports that sport link aggregation, support for POE+, MU-MIMO & band-steering technologies, and up to a total of 2.2Gbps of aggregated wireless speed. Not only that, but its operational modes can either work as a standalone or controller-managed.

The DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point is able to influence the full potential of the 802.11ac Wave 2 to give you what you need: great connectivity that’s simultaneous with increased and improved combined data rates. It can deliver combined speeds that can reach as high as 2.2Gbps.

The device readily supports link aggregation which is necessary for letting two Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect and act as one port, doubling the current bandwidth while also maximizing the access point’s total throughput.

The DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point uses a wireless AC-2200 Wi-Fi configuration and is specifically for indoor use. It operates on AP | WDS (site to multi-site), has a LAN interface 2x Gigabit, and a POE standard of POE+ 802.3-at; plus, it uses 802.1x | WPA / WPA2 – EAP | WPA / WPA2 – PSK | WEP | MAC filtering for security.

This product from D-Link comes with an integrated antenna, plus a total of 32 SSIDs, and an 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. It allows power over Ethernet, and what’s good about the DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point is that the company provided it with a limited lifetime warranty for convenience. For its measurements, the DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point is 205 x 39 millimeters.

Product Features

Improved Speed and Connectivity

The DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point takes advantage of the 802.11ac Wave 2’s full potential to deliver exceptional connectivity, together with combined data rates. Aside from that, it also delivers up to 2,200 Mbps of combined wireless speed over three wireless bands.

Also, it supports aggregation of a wired link which allows linking of two Gigabit Ethernet ports so these can act as a single port. As a result, the available bandwidth is doubled to maximize the entire throughput of the access point.

Utilizes the MU-MIMO Technology

With support for MU-MIMO, the D-Link DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point can communicate with multiple clients all at once by utilizing antennas. This enables the access point to effectively use the spectrum, as well as to increase the capacity of the network greatly.

The 2 x 2 MU-MIMO leverages every stream to serve more wireless clients. This, in turn, significantly enhances wireless performance.

Tri-Band Wi-Fi

The DWL-7620AP features wireless tri-band technology that features a single 2.4 GHz band and two 5 GHz, wireless bands.

These accommodate more devices connecting to one access point. Since older 802.11 b/g/n devices are allowed to connect to the 2.4 GHz, the two 5 GHz bands can be allocated to newer and faster wireless AC devices. This results in bandwidth-intensive applications such as VoIP, HD video streaming, as well as file sharing.

With the smart band steering technology, the DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point can load balance the traffic and clients between three wireless bands. This is to ensure that every client has a great user experience.

Automatic Management of Radio Frequency

When access points are deployed within close proximity, interference between the channels may occur when radio frequency management is not implemented. When the DWL-7620AP detects a nearby access point, it will automatically send a channel to prevent interference.

This allows you to deploy access points with reduced RF interference densely. The DWL-7620AP also lowers its transmission power automatically to reduce the interference further. If one of the nearby access points fail, the DWL-7620AP will increase its transmission power to widen its coverage.

Advanced Wireless Features

The DWL-7620AP supports 802.1p QoS (Quality of Service), which enhances throughput and improves the performance of time-sensitive traffic such as streaming DSCP and VoIP. Aside from that, it also supports WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia), so when network congestion occurs, time-sensitive traffic is given priority before other traffic.

When numerous access points are close to each other, one access point will decline new association requests once the resources are completely used. As a result, another neighboring unit accepts the association request to distribute the load among multiple access points.

Band Steering

Band steering allows the DWL-7620AP to smartly place clients on the best wireless band to prevent network congestion. With that, browsing, streaming, downloading, and other activities become fast and seamless.


Using the Product

When the DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point is working together with the D-Link Unified Controllers, you are able to manage this with ease centrally. Once the controller discovers the APs you can push certain sets of configurations on them instead of really having to do so one by one.

The self-configuring cluster of the DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point is quite notable since it seamlessly allows you to deploy a number of APs; this is actually possible even if you don’t really have any network management skills.

Even having only a small number of DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Points deployed on a certain network, you are able to initialize and form into a self-configuring group. And once we started configuring the access point, the same setup can be used to all the rest of the APs that remain. Remember that you can use up to a total of 16 APs to establish a cluster.

In addition, the management of automatic radio frequency allows each of the D-Link DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Points to function adequately to optimize coverage, bypassing channel interference via automatic channel selection, as well as modifying the transmission and boosting power if this detects any failed devices nearby.

Now for the 8-02.11k fast roaming, you are able to have wireless clients move seamlessly and conveniently between access points without any problems. The AP is able to support WMM or Wi-Fi multimedia efficiently, so even when you experience network congestion, time-sensitive traffic like videos was readily prioritized, which was good.

For airtime fairness, it was able to guarantee that fair airtime was provided to each of the clients available, restricting the much slower devices from degrading and taking over the current wireless connection.

All in all, the DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point from D-Link performed excellently, and we’re giving it a solid thumbs-up for it.


D-Link is one of the companies that have designed, produced, and manufactured excellent, award-winning solutions for networking, video surveillance, wireless, home automation, as well as for storage; and since they’re known for being global leaders in connectivity, we expected that the DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point would perform notably, and it sure did.

It’s packed with a bunch of really effective and useful features, each of which gave us outstanding performance when we tested the product for almost a week or so.

We can also say that the DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point is definitely worth investing in, especially if you’re someone with a small to medium business and wants to have unparalleled flexibility and bandwidth for excellent Wi-Fi network.

All in all, this is definitely another great product from D-Link, and we’d surely recommend this to you and everyone who needs a great and functional wireless access point.

Where to Buy

You can shop online to purchase the D-Link DWL-7620AP Unified Wireless Access Point from the company’s official website. You can also check out D-Link’s store locator if you want to purchase this from an authorized retailer and distributor.