Cooler Master MM830 Review


When you’re searching for the best mouse, there will be a ton of factors to consider when choosing the perfect one. For gamers, they often search for a mouse that is very much customisable, is comfortable for prolonged gaming sessions, and a mouse that has HQ DPI sensors.

So if you’re a gamer in search for a mouse with such features, then the Cooler Master MM830 definitely fits all these requirements. And not only that, but the mouse also adds up some of its own cool surprises. A couple of the MM830’s notable aspects include a total of eight programmable buttons, a 24,000 DPI sensor, configurable RGB LEDs, five profiles, plus a customisable OLED screen.

With all of these premium features, the Cooler Master MM830 is set slightly higher on the price spectrum in the market.

Cooler Master MM830 Review – What’s in the Box?

It wasn’t a surprise to us when the MM830 arrived in a package with the usual Cooler Master’s signature theme: royal purple and black.

When you look at the front portion of the box, you’ll see an image of the mouse displayed there. Along with the image, you will also be presented its exceptional selling points for the Cooler Master MM830. The package also features an image of the mouse when lit up via one of its presets that is rainbow-like.

Displayed on the right side of the box are the 4 feature badges that we mentioned earlier: the RGB lighting, OLED display, 24,000 DPI sensor, and a hidden D-Pad. On the box’s left side, you’ll also see the same set of features which Cooler Master seems to be promoting a whole lot.

Focusing on the back part of the package, you will be provided with a more detailed explanation of the RGB specifications, hidden D-Pad, and the OLED display. There is also an image of someone using the Cooler Master MM830 which highlights its features such as the hidden D-Pad and the OLED display.

From the front of the box, you can get to open the package just like a door. From here, the mouse will be displayed, and you will find this encased in a perfectly molded plastic shell. Once you’re done removing all of the mouse packaging and wraps, you’ll be left with just the Cooler Master MM830 and it’s quick start guide.

The Product

Cooler Master MM830 Review

The Cooler Master MM830 is one attractive mouse with its body’s angular and lengthy design making it look sharp and sleek. The mouse is accented by thick rubber treads of the mouse’s wheel, the subtle utilization of glossy plastic that has been recessed, and the 4-zoned lighting that offers the mouse a futuristic aesthetic which is really cool. The left side of the mouse also displays a rubberized grip that has been imprinted with a polygonal pattern which has a great feel to it. The right side of the mouse also has a nice contour that perfectly fits the hand; plus, it is made out of the same matte black material found at the top of the Cooler Master MM830.

The mouse is packed with an Avago / Pixart PMW-3360 optical sensor which is one of the most favored elements in gaming mice today. This is all because of its outstanding tracking. The bottom part of the Cooler Master MM830 features three oversized pads found at the back, left side, and front of the mouse . And just like other mice, the optical DPI sensor can be found right at the center of it.

When taking a look at the Cooler Master MM830, you will see that the mouse is given a premium and aesthetic treatment with its braided cord. If you take the time to look at the USB plug, the company has gold-plated the connector then applied their standard royal purple theme to its USB insert.

The variety of materials Cooler Master used is highly considered: instead of them using the lighter and more common ABS plastic, the company opted for the higher quality PBT. This material is much more dense and resistant against fingerprints and shine even after everyday use. Not only that, but the cable used is also braided, though the thing about these types of cables is that they tend to loop up at times.

Using the Cooler Master MM830 is very comfortable, especially with its thumb rest and right-hand scoop. The plastic at the top of the mouse also has a but of texture, but it isn’t enough to be seen. Instead, it sports an ultra-fine, sandpaper feel to it to give you a firm and solid grip on the mouse . It is also a durable piece since Cooler Master opted to use a more HQ type of material for its body, rather than the standard types of plastic that is common today.

As for its branding, it is very minimal, and that’s good. The company chose to utilize its logo’s outline instead of the actual words. You’ll only find a vibrant hexagon on the outer part of the mouse, making it downplayed yet elegant.

Product Features

Change the Game with Convenient D-Pad Buttons

With the MM830’s built-in D-Pad buttons in the thumb rest, you can keep a firm grip with your thumb while rocking in all directions make the buttons operate. Set your upgrades, crucial gear, and abilities to these specialized buttons and win your games with ease. This ensures that your arsenal is always easy to reach but does not disrupt your gameplay.

Rugged and Durable

The MM830 sets a new standard when it comes to the durability of a gaming mouse. It’s made of pBY material for high levels of protection against wear and tear. For the buttons, these feature the Omron switches for an extended lifespan. The scroll wheel is equipped with a Japanese ALPS encoder to reduce stickiness and jamming, which allows for maximum accuracy.

