Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler Review


Corsair is one of those companies that have been around for ages, and they secured a prominent spot in the market. Along with that, Corsair was also able to acquire the title as the top leader in the AIO liquid cooling market for years.

Since then, they’ve been offering a wide range of not only small coolers for the smaller form factor builds. They also provide coolers for a much larger 280, and 360-millimeter form factor builds to those who aim for best performance.

Today, a lot of manufacturers integrate RGB and LED functionalities to their coolers, and Corsair isn’t an exception to this. However, the new Corsair Hydro Series H100i includes to their collection of products, the Platinum SE whereas with power supplies, hints an air of supremacy and quality.

Today, we’re taking a look at the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler and see how good it is, and if it can hold up to our tests. But first, let’s take a look at what’s inside the box.

Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler Review – What’s in the Box?

Our Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler arrived in a package that sports the same trend as every other recent Corsair product. It is mainly black with accents of yellow, plus an image of the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler in front. When you look at the image, you’ll notice that Corsair is aiming to highlight the cooler’s RGB functions by displaying the cooler with a lot of bright and vibrant colors.

The rear portion of the package features a couple of the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler’s core features, including the 16 individual LED pump / CPU block, and the comprised LL fans. The dimensions and specifications about the radiator are also available on the package. These details are necessary to give you an idea about the compatibility of the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler.

Inside the package, you will get the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler and a mounting kit that is compatible with all kinds of modern CPU sockets. The box includes mounting screws for the fan & radiator, a USB cable for iCUE integration, a pre-applied thermal compound, and a quick start guide.

The Product

Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler Review

Looking at its exterior, the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler appears identical to the H100i Pro – both of them sport a 240-millimeter radiator, plus the same aesthetics. However, the coolers are entirely different when it comes to their internal specifications.

The H100i Pro has a design specific for quiet performance for regular PCs, whereas the Platinum series provides you with the best performance that works excellently for high-end desktops. The company achieves this by utilizing fans that can push more air compared to those paired with the Pro model. They also attain this by altering the internal form of the cooling plate.

When it comes to the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler makes use of a cooling plate, pump, and radiator designed by CoolIT Systems. CoolIT successfully boosted the overall efficiency using a brand new split-flow base. It internally decreases sharp turns to enhance the path for the flow of liquid. With an unblocked passage via the block, the flow of water within the cooler can adequately dissipate heat.

One of the first things that you will notice about the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler is its number of cables present on the cooling fans and block. Earlier models sported fewer cables since fans and pumps were the only parts that required power. Now, all the available RGB lights require power and control, so more cables are necessary to make them work. It only means that you need to manage your cables thoroughly to make your case look neat.

H100i Platinum SE Cooler Fans

The included fans in this cooler are the Corsair LL Series RGB magnetic – levitation PWM fans. They deliver adequate static pressure and airflow to give you the best cooling for this configuration.

Each of the fans sports four separate RGB lights on them, while its cooling block has a total of sixteen RGB lights. With that, it means that there are a total of twenty-four RGB LED lights that you can manage using the Corsair iCUE software.

The Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler’s fans operate at 2200 RPM which can make them either extremely silent or somewhat audible. It is because the fans move enough air to cool the processor that is running over its Voltage levels and stock frequency.

When it comes to its noise, the fans have a rating of 36 dBA. So in a typical office or home setting, we can consider these fans to be relatively silent even during full throttle.

The Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler’s LL120 RGB PWM fans combine outstanding airflow, 16 vibrant & independent RGB LED lights, as well as low noise operations. Its lights are well-distributed between two individual light loops that surround the fan and its hub. It’s best paired with the comprised Corsair Lighting Node Pro to better customize lighting with a plethora of vibrant patterns and effects.

Utilizing advanced PWM controls and a 120-millimeter fan blade, you can set the fan’s speed anywhere from 600 to 1500 RPM for accurate airflow and noise adjustment. Technically, the LL120 RGB fans are for people who want outstanding airflow, powerful lighting, and silent operation that will bring their PCs back in the loop. The following are the highlights of the LL120 fans from Corsair:

It has a total of 16 separate RGB LEDs on each fan between two light loops.

You can manage software control and customize effects for RGB lighting using the included lighting Node Pro from Corsair. If not, you can opt to expand your RGB lights with additional RGB LED light strips or RGB fans. Just remember that these extra items are not part of the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler’s package.

With the PWM fan controls, you can adjust the dynamic speed between 600 to 1500 RPM to decrease noise or enhance airflow. Also, the fans make use of a hydraulic bearing type while its 120-millimeter fan blades are engineered specifically for low noise functions without sacrificing the performance.

Product Features

Dual RGB LIghting

The Corsair Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler comes with two Corsair LL120 RGB PWM fans. These give you a total of forty-eight RGB LEDs that you can individually customize. This cooling system offers vivid RGB lights and top-notch cooling performance.

