D-Link DCS-8525LH Pan and Tilt Camera Review

Today’s trend shows that more and more households are purchasing cameras to keep their properties safe and in-check at all times. If you’re one of the people who need such devices for your home, then the DCS-8525LH from D-Link is a good option to consider.

It has easy to use and efficient Wi-Fi connectivity for its surveillance camera, and it is also more affordable compared to other similar products in the market. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to have 24/7 security and protection in their homes.

The DCS-8525LH is a Pan & Tilt camera with 110° Tilt and 340° Panning capabilities which can both be controlled using your smartphone. This will let you easily observe every movement of your family members and pets even when you’re not at home.

The camera is said to work efficiently from day to night, and can even let you see up to 16 feet in the dark.

The device also features sound and motion sensors that will immediately notify you when it detects movement. It’s a feature that works excellently with the DCS-8525LH’s Two-Way Audio technology which lets you speak through the device using its integrated microphone.

Sounds like something you’d need? If that’s the case, let’s learn more about its features, specifications, and how well it performs. But before anything else, let’s take a look at what other items are included inside the package of D-Link’s DCS-8525LH pan and tilt camera.

D-Link DCS-8525LH Pan and Tilt Camera Review – What’s in the Box?

The DCS-8525LH is packed in a nice blue box, and just like every other product from D-Link, you’ll get to see an image of the camera with its name and key features listed on the box. The company made sure to include a clear image of the camera just so you have an idea of how it looks when you’re scouting for a pan and tilt camera in the market.

Inside the box, you’ll find the camera itself. It’s placed securely so it won’t move around and acquire any damages during transit. Other items that are included in the package are the mounting plate for the DCS-8525LH, an Ethernet cable, mounting screws, a power adapter and cable, a quick start guide, and the warranty information.

The Product

D-Link DCS-8525LH Pan and Tilt Camera Review

The DCS-8525LH’s design is something we’d consider as straightforward: it’s generally a round-shaped camera that is mounted on a gimbal. It pans at 340-degrees and tilts at 110-degrees, ensuring that you get full coverage from every area possible.

The rounded camera holds the lens and the 10-IR lights to enable the 16-feet night vision feature. On its base, you’ll find the company’s logo right at the front, together with a micro-SD slot, Ethernet, micro USB port, WPS button, and a reset button right at the back. The speaker and mic can also be found on the base as well, while the mounting options are just beneath this.

The DCS-8525LH from D-Link has a rather interesting appearance, some call it “cute” and can pass as a little droid that’ll surely catch your attention.

It features black and white accents and a fine rounded shape; so overall, it’s something that you’d expect from a camera without any of the wild and unnecessary designs. The power cord that is included in the package is almost 10 feet in length which is really good if you plan to position the DCS-8525LH far from an electric outlet.

Product Features

Smooth 340-degree Pan and 110-degree Tilt Controls

It doesn’t matter which corner of your home you set the camera in because the DCS-8525LH can be remotely panned left, right, up, and down via the myDLink application. It’ll allow you to effortlessly monitor and track your children, pets, your elderly relatives within your home. It’s a really smart and convenient way to always keep your loved ones in sight.

1080p Full HD Videos

The DCS-8525LH has an integrated HQ full HD sensor that allows you to capture highly detailed and clear snapshots, as well as crisp 1080p full high-definition videos.

Motion Detection without Interruptions

With the DCS-8525LH, you won’t have to continue worrying about surveillance recordings that only exhibit people’s backs when moving out of the device’s view. The camera triggers video recordings without the annoying lags every time motion is discovered. You’ll get to see more faces without having to make a lot of guesses.

Conveniently Stream & Cast to your Television

Get to stream live videos from the DCS-8525LH to Echo Show, Google Chromecast, Echo Spot, or even Amazon Fire TV. The camera also works with Google Assistant and Alexa for better efficiency and ease.

Sensitive Sound Detection

You’ll get to hear what you can’t see with the camera’s integrated sensitive sound detector. The DCS-8525LH’s triggered alerts will be sent to your smartphones while video clips will keep you updated at all times.

Better View in the Dark

It’s great that D-Link included night vision capabilities to the DCS-8525LH, so you can get continuous monitoring with its integrated infrared LEDs. This feature will allow you to catch videos even in low-light environments or completely dark areas. It also reaches up to 16 feet which is really good when you have children at home.

Live Views and Footages Saved to the Cloud

The myDLink app makes it easier for you to check on your loved ones anytime; plus, you can also save all your video clips and snapshots to the Cloud. You can access these anytime and playback recordings as well. Downloading footages on your mobile devices is also possible via internet.

MyDLink App

The DCS-8525LH is improved with the myDLink app which makes it quicker, easier, and more convenient for you to track your family or office. You just need to install the application to your mobile device and you’ll get to set up, manage, and view your home using your smart devices.


The camera lets you have 1080p HD quality videos and allows for panning and tilting as well.  It has an integrated speaker and microphone and two-way audio is possible because of this. The camera has motion and sound detection and wide-angle viewing so you won’t miss a spot.

Night vision is also made possible which is really good for a pan and tilt camera such as this. When it comes to its body, the DCS-8525LH is not heavy at all.

Using the Product

Of course, the DCS-8525LH from D-Link went through our testing process, and we can start off with its image quality. It was really good and had balanced lighting when we set it on day mode, and had great contrast when we activated its night vision.

What’s good about the camera is that you can easily pinch to zoom the view without worrying about losing the resolution which is common in other similar products that are out today.

You can also pan & tilt the camera simply by tapping or swiping the screen; plus, you can also choose your own preference within the app settings. From its scroll wheels of various controls under the live feed pane, you’ll get to conveniently set up to a total of four way-points for your convenience.

These will let you easily view preset positions for the camera with just a single tap; also, during our tests, the DCS-8525LH was able to precisely and smoothly move to the points which was really good.

When it comes to the camera’s motion sensors, these are extremely sensitive, so detecting movement without delays is a pinch. Every time there’s detected movement, the camera can readily be set up to record then immediately notify.

We didn’t do much with tweaking the device, but the camera was reliable and could easily respond to activities of people and pets while ignoring any unnecessary and incidental movements like curtains shifting due to the breeze, etc.

What we really liked is that the camera supports scheduling which is necessary when you want to record or view your home at certain times only.


The pan and tilt feature of D-Link’s DCS-8525LH is really a great feature since it lets you keep track of your home. Whether you want to safeguard your property and protect your loved ones at all times, the DCS-8525LH will not disappoint.

With the camera, you can readily watch pets, your children, and elderly members of the family when aren’t at home; plus, you can also communicate with them because of its two-way audio technology which we think is really convenient and useful. Its integrated microphone and speaker are well-made since these provide you with clear and crisp sounds.

Another notable thing about the camera is the its free myDLink app that you can use on your iOS or Android devices. If you take advantage of the paid Cloud plans, you can also get an extra layer of security which is something pretty good, in our opinion.

As for the application, it will allow you to readily manage and control your DCS-8525LH via tablet or mobile phone to give you ultimate control over what you want to see using the camera. All in all, this is a great entry level Wi-Fi camera for you home, and we highly recommend this.

Where to Buy

Head on over to the DCS-8525LH product page where you can pick one up for $249AUD.