Creative Aurvana SE Review


A couple of decades ago, Creative was at the forefront of PC and personal audio. Though they may have slipped from the spot in this period, they still have an interesting collection of items, which include a variety of headphones and earphones. Among them is the Creative Aurvana SE, which has a close link to the popular E-MU Purple-Hearts and Aurvana Live!

Generally, the Creative Aurvana SE is just a black-colored Aurvana Live!, which is a pair of headphones certified for SX-Fi. And if you look at it, there are no other existing differences between the two. Either way, they’re as remarkable as each other, and we can surely expect a well-performer from the Creative Aurvana SE.

But before anything else, let’s take a look at what’s inside the box.

Creative Aurvana SE Review – What’s in the Box?

The Creative Aurvana SE headphones come in a simple-looking black-clad cardboard package that is durable enough to protect it from possible damages while in transit.

Inside the box, there aren’t any other items included with the Creative Aurvana SE. If you need the user manual, you can download this from Creative’s official site. Creative made sure to keep everything simple and straightforward, so once you open the box, your attention will go straight to the Creative Aurvana SE itself.

The Product

Creative Aurvana SE Review

The Creative Aurvana SE is the company’s special edition headphones under their Aurvana Live! products that sport high-definition audio. It is custom-tuned and Super X-Fi certified for complementing Creative’s SX-Fi Amp for a more enhanced Super X-Fi experience.

This headphone is ergonomically-designed and lightweight, which makes the Aurvana SE the perfect choice for listening to music. It’s great for when you’re on the go, or when listening to music right in the comfort of your home. Made with in-depth acoustic tuning and revolutionary driver technology, the Aurvana SE delivers a faithful and natural audio representation that’s akin to live performances. It handles sharp, dynamic, and transient passages with easy and effortless finesse.

Made together with Foster/Fostex, the Creative Aurvana SE, along with the Live!, share a ton of design cues and similarities with the manufacturer’s headphones. Generally, these appear as a smaller version of products like the Denon AH-A100 or the TH-900.

The ear cups make use of durable plastic where the frame sports a matte finish. The external portion or the faceplate has a beautiful shine to it, and its entire build is black.

The headband uses sturdy plastic with a metal band, which adds to the Creative Aurvana SE’s rigidity. Overall, its design is simple yet essential, and it also has an elegant vibe to it. A classy-looking faux leather material with added padding covers the top of the Creative Aurvana SE’s headband for enhanced comfort. Its build is generally durable and robust, allowing the headphones to withstand daily wear and tear. It doesn’t come off as cheap, but it also doesn’t come off as premium.

When it comes to its cable, it’s reasonably sized at 1.2 meters. It’s made using two different cores that run parallel before these join at one end. The design allows the cable to have a stiffer form to prevent it from bending sideways, yet otherwise, the cable is decently lightweight and soft. The 3.5-millimeter jack’s housing is still plastic, and it also includes a rubbery strain relief like the junction with its ear cups.

The Creative Aurvana SE is lightweight, weighing only 210 grams. It comes in a single shade – black and is worn over the head, concealing the entire ears. Its cable is adequately long at 1.2 meters, so you won’t have trouble with the wire getting tangled unnecessarily.

These headphones from Creative has a frequency response of 10Hz ~ 30KHz and a Neodymium magnet driver that is 40 millimeters. The Creative Aurvana SE comes with a 1-year limited hardware warranty, which is good.

Product Features

High Levels of Comfort

The Creative Aurvana SE features adequately-sized ear pads that do not press too much on the ears. These are also soft to provide comfort for long hours of use. You won’t have to worry about your ears hurting even when you listen to music non-stop.

Neodymium Drivers 

The 40-millimeter dynamic drivers of the Aurvana SE have Neodymium drivers. These drivers cancel noise while preventing fuzziness during amplification.


Using the Product

The Creative Aurvana SE leans more to the element of balance between flat response headphones combined with better and well-balanced bass. It’s because these headphones target a vast market of consumers. Upon testing the SE, its highs are notably crisp, clear, and full of detail.

It sounds exceptional and just right for its price tag, and we tried the Creative Aurvana SE for movies and music listening, which were both excellent.

When we paired the Creative Aurvana SE with the Super X-Fi Amp, it enhanced the headphones’ volume and power. The amp also helped improve the virtual surround sound experience when we used the Super X-Fi mode. But what’s fantastic about these headphones is that it sounds perfect even without the help of the amp. We managed to take advantage of the flexibility that the Creative Aurvana SE gives, so we could use it however and wherever we wanted. It didn’t limit us to just USB sources required by the amp.

The soundstage was not that deep or wide, but it gave off an intimate vibe to it, and it has an adequate depth, which is good. All instruments could be heard and were well-defined, complex tracks still had identifiable instruments but all these blended beautifully. The bass of the Creative Aurvana SE is punchy and strong, while its treble is noticeably crisp. Overall, the headphones gave us fun and enjoyable tuning, which is perfect for today’s music genre.

Lows were deep and powerful yet somewhat concentrated in the middle. Details aren’t too extreme for the bass, but it gave us all the necessary points to distinguish the different elements of the audio.

Overall, the Creative Aurvana SE performed excellently, giving us balanced, clear, and crisp audio that we enjoyed a lot. With that, we’re giving it a thumbs up, and we would recommend this product from Creative.


The SXFI App is the software for the Creative Aurvana SE. With the Super X-Fi technology, it allows you to configure your headphones, so you can enjoy professional-grade audio that is immersive and realistic. It takes advantage of the cutting-edge precision technology that maps out an audio system’s specific acoustics to project 3D sounds. It will allow you to fully enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Since the way everyone hears sound in the real world differs depending on the shape of a person’s ears and head, the SXFI App maps these with excellent precision. With Artificial Intelligence or AI, the app predicts how you would hear sounds based on the map of your head and ears. It computes and transforms audio to deliver the perfect realistic sound for any user.

Aside from the Super X-Fi technology, another key feature of the SXFI App is the support for playback of music files in your local storage. Also, it has a 10-band equalizer for you to customize your audio based on your preferences.


At its price point, the Creative Aurvana SE is an impressive pair of headphones. While it doesn’t match nor defeat the quality of a flagship product, it sounds better than one would typically expect. It doesn’t use premium materials, but it has a durable build, and it looks great. Aside from that, it feels good when worn, and it’s comfortable even after hours of wearing it. Most importantly, it delivers high-quality audio with an added emphasis on the bass and treble. Also, it sounds better with the Super X-Fi technology.

The audio of the Creative Aurvana SE is full of detailed highs and lows, combined with the right balance of bass, making it perfect for music and videos. For its price, it delivers a lot, and it’s better than what we had expected. Another great thing about this is its software that has a user-friendly interface. Aside from the application being easy to use, we didn’t experience any difficulty or issues with this, and it works smoothly and excellently.

Overall, it is one of the best affordable headphones in the market. If you’re looking for comfort, durability, and high-quality audio, we highly recommend the Creative Aurvana SE.

Where to Buy

If you want to have the Creative Aurvana SE, it is available for online purchase from the company’s official website.