Corsair K83 Wireless Review


Corsair just created a little keyboard that was basically designed to do everything. Their K83 Wireless is a tenkeyless keyboard with an integrated track pad, along with tons of media controls and management buttons. It even comes with an analog stick that mimics a gaming controller.

As a wireless keyboard, the K83 supports Bluetooth connections for entertainment consoles and smart devices. And simultaneously, it also offers a lag-free 2.4 GHz and wired connections.

If you think that the K83 Wireless is something you need or it has simply piqued your interest, then read along and we’ve got you covered. We have all the necessary information you’d need to know more about the K83 Wireless, and if it’s something really worth investing in.

Corsair K83 Wireless Review – What’s in the Box?

Let’s start off with a look at its packaging. A plastic wrap covers the box, and once you remove this, it will display the product container in more detail. The keyboard comes in your standard Corsair package: sporting a yellow and black theme with a big image of the K83, together with the product and company’s name in front. We really like that Corsair makes no qualms about it being a standard entertainment keyboard in an instant.

For the marketing features and specifications, you will find all these details at the back and sides of the box. But what’s good about this is that you can find them written in different languages, along with other images that highlight salient aspects of the K83 Wireless.

There are two additional seals and flaps on the sides of the box to keep all of its contents fixed in place when transporting this. Once you open the box, you will see the K83 Wireless keyboard itself, wrapped in plastic for added protection. All the accessories are kept in individual layers of the cardboard box; some of these are in a neat package at the top, as well as amid foam pieces for added protection to the keyboard.

There is a separate container in the package that is fixed to the inner part of its cover which keeps a safety & compliance guide, detailed manual, and the warranty information.

The other additional accessories for the K83 Wireless can be found under it, and these include the keyboard cable, and the 2.4 GHz dongle that is kept in a plastic clamshell that is slipped in a cardboard packaging. This is a standard cable that measures 6 feet long. It is also detachable, which is something that you should expect from all wireless peripherals.

This goes from a micro USB connector on one end, to a male USB Type A connector on the other.

The Product

Corsair K83 Wireless Review

The shape of the Corsair K83 Wireless matters since its right side can be held just like a controller for video games. Its analog stick at the top right portion functions with the shoulder button, as well as another button beneath the keyboard. This acts as a controller / mouse combo which is great.

Compared to your usual full-sized keyboard like the company’s K-70 RGB MK2, this specific keyboard is more compact since it is 2 inches slimmer when it comes to its length and width; it’s also less than half the K-70’s height.

This sports a 76-key configuration unlike the regular 104 keys of a standard full-sized keyboard. The company took out the number pad, as well as the navigation / editing cluster, then replacing this with the mouse and trackpad buttons. They also included extra controls for lighting, control scheme, and volume.

The specific area sports an integrated joystick, plus an additional pair of mouse buttons just along the back. These function as the trigger and bumper for gaming.

With its given circular style, the trackpad is quite small to support gestures for four fingers. However, it’s still easy to utilize with the right and left click buttons just underneath it. In addition, it comes with a smooth texture which makes it even better.

We also loved the fact that there is a dedicated power button on it to ensure that all key presses won’t power up the K83 Wireless when carrying it in your backpack whenever necessary.

Product Features

Sleek and Refined

The Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard features a sleek design with brushed aluminum. Its white LED backlighting is adjustable to make this suit your living room.

Enjoy Modern Control with the Joystick, Touchpad, and Media Buttons

The keyboard comes with intuitive joystick control with click buttons which makes playing games as easy as using a gamepad. Aside from the convenience it provides for gaming, it also makes menu browsing easier. The built-in precision touchpad has settings that you can tweak with the advanced 4-finger gesture support from Microsoft Windows 10. It comes with a dedicated volume roller featuring the press-to-mute function for you to easily finetune your audio.

Connection and Flexibility

You can connect the Corsair K83 wireless to a PC in your living room streaming media player, a compatible smart TV or other devices. You have two options for connection which include the 2.4GHz wireless connection, or low-latency Bluetooth.

