Creative Outlier Air Review


Creative is a known and popular company that’s been around for decades, and they know a few good things about digital audio. The company’s been creating computer music accessories and sound cards for over 30 years, and they also established a notable portfolio of headphones throughout the years. But just recently, Creative came out with their very first, fully wireless earbuds, the Outlier Air.

The release of these wireless earbuds from the company is timely since the popularity of wireless audio has been increasing rapidly. It arrived during Samsung’s 3rd attempt at cracking the wireless market, and also when Apple released its 2nd generation AirPods.

Creative Outlier Air Review – What’s in the Box?

The Creative Outlier Air came in an all-white and sturdy cardboard box that sports a minimalist design. The front displays an image of the wireless earbuds to give you an idea of how it looks. Above the picture on the left corner, you will find “Creative” written there, while underneath the image is the name of the product.

Inside, you will find the wireless earbuds kept securely in a tray, preventing it from moving about while in transit. There’s also extra space inside the box where you’ll find the 20-hour charging case. Other items inside the box are the pair of ear tips, a USB Type-C to Type-A cable for charging, plus the quick start guide and leaflets for your reference.

The Product

Creative Outlier Air Review

Providing you with unmatched performance and wireless freedom, the Creative Outlier Air is the company’s very first wireless headphones to join the series. It boasts a total of 30 hours of playtime, a 5.6-millimeter graphene driver diaphragm, plus Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC & aptX audio, allowing the wireless earbuds to impress with immersive and detailed audio reproduction.

The Creative Outlier Air is IP-X5 certified, which makes it water-resistant, allowing you to use the earbuds without worrying about it getting wet. It has an excellent shape for a comfortable fit that’s best for prolonged use, making it perfect for gym sessions, workouts, or during travels.

Since the company is in pursuit of true audio excellence, the Creative Outlier Air brings about the essence of endurance and quality performance. So if you’re quite unsure about technology, or which one is the best, the Creative Outlier Air is a product to get in this situation. The earbuds have reliable connectivity and sound quality, thus, providing you with a more natural and precise reproduction of sound.

When it comes to its battery life, it’s one of the best compared to other similar products out in the market. Now for its comfort, Creative ensured that their wireless earbuds have double the comfort, allowing you to wear them for long hours.

The Creative Outlier Air in-ear true wireless earbuds use the USB Type-C (charging) and Bluetooth 5.0 interface. It comes with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. For its weight, the Creative Outlier Air itself is 10 grams, while the charging case is 54 grams. Additionally, it makes use of a 5.6-millimeter graphene driver diaphragm as well.

For its battery, the Creative Outlier Air uses two 60 mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries in its earbuds. The battery in its charging case is one 380 mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Its total charging time lasts for one to two hours until full.

The earbuds utilize the Bluetooth 5.0 for its connector, while its Bluetooth operating frequency is at 2.4 GHz. Its operating range goes up to 10 meters, while the audio codec includes AAC, aptX, and SBC. For the overall operating temperature, it ranges from 0°C to 45°C.

Lastly, the Creative Outlier Air makes use of an omnidirectional mic with a frequency response of 100 Hz to 10 kHz and sensitivity of – 42 dBV / Pa.

Product Features

Two Times More Power

The Outlier Air has a battery life that lasts up to ten hours, which is longer than the usual three to six hours of other earbuds. When you run out of battery, you can recharge up to two times with the charging case, giving you an additional 20 hours of battery life. With these combined, you have a total of 30 hours of playtime, which is more than enough for the longest plane trip.

Premium Aluminum Charging Case

The charging case has a sleek design, and it features a premium aluminum housing. It’s also lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Charging your earbuds with the case is easy since all you have to do is pop it back inside. It will automatically recharge your earbuds to 100%. To charge the case, you need to connect it via USB-C to USB-A charging port.

Graphene Driver Diaphragm

The Outlier Air integrates a premium-quality 5.6-millimeter graphene driver diaphragm for excellent audio. It’s the thinnest and hardest nano-material that is greater than copper in conducting electricity. Also, it’s lighter than paper and stronger than steel. The diaphragm consumes less energy while providing high-quality audio with detailed highs, balanced mids, and deep, immersive bass.

Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX and AAC

Creative Outlier Air supports the newest Bluetooth 5.0. It’s capable of using less energy and performing two times faster than Bluetooth 4.2. With AAC and aptX audio codecs, you can enjoy rich and enhanced sound quality for a great listening experience. These features allow you to hear calls from both sides of your headphones.

Dual Voice Calls

Usually, wireless headphones only allow for calls on one side of the headphones or earbuds. The Creative Outlier Air changes this by allowing you to hear calls from the left and right sides of the headphones. Aside from that, you can directly access Google Assistant or Siri.

Both earbuds feature an integrated microphone for calls and voice commands. Assign one of the earbuds as your primary unit control. The secondary piece will automatically pair up with no additional steps required.

Convenient to Use

You can use only one side of the Creative Outlier Air when necessary. If you need to use to charge a single earbud, you can place one of these in the charging case while using the other one. Even if you keep the earbud that acts as the primary unit control, the other one will automatically assume the controls and smart assistant functions of the former.

All-Day Long-Lasting Comfort

The Creative Outlier Air is a wire-free headset that has undergone extensive tests to achieve its high levels of durability. Even if it has a durable construction and an ergonomic design, it has a perfect fit so you can wear these earbuds for long periods. Placing the buds on your ear and twisting it gently will already keep it secure. It also effectively blocks out external noise to keep you immersed in the audio.


Using the Product

The Creative Outlier Air has an astoundingly good sound. We tested them with different smartphone models that support the Bluetooth aptX codec. The earbuds produced a dynamic and full sound that’s lively and highly absorbing. And for its price range, it sure is impressive.

Imaging and soundstage are excellent, while instrument separation was easy and adequate.

Another thing to note was its perfect frequency response. We were able to achieve the right fit and air-tight seal using the assorted tips included in the package. It allowed us to get consistent treble and bass delivery each time we utilized the headphones.

The Creative Outlier Air has adequate isolation performance, but it doesn’t block out too much low-end noise such as engine rumbles during commutes. With that, it’s not the best choice when commuting. Despite this, the Creative Outlier Air does a pretty great job of decreasing the work environment noise such as the A/C system or ambient chattering.

But thanks to the in-ear fit, the Creative Outlier Air doesn’t leak. With that, you can adequately mask additional ambient noise by merely increasing your volume without disturbing those around you.

The Creative Outlier Air earbuds feature a decent built-in mic: in quiet areas, transmitted or recorded speech using the mic will sound a bit muffled and thin. However, speech will still sound great and understandable, so there are no issues there.

The earbuds provided us with outstanding range, so we were able to leave the Bluetooth source in one area while moving around in the office without any issues. Though of course, results will differ depending on the strength of your signal. Also, we got better results at some point when our source was Bluetooth 5.0-compatible, and that was something notable.


The Creative Outlier Air is a pair of true wireless headphones that feature a bulkier design compared to other similar products. It delivers superior overall performance. Its audio quality, connectivity, microphone, and battery are all excellent, which is why we enjoyed using these headphones. Also, its unique features make it a more exciting pair to own, so you’ll never go wrong with that. Plus, it’s suited for sports and other similar activities due to it being wireless.

Overall, it’s a great product, making it a best buy. So with that, we very much recommend the Creative Outlier Air to you.

Where to Buy

If you want to have the Creative Outlier Air, you can purchase this from the company’s official website.