Corsair Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse Review


The Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse from Corsair is a high-performing mouse that targets MOBA and FPS gamers. It borrows the style elements of the Dark Core, Glaive Pro, and M65; plus, it features an elevated top for a more comfortable and convenient palm grip. There are 4 RGB lighting zones, 10 programmable buttons, as well as a tunable weight system.

Sounds like a good addition to your gaming needs? Then we’ve got you covered. We’re going to be talking all about the Corsair Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse, what its features and specifications are, and if it performs just as well as the company claims. First, let’s check out what’s inside the box.

Corsair Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse Review – What’s in the Box?

The Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse from Corsair arrived in a box that isn’t any bigger than the mouse itself. This year, the company decided to go with a yellow theme for the box which is very much eye-catching no matter where you’re at.

In front, you’ll see an image of the Nightsword RGB together with information that lets you know that this works with iCUE. The sides have a few basic details, while the back part has a breakdown of the primary features of the mouse; it also comes with a list of all the necessary system requirements.

Aside from the Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse, other accessories that are present in the package include the small case of weights, the warranty guide, and a user guide.

The Product

Corsair Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse Review

The Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse from Corsair sports rubberized & textured palm and thumb grips, 10 programmable buttons, and 4 customizable RGB light zones.  For its ergonomics and build, these are of first-rate which makes the quality of the mouse even better.

While the earlier mice from the company sported textured and rubberized-size grips, the Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse steps up its game and adds that grippy texture to its palm rest. The presence of rubbery grips are very useful against your pinky finger and thumb than under your palm, but this feature does give the mouse a really cool and unique look to it.

For the right and left mouse buttons, these are the only large areas that do not feature this type of surface because even the scroll wheel of the Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse is textured.

A lot of gaming mice today feature ergonomic style that sports a scooped-out left portion that gives you a nice and comfortable perch for the thumb. The Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse took the idea and improved this and designed the left portion of the mouse, having it extended below the thumb to give you a great concave shape.

This allows you to nestle your thumb comfortably to enjoy continuous gameplay for prolonged periods. The left side of the Nightsword RGB flares out along the bottom part to produce a horizontal and wide surface for your thumb to rest on.

When we talk about RGB lighting zones, the Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse features a total of 4 of these; and in addition to having RGB lights on the logo and scroll wheel, you’ll also find lighting zones on the front and rear. There are 3 cutouts in front, as well as three at the back. These illuminate the color pattern or shades of your choice.

Generally, there is a 5th lighting zone – specifically three little strips of light located on the left side. This exhibits which DPI setting you’re currently utilizing. And aside from these, you will get to customize its colors and have them glow differently once you get into the sniper mode.

On top, you will find the common left and right mouse buttons plus the clickable scroll wheel that is considered as a button. There are a couple of buttons at the back of the scroll wheel to go through all the profiles you’ve made.

Also, there are two additional buttons positioned on the left edge of the mouse’s left button that is positioned to the left of your index finger. By default, the buttons are configured to cycle through the DPI settings of the mouse.

Now on the left side, there are back & forward buttons, as well as a sniper button. The latter decreases the DPI setting when pressed down, and is separate from the other DPI settings. You’ll get to cycle through this via the two DPI buttons that’s next to the scroll wheel.

All the 10 buttons can be programmed using the company’s iCUE software. And since the mouse has a built-in storage, you can choose three profiles to take with you when playing on a different PC other than your own. Plus, you’ll get to save a ton of profiles to your PC using iCUE.

On the underside of the mouse you are able to remove the base which allows you to precisely configure the weight of the mouse. This is done by inserting small weights into the positions where you want the weight to be distributed. This allows you to configure the mouse to the correct weight to suit your gaming style.

Product Features

Precise Weight Calibration

The Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse comes with 2 sets of weights and 6 mounting areas. These offer up to 120 weight and balance settings.

Top-Notch Comfort

Built with a contoured shape, your hand will perfectly and naturally fit on the Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse. It features high-performance rubber grips designed like those used in professional sports equipment.

Smart Tunable Weight System

iCUE, Corsair’s exclusive software, instantly detects the center of gravity of the mouse in real time. This allows you to adjust the weight between 119 and 141 grams and calibrate its balance.

Intelligent Control and Unlimited Possibilities

With iCUE, you can fully control the RGB lighting and synchronization of all compatible Corsair peripherals, including the Nightsword RGB  mouse.

Power Precision

The features of the Nightsword RGB  Gaming Mouse allows you to hit all your skill shots and focused on your targets. You can customize its sensitivity and enjoy extremely accurate tracking with the PixArt PMW-3391 optical sensor.


The Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse from Corsair is a big and slightly hefty mouse that measures 5.1 inches long, 3.4 inches wide, and is 1.7 inches high. Without its six weights, the mouse weighs 119 grams, while it goes up to 141 grams with the wheels.

It sports the PixArt PMW-3391 optical sensor – an 18,000 DPI sensor that can be adjusted from 100 – 18,000 in a single DPI step. It can track then report the cursor’s position at speeds of up to 400 inches per second; also, it has a mouse acceleration that goes up to 50G. There are a total of 5 PTFE mouse feet available: 4 on the bottom of the Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse, plus another one on its thumb rest.

Using the Product

The Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse from Corsair did not disappoint us when it came to its performance. We were able to test the mouse on a wide selection of game titles, trying this out for two weeks and getting all the best results.

Let’s begin with the PMW-3391 optical sensor: it’s just like the previous mice from Corsair, so you can expect to have an amazingly accurate and really fast sensor with you. Thanks to its shape, the 5 PTFE feet and adjustable weight system gives you a gaming mouse that lets you enjoy incredible gliding properties and grip; plus, those combined with the optical sensor makes for a really efficient combination when it comes to games.

We were absolutely pleased with the mouse’s comfortable and ergonomic design. The rubber grips were helpful in keeping the mouse from slipping while we used it. Not only that, but we really enjoyed using it since it performed excellently. All in all, the Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse is one of the best mice we’ve tested and we’re giving it two thumbs up for its performance.


The iCUE software by Corsair works for all compatible products from the company. Here, you can customize your peripherals settings, RGB lighting, and more. Since its interface is simple yet well-designed, it’s absolutely user-friendly and even beginners won’t have any difficulty using this.

For customizing the Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse via iCUE, you can program its DPI levels you want for three settings, perform surface calibration for aiming and tracking, create macros and other actions, enable angle snapping, as well as customize lighting effects for its four RGB zones and the DPI indicator lights.

The most unique feature of the Nightsword RGB is the weight-system detection and in iCUE, you will find a whole page dedicated to this. The page displays a diagram of the weights you’ve added to the mouse and it changes every time you add or remove them. You can also find the total weight of the mouse here, and how the mass is affected along the X, Y, and Z axis.


The Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse from Corsair has a lot of great features to praise. It looks great, provides comfort, and it performs excellently. It’s another high-performance gaming mouse from the company, and just like all the gaming mice that they have released previously, this exceeded our expectations.

The Nightsword RGB is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a high-end mouse that can be fully customized. It’s packed with everything you’d need: aesthetics, precision, comfort, and full customization.

Its ergonomic design and the placement of each button is perfect since we didn’t experience any difficulty in using the mouse even when we tested it with the most challenging games. Whether you play a competitive FPS game or a fast-paced MOBA, the Nightsword RGB will work perfectly. The best thing is that all of these are in a single mouse that won’t burn your pockets.

With that, we’d highly recommend the Corsair Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse to ultimately satisfy your gaming needs.

Where to Buy

Check out Corsair’s store locator to see the authorized dealers that offer the Corsair Nightsword RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse in your area.