Quick Hotkeys Keys

The Corsair K83 Wireless has convenient hotkeys which are used for navigation and media playback. This lets you switch easily to basic F keys for gaming and shortcuts.

Natural Fit

The keycaps are designed for comfort and it features an intuitive layout and twenty key rollovers. This lets you ensure that you won’t miss any keystroke.

USB Rechargeable Battery

When plugged into the USB, you can enjoy playing up to 40 hours. You can also plug this into the USB to charge so you can play continuously.


The K83 Wireless comes in a compact frame with a total of 76 keys. It functions with both wireless and wired connectivity: for the previous, you can use it with a fast 1ms 2.4 GHz or the Bluetooth 4.2, while the latter gets you to utilize the keyboard with a USB Type A 2.0 or 3.0, 1.82 meter, flat, and tangle-free rubber cable.

It makes use of ultra-low profile key switches, a precision touchpad with 4-finger gestures, as well as dedicated multimedia keys for mute and volume controls. There’s the presence of anti-ghosting with a 20-key rollover while sporting an adjustable, single-zone backlight. Not only that, but the keyboard is supported by the iCUE software which makes things even better.

The K83 Wireless keyboard from Corsair has a 1,000Hz USB polling rate, 128-bit AES of wireless encryption, and a Lithium polymer ion battery that lasts up to a total of 40 hours. It is rechargeable via micro USB.

Lastly, the Corsair K83 Wireless weighs 0.48 kilograms and measures 381 x 125 x 28 millimeters (L x W x H).

Using the Product

The Corsair K83 Wireless keyboard is excellent since it lets us connect in several ways. We were able to seamlessly use their 2.4GHz wireless dongle with the keyboard, link it with a wired USB connection, and we were also able to pair the K83 Wireless with two Bluetooth devices. We really think that the Bluetooth is an excellent choice for compatibility, and we were even able to use the keyboard well even at some distance which was great.

The speed offered by the Corsair K83 Wireless was something that we didn’t expect, but we’re definitely not complaining since it performed exquisitely. There weren’t any tedious lags so we didn’t really have to wait and see if we’ve pressed the right keys on the keyboard.

Its battery life was excellent. The company quoted a total of 12 continuous hours of use with normal lighting levels, then 40 hours in total with the lights out.  When using it we noticed that it never really dropped lower than 90% which was a surprise. And at 2 hours of constant use each day, Corsair claims that you’ll be able to have 1 to 2 weeks out of each charge. It’s actually true based on our experience, and we’re giving the company a thumbs up for that.

We love its build and its responsiveness; not only that, the build allowed us to fully enjoy our typing experience even if we were using it for prolonged hours. It’s really convenient that Corsair set the trackpad as a readily available feature, and we liked that their analog stick also doubles as a means for directional inputs. This is really something useful for navigating through text documents or even menu pages.

All in all, it’s an excellent wireless keyboard, and we’re giving Corsair a double thumbs-up for their K83 Wireless.


Corsair merged the previous LINK and CUE software applications to create iCUE. This lets you customize the lighting, macros, timers, keys and everything else based on your preferences. Here, you can easily customize your Corsair devices under one interface. For the Corsair K83, you can override Windows to tweak the gestures of the trackpad. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the analog stick, or set up a macro.


All in all, the Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard is great. The design is not only modern and stylish, but it also feels durable. We really like its compact and lightweight frame, which makes it easier to use and take from one place to another. Typing with it felt comfortable and the keys were responsive and precise. Having the trackpad, joystick, and other media keys integrated on the keyboard makes things more convenient.

This keyboard is a great addition along with your other peripherals that you can use for various devices. The best thing about this is that you can take it anywhere without dealing with cables. Setting it up via the USB wireless receiver is also a breeze, plus its battery life last long when using Bluetooth. If you need a keyboard for daily use and for gaming, the Corsair K83 is something we recommend.

Where to Buy

Check out Corsair’s store locator on the company’s official website to see the shops that offer the Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard.