Corsair Glaive RGB Pro Review


Throughout the years, Corsair was able to establish a reputation for producing some of the best and most incredible mice available. One of these is the Glaive RGB Pro which proves that it’s worthy of this Corsair tradition. With its hot-swappable side grips, fantastic ergonomic design, and perfect custom sensors, you’ll sure get a lot of DPI options which is more than great.

We were really huge fans of the company’s original Glaive when we first tried it. We loved its outstanding performance, very handy DPI indicator, as well as its comfortable feel.

But as we’ve mentioned earlier, Corsair did come out with a brand new, and better developed Glaive – the Glaive RGB Pro. And needless to say, we got extremely excited to try out this enhanced version to see what’s new and what makes it better.

Corsair claims that it boasts a new, state of the art sensor, a more lightweight & slim form, plus new side-grips that sport more textured rubber. To put it simply, seems like this already notable mouse has gotten even better. It isn’t a mouse that’s on the cheaper side, though. But with its build, looks, and features, it may be something worth investing in; or is it?

Let’s find out.

Corsair Glaive RGB Pro Review – What’s in the Box?

When looking at the package of the Glaive RGB Pro from Corsair, you’ll see a top-down view of the mouse which confirms that the company was aiming for the MOBA and FPS markets.

On the left portion of the package, you’re provided with a side profile image of the mouse. For the back portion of the box, you will see the different specifications of the Glaive RGB Pro listed in multiple languages. You’ll also get a glimpse of the mouse’s interchangeable thumb grips and the RGB slits located at the front part of the Glaive RGB Pro.

The right-hand side of the package is where you’ll find the company’s slogan for the mouse which is “Control Freak”. It’s actually fitting for the Glaive RGB Pro since it comes with the 18,000 DPI that the sensor’s rated for.

Inside, you will find the mouse itself, a braided cable, the included thumb grips, as well as the warranty and quick start guide.

The Product

Corsair Glaive RGB Pro Review

The Glaive RGB Pro from Corsair is a mouse that combines high performance with great comfort; it comes with a nicely-contoured shape that is perfect for lengthened gaming sessions. The mouse allows you to choose between a total of three interchangeable thumb grips to get that tailored fit that is perfect and comfortable during your game time.

The mouse sports a highly accurate 18000 DPI optical sensor, plus high performance switches from Omron that are rated for over 50 million clicks. This is to guarantee that you’re always at the top and ahead of your game.

Improved Style and Comfort

The company is pitching their Glaive RGB Pro as an FPS and MOBA-oriented game mouse; and from its exterior, the mouse’s ergonomic design makes it appear very suitable for people who favor the palm-style grip than the claw. This mouse measures about 13 centimeters long by 8 centimeters across; it is also 5 centimeters tall right at its peak.

The materials used for its build includes a lightweight aluminum subframe together with a huge wrap of a matte black, rubberized plastic on top. This provides you with the mouse’s base. It is basically one piece up top, with a ton of translucent laser-carved RGB LED windows that rest at the top portion of two Omron-designed mechanical click switches.

Both sides of the Glaive RGB Pro sport a diamond-rubber textured grip to keep your fingers in place during intensive gaming moments. Its left rubber grip is hot-swappable with the additional grips that are included in the package, both giving you an added dimension to the mouse.

Enhanced DPI for Better Performance

When you look at the capacity of the original Glaive from Corsair, you’ll see that it could only handle a total of 16000 DPI. Yet with the new Glaive Pro, it is capable of handling up to 18000 DPI which is definitely better. The numbers may basically be for boasting rights, yet there are edge-case scenarios where the high DPI helps in many ways.

This mouse will be a must for those pro gamers who require pinpoint accuracy during pixel-perfect movements or specific sniper shots. They’ll get to crank up the DPI extensively for a split second before they get to set back down to a more acceptable level. Also, if you are one of those players with limited movements, you can utilize these specifically higher settings.

Easy and Convenient DPI Adjustments

Readjusting and altering the DPI on the mouse is quite easy. You just need to press on the DPI buttons located at the top of the mouse and you’re good to go. It’s also nice that Corsair inspires you to shift your DPI with a highly intuitive yet very simple five-stage DPI indicator. This is actually one of the best features of the original mouse, and we’re really glad that it made a comeback on the Glaive RGB Pro. This prevents you from having to figure out what your DPI settings are.

Product Features

Comfortable Fit

The Glaive RGB Pro from Corsair combines high performance and quality comfort; plus, its contoured shape is perfect for prolonged gaming sessions. Select from three interchangeable thumb grips that are included in the package, to get that perfect fit on your grip.

Perfection Inside and Out

The mouse sports high-performing Omron switches and an ultra accurate 18,000 DPI optical sensor. The switches are rated for over 50 million clicks to guarantee accuracy and efficiency at all times.


The Glaive RGB Pro makes use of an optical sensor, specifically the PixArt PMW 3391 model. It has great sensitivity from 1 to 18,000 DPI and 1,000 Hz polling rates. For its buttons, there are a total of 6 programmable buttons plus 3 LED zones and 18.8 million colors available.