Clean and White Style

The Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler consists of a white fan housing. Not only that, but it also comes with a radiator accent, as well as a pump car. These additions help improve your system’s style to enhance its RGB lights further.

High Cooling Performance

Each of the LL120 RGB PWM fans has a speed of 2,200 RPM when running in operation, which provides high-performance cooling. It comes with a low-noise pump design and a thermally optimized cold plate, so it can perform quietly while it delivers extreme cooling.

Quick and Simple Installation

The Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler has tool-free, modular mounting brackets. These allow for more convenient and uncomplicated installation on all primary CPU sockets.


The Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler, with RGB lighting, has two Corsair LL120 PWM fans that measure 120 x 25 millimeters with a fan speed of 2200 RPM. It has an airflow of 63 CFM, a noise level of 36 dBA, and fan-static pressure of 3.0 millimeters – H20.

The material used for its cold plate is copper, while the radiator’s material is aluminum. Speaking of the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler’s radiator, it measures 277 x 120 x 27 millimeters.

Its cooling socket supports Intel 1150 | 1151 | 1156 | 1155, Intel 2011 | 2066, and AMD AM3 | AM2, AMD TR4, plus the AMD AM4.

What’s good is that Corsair included a five-year cooling warranty for this.

Using the Product

We didn’t miss out on checking the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler’s performance. And as expected, all we can say is that it was able to do an excellent job of keeping our processor cool.

We tried comparing the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler to other similar products, and interestingly, it performed better than other coolers and stock heatsinks. It was most evident when we utilized the “Extreme Cooling” mode. The “Quiet” setting didn’t fall behind, and there was only a tiny difference in cooling between the modes.

RGB Lighting

When it comes to the lighting on the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler’s pump and fans, these were extremely pleasant. The lighting was also easy to manage via the iCUE software. We utilized the software a lot for customization to fit our desired build aesthetics.

Performance – LL120 Pro RGB Fans

For the acoustics, the fans did a perfect job of running at low noise levels even during spins at heightened RPM. These are powerful fans that perform well despite running quietly at default. It’s also nice that the fans allowed us to set the speed on manual or automatic depending on our needs. Not only that, but the pump can also be set to push fluid around.

Technically, both the RGB lights and the LL120 Pro fans are amazing. We love the block’s subdued appearance, and we also appreciate the software support since it was faultless. The Corsair iCUE software is a convenient element to the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler, and it is an outstanding ecosystem.

Overall, the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler is ultimately impressive because of its excellent performance and massive flexibility. So, if you want complete control for your cooler’s aesthetics and temperature, we’re sure to recommend this product from Corsair. Two thumbs up for the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler.


Corsair iCUE is the software that gives you full control to configure and synchronize the lighting of the H100i Platinum SE Cooler. It works efficiently with other devices that are compatible with iCUE. This interface allows you to select from a variety of RGB effects so you can fully personalize your build.

Aside from RGB configurations, you can also monitor the temperature of your CPU and cooling system, or make adjustments to the fan and pump speeds. You can manage all of these settings through a single user-friendly interface.

Zero RPM cooling profiles are available to stop at low temperatures to reduce fan noise completely. What we liked is that it allows us to control everything through this software since this prevents bloatware.

Features of Corsair iCUE

iCUE Synchronized RGB Lighting and Effects

As mentioned earlier, Corsair iCUE allows you to synchronize the RGB lights of all compatible products with one click. You can create stunning lighting presets and manage the whole color spectrum.

iCUE Game Integrations

With Corsair iCUE, you can enjoy a more immersive gaming experience by extending this beyond your monitor and desktop. You can set in-game actions and RGB effects to make your iCUE-compatible peripherals and components light up for more enjoyable gameplay.

iCUE Tutorial Videos

Corsair iCUE offers tutorial videos to assist you in arranging and customizing unique profiles for RGB lights, power, and temperature. With these instructional videos, configuring your iCUE products becomes more effortless.

iCUE Profiles

iCUE offers you smart control with no limits. It allows you to conveniently synchronize RGB lighting across all iCUE products, track the status of your devices, and adjust your fans with precision. With that, you can save your profiles for your Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler.


The Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler is one of the best cooling systems we’ve used. It has excellent aesthetics, and it delivered exceptional performance from cooling to RGB lighting.

Although it’s a little expensive compared to other coolers of its kind, this is one of the finest devices in the market today. It’s easy to install, has a clean yet stunning design, vibrant lights, and most importantly, its cooling performance is outstanding. Because of that, we highly recommend the Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own Corsair H100i Platinum SE Cooler, you can purchase this from the company’s official website. On this page, you can also click the “Find a Retailer” button if you want to buy this from another online store.