Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Review


Some time ago, Corsair released their Ironclaw RGB mouse; and after a couple of months, they followed up the release with a wireless successor.

This newest version features more buttons, plus, it comes with the company’s Slipstream technology. The Ironclaw RGB Wireless is a large, right-hand device that was mainly designed for palm grippers. Though keep in mind that even if this is a grip-style mouse, it can still be used differently based on your preference.

The materials utilized for its surface are also the ones used on its predecessor, which only means that the Ironclaw RGB Wireless sports a matte, soft touch, as well as a rugged and highly textured side panel. This is great since it provides a stable and solid grip despite prolonged hours of use.

Let’s learn more about the Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless, and check out its specifications, features, and performance. First, let’s take a look at what’s inside the box.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Review – What’s in the Box?

When we got our hands on the Ironclaw RGB Wireless, it came in a simple-looking box that sports a yellow and black theme.

On the front, you will find this huge image of the mouse, the company’s name on the upper left corner, while the model of the device is written just below the image. On one side of the box, it displays the side view image of the mouse, along with the same details that you saw on the front of the box: the name of the company and the model of the mouse. The other side of the box also has the company, and the device’s name, as well as a tagline for this specific collection of wireless devices.

Flipping the box, you will find the features of the Ironclaw RGB Wireless written in different languages like English, Russian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and more.

When you take the time to inspect the package further, you’ll notice that it’s a sturdy, thick, and secure box that doesn’t have a flap or window in front. You won’t really have a sneak-peek of how the device really looks, but the image on the front will suffice. Once you open up the box, you’ll see the Ironclaw RGB Wireless itself, along with its wireless receiver dongle, charging cable, as well as brochures and guides.

The Product

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Review

Just like the original Ironclaw mouse, this Ironclaw RGB Wireless is a fine-looking, lightweight mouse that is made for right-handed users. Though light, the device is on the slightly bigger side and measures slightly over five inches long. They made it this way since Corsair claims that the device is designed for people with larger hands.

It weighs about 4.6 ounces which is a bit heavier compared to the original Ironclaw; but since it’s a wireless device, it’s completely understandable that it’s a bit heftier than the usual wired ones. This is because of the required battery element integrated to it, and despite this slightly heavier weight, it was still light to the touch and we didn’t experience any issues while using it.

Aside from its size, it’s a slightly taller device, allowing your hand to naturally drape over the buttons without it slipping off the mouse while in use. The style and shape of the device also appears really similar to the original mouse: it comes with a matte black plastic shell right at the top, together with rubber grips on the sides where the fingers rest naturally. The grip that is present on the right portion of the mouse are made for the pointer & pinky, and Corsair made this thinner for a better touch.

Although it is highly comparable to its predecessor, the Ironclaw RGB Wireless from Corsair is still very much its own device. It comes with a total of 10 buttons compared to the 7 buttons on the original. The top of the mouse features five: your standard right and left clicks which are powered by Omron switches that are rated for over 50 million presses. A clickable scrolling wheel, plus two middle buttons located below the scrolling wheel. These two buttons are used to switch among the device’s configuration profile.

The left portion of the muse is where a lot of interesting things can be seen. For the original device, it only features two macro buttons along the base, whereas this Ironclaw RGB Wireless mouse comes with a total of five buttons which are bigger and they basically run the entire length of your finger. There are also two macro buttons here, and they’re bigger in this version of the mouse. The micro buttons are flush together with the mouse’s top, making it more convenient to pull down using your thumb.

Rising from between these buttons is a 3rd bumper. This functions as a sniper, DPI dropping button that you’d press & hold for precision and accurate clicking.

Further on the side is another pair of macro buttons that swap up to a total of 3 DPI settings that you can setup on a profile to profile basis. Even though there are a ton of buttons, the motions feel natural and very easy to press even during high-pressure instances. Not only that, but you’ll get three extra RGB lightings on this device from Corsair.

Just like every other gaming mouse, the Ironclaw RGB wireless from Corsair comes with a huge lit up logo found at the base of the device. Plus, it also comes with a light just below the scroll wheel, and a set of these in the grills along the front edge of the device. Technically, you’ll also be allowed to set the colors of all three indicator lights found on the left portion of the Ironclaw RGB Wireless, giving you data about your wireless connectivity while also displaying the current DPI preset that you’re using.

Its non-indicator lights are just as customizable individually or as a group, utilizing a flashing effect, preset pattern, or a specific glow on your choice of color. In general, the lighting leaves a lot to love, and none of the aesthetic light sources is visible from your perspective which is great.