Customizable OLED Display and 4-Zone LED Lighting

This gaming mouse comes with a 96 x 24 OLED display that is fully customizable. This allows you to showcase your colors, clan emblems, banners, as well as crucial stats. It also features the 4-Zone LED Lighting which is able to display full 16.7 million RGB illumination.

DPI Settings

Aside from the OLED and RGB LED lighting, you can also personalize the MM830’s DPI. Four separate settings are available for DPI, which comes anywhere from 100 to 12,000 DPI in 100 increments. The onboard DPI switch allows for easy adjustments in precision so you can immediately optimize your APM.


The Cooler Master MM830 makes use of the Pixart PMW-3360 optical mouse sensor with four levels (100 – 24,000 DPI) of CPI / DPU, plus a tracking speed of 250 ips / 50g.

The mouse has a < ~ 2 millimeter / adjustable lift off distance, a 32-bit ARM processor, and its mouse polling rate reaches 1,000 Hz / 1ms. This Cooler Master MM830’s onboard  memory is a good 512KB, with Omron mouse switches and a lifespan of 20 million clicks.

For its dimensions, the MM830 measures 82.2 X 130.1 X 43.4 millimeters (W x H x D), and weighs a total of 162 grams + / – 5 grams. Lastly, it comes with a warranty of two years for everyone’s convenience.

Using the Product

Before we get into the mouse’s performance, let’s first focus on the comfort, as well as the overall feel of the mouse when being used. When it comes to its size, our impression of it was that the Cooler Master MM830 is slightly on the larger side,  but it doesn’t mean that using the mouse is difficult and uncomfortable, which is good.

The mice that we use on a daily basis is much smaller than the Cooler Master MM830, but after using this mouse, our comfort level went higher which was quite unexpected. Its body’s PBT plastic has a very nice and solid feel to it, and we really loved its roughly tough feel, giving us the perfect amount of grip without having to feel any abrasions and the like.

But of course, the mouse really shined when it came to its performance in gaming. The current mouse that we use only has two buttons along the thumb area, and the mouse is programmed to establish only a few actions for some games. But with the MM830, we were able to do more which is great. As for general functions and aiming, the mouse worked perfectly fine thanks to the integrated Pixart sensor. There wasn’t an instance when we noticed any issues that could be linked to the sensor or the  mouse, and our entire gameplay time was a really pleasant one with the Cooler Master MM830.

By far, our favorite experience with the mouse was with its D-pad. While trying the mouse out for both MMO’s and MOBA’s, the Cooler Master MM830 simply delivered since it featured a ton of buttons that were very useful for the gameplay. Having the four additional buttons not only freed some of the keys on our keyboard, but the presence of these also boosts your reaction time during clutch moments.

Overall, the experience that we had with the Cooler Master MM830 was very positive, and it had a ton of features that we really enjoyed. Each gaming session that we had was smooth, without any issues, and despite the prolonged periods, using the mouse was really comfortable. The palm grip was great and it glided with ease.


Cooler Master’s Portal Software is used for configuring the MM830 and is downloadable via the company’s official website.

When we started the Portal, it automatically detected the MM830. The first menu item displays Buttons where you can set the functions of the eight programmable buttons. You will see a top down view of the gaming mouse and it will allows you to set its left and right buttons, scroll wheel, as well as its DPI cycle. You can also assign macros and multimedia keys in this section.

On the second tab, you can optimize the MM830’s performance settings according to your preferences. The lighting tab lets you control the LED effects’ brightness, speed, and all other RGB settings. You will also find an OLED tab where you can access the OLED screen. This gives you the option to set up multiple OLED profiles, upload a bitmap that you want to display, or create on with the software. In the macros tab, you can create and store macros. When you open the Profiles tab, you can rename, reset, import, or export your profiles.


The MM830 is a great gaming mouse. It comes with new and cool features; plus, we were really impressed with its design. When using it, the mouse was absolutely comfortable even during prolonged gameplays.

We really like the fact that the company used the a glowing hexagon instead of placing their entire name on the mouse’s body. This makes it look more elegant. Its internals are also great since it is equipped with the Pixart PMW3360 optical sensor.

All in all, the MM830 is a fantastic gaming mouse for those that want something a little different. If you’re looking for the best peripherals for your gaming rig, we highly recommend the Cooler Master’s MM830. It’s a stunning gaming mouse that delivers top-notch performance so you can win in every game.

Where to Buy

The Cooler Master Masterbox MM830 RGB is available for online purchase via the company’s online store. If you prefer to purchase from another shop, you can also check out Cooler Master’s store locator to find the shop that sells this product in your location.