We really liked that Corsair made their mouse cable long enough for convenience and it measures a total of 1.8 meters or 6 feet.

This mouse is PC compatible with the USB 2.0 port; it also works with Windows 7, 8, or 20, and you’ll also need to have internet connection to be able to download the Corsair Utility Engine software.

For Bluetooth connectivity, you’re required to have Windows 8 or 10 on your computer. Lastly, the mouse is iCUE-supported and is available via USB wired or 2.4GHz wireless mode.

Using the Product

The Corsair Glaive RGB Pro makes use of a custom PMW 3391 sensor produced by Corsair and PixArt. These two companies make an excellent team, and all we can say is that this sensor performs excellently and it rocks. It’s fast, smooth, and very precise so we never had any issues with the Glaive RGB Pro to get it moving to the direction we wanted.

We also liked the fact that Corsair opted to go with the Omron switches for the Glaive RGB Pro since these are rated for 50 million clicks, making it really satisfying to utilize. In addition, we took note of the mouse’s aluminum scrolling wheel since it offered us accurate notched scrolling, and an overall excellent click-feel.

In-Game Performance

For its in-game performance, we can definitely say that it is fantastic. The movements of the mouse were responsive and snappy which is perfect for past paced and twitchy shooters. Everything was smooth, seamless, and effortless, allowing us to focus on the gameplay and immerse ourselves completely in the action.

It’s also safe to say that the Glaive RGB Pro is a beast since there weren’t any delays when we used it; the sensor felt really sharp and we were really happy about that.

The huge difference for the mouse comes down to how you’ve set it up. By default, you won’t get a ton of choices, at least not when it comes to the physical mouse. There are no additional weights to insert here, nor cables to exchange in & out, and there are no sensors that you can replace. Yet there are a couple of grips that you can swap on the Glaive RGB Pro’s left portion; and for basics, the mouse comes with three grips for convenience.

Each of these link easily to the Glaive RGB Pro and this is all thanks to the available magnetic slots that can be found on the mouse’s body.

Mouse Grips

Speaking of the grips, the first one is linked to the mouse right out of the box. It scoops itself into the mouse’s body, thoroughly aligning itself with the front and rear portion of the mouse. You won’t find any wings or obtuse angles here since it’s a simple design that works perfectly in games, especially those requiring high movement. This is because it lets your thumb push and rotate the Glaive RGB Pro backward and forward without you having to move your wrists.  It also allows you to shoot faster, as well as to choose things quicker without moving your whole hand to do so.

For the second grip, this is a bit more blunt than the previous, and its position wades out to the left portion of the mouse. It may look a bit more extreme in this angle, but for palm grippers, this is a more comfortable and convenient position to hold their thumb against. This grip will still allow you to rotate the Glaive RGB Pro, then move it back and forth via your thumb. Thing is, the distance that lets you do this is lesser than before, and you will need to move your wrist a bit more during gameplay because of it.

The last grip is the winged grip. We’re considering it as a big beauty since it is the essence of comfort, combined with a flared wing sliding down and lunging out to the mouse’s left-hand side. It glides up to the primary body of the Glaive RGB Pro just like how the stock grip does – lining itself perfectly with the rear and front areas of the mouse.

Basically, we consider the middle grip to be the best and most appropriate balance for the Glaive RGB Pro, giving you adequate comfort during extensive hours of internet or gaming sessions.

All in all, the Corsair Glaive RGB Pro was a great performer, and we’re definitely giving it two thumbs-up for it.


The Corsair Glaive RGB Pro makes use of the company’s iCUE software which is necessary for all lighting controls and customizations. With the software, you’ll get to add custom commands and macros to each of the 6 programmable buttons of the mouse; though keep in mind that you won’t get to program its left click. In addition, you can even set the mouse to run the macro for each click, as well as how long it should wait between the actions.

You can adjust and create tons of DPI profiles depending on your preference, and enable the number of DPI settings that each of the profiles have. You can have a DPI profile for your game that only requires two DPIs, one for general play, another for sniping, or even another profile for games that have four DPI levels.

You can do all these while altering the shades of the DPI indicator to see exactly what profile you’re currently in.

There’s a ton of performance options available, and these include the improved pointer precision, angle snapping, modifications to polling rates, and the ability to clear the onboard memory of your driver, or even update your firmware. Additionally, there’s also this neat surface calibration tool available in the software.


If you were in to the original Glaive from Corsair, then you’ll definitely love this Glaive RGB Pro. This is a fantastic enhancement to the earlier version of the Glaive, plus it also has a highly improved sensor, more customization options, as well as an updated software.

Not only is the sensor better, but the Glaive RGB Pro is lighter and much easier to maneuver; aside from that, its side grips are more comfortable and easier to grip, which makes things even better. So if you’re one of those people who love the tip and claw grip, and don’t really mind a thinner body for the mouse, then we highly recommend the Corsair Glaive RGB Pro to you. And if you’re up for upgrading your mouse, then this is definitely something that you should look for.

Where to Buy

If you want to get your hands on the Glaive RGB Pro, you can purchase the mouse from Corsair’s official website.