Product Features

Slipstream – Corsair’s Intelligent Wireless Technology

With the Slipstream Technology, you can enjoy gaming with absolutely high-speed rates and its simple setup. It also features the Intelligent Frequency Shift which allows for smooth connection that is free from interference.

Form Factor

The body of the Ironclaw RGB Wireless features a contoured shape. It’s designed to provide comfort for your palm grips and large hands.

Powerful and Accurate Optical Gaming Sensor

The custom Pixart PMW-3391 with native 18,000 DPI optical sensor provides fully precise tracking. It’s adjustable by increments of 1 DPI for complete customization of the mouse’s total sensitivity.

Three Dynamic Zones for RGB Backlighting

RGB lighting is one of the strong features of the Ironclaw. It comes with three zones that you can control individually and these include the front panels, rear logo, and the scroll wheel. The lighting customization options is vast, and you can even synchronize the lighting with other Corsair RGB peripherals with the function enabled.

Onboard Profile Storage

The Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless comes with onboard profile storage so you can save and take your lighting control settings with you.

Lasts up to 50 Hours when Using Bluetooth

Enjoy uninterrupted playtime with the battery life of the Ironclaw RGB Wireless that lasts for more than two days. When charging is necessary, you can simply plug it in for wired mode and continue playing.


The Ironclaw RGB Wireless from Corsair comes with nearly the same shell as its predecessor, but with three additional buttons which makes it a total of ten fully functional and programmable ones. The sensor that it uses is the high-end piece from PixArt PMW-3391, with a max resolution that is 18,000 CPI.

There are a total of three programmable RGB light zones that come with a plethora of various effects that you can select from. It also sports the Slipstream Wireless 2.4 GHz technology from Corsair, but the good thing is that you can still link this via cable or Bluetooth.

Using the Product

The Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless, just like every other mice from the company, is extremely great when it comes to its in-game performance. We used it for a couple of games to get a better idea of how capable and good it is. And in all honesty, we were very pleased with the results that we got.

Buttons on this mouse are great – specifically the primary ones which are fantastic. These buttons are tactile and feel light and we really love the fact that the company used Omron switches for this. You can just click away without worrying about the mouse breaking, we can also say that it’s highly durable and we liked that a lot.

We also think that the CPI and side buttons were pretty neat; and while the scroll wheel is something that’s medium-light in resistance which makes it lean to the loose side. Another thing is that it’s still tactile which is good.

When it comes to its middle click, it’s also just as good and you won’t get tired of using it continuously since. It wasn’t stiff and difficult to depress in any way so it gave ultimate comfort all throughout. The resistance of the profile switchers under the scroll wheel is average.

The sensor of the Ironclaw RGB Wireless is excellent, just like the one on its wired predecessor. We also did not detect any lag while using the adapter and there was less interference compared to other similar wireless adapters.

The Ironclaw RGB Wireless works just as great even when wired. So if you want to continue playing while charging the mouse, all you have to do is to plug the braided charging cable in.


The iCUE software connects all of your compatible Corsair devices together for you to conveniently control the settings of these in a single interface. It gives you full control of everything from RGB effects and lighting, temperature, and fan speed. It is the new software that Corsair produced by merging their two previously released software applications, LINK and CUE.

The interface has a minimalist feel. It looks simple and clean, which allowed us to easily navigate through various settings. At the top section of the interface, you will see all the connected Corsair devices. You can use options such as configuring the lighting portions of your mouse, keyboard, headsets, and more. You can also create remappable key assignments, powerful actions such as macros, DPI adjustments, timer countdowns, and more. There are a wide range of preferences that you can set up in a number of profiles.

The first page of the software is where you choose the device you will customize. For all button assignments, you will find a “Profiles” tab. You can change the DPI settings, pointer motion speed, sniper DPI, lift angle and height snapping. There are 16.8 million RGB colors you can choose from for each lighting zone and you can also add some lighting effects. The software also allows you to customize the Ironclaw RGB Wireless Mouse’s settings based on your preferences.


All in all, the new Ironclaw RGB Wireless Mouse from Corsair works well, and we think it’s a fast and precise mouse that provides the aesthetics, as well as adequate comfort. We also appreciate its many features, and the fact that it’s highly customizable since it allowed us to make the device look even better.

Previously, we have tried the original Ironclaw and we liked its performance. In fact, the new wireless model still retains its predecessor’s features, durability, and performance. Its build quality is excellent since we didn’t find any squeaking, creaking, and misalignment.

Despite having all of its great features, the Ironclaw RGB Wireless still has an affordable price, which is another thing we really appreciate. If you want a wireless mouse that delivers aesthetics and performance, we highly recommend the Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Mouse.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own the Ironclaw RGB Wireless Mouse, check out Corsair’s store locator on the company’s official website to see where you can purchase this.