Blue Lola Review

When it comes to quality microphones, the name Blue first comes into mind. A large number of their products have helped launch the new generation of streamers, podcasters, and YouTubers from all over.

All of their creations have distinct features, however, these are rugged and made to survive in harsh conditions; this may be the case, but their products are also very user-friendly so everyone can easily enjoy what Blue has to offer. The coolest thing about their items would be the 60’s style that these sport, which is something that we can’t help but love.

Blue’s latest range of headphones have that unique appeal just like their other products; these are also well-built, easy to use and are unlike the rest of the headphones that are out in the market today.

Lola is one of their products and it is a reimagined headset that exhibits new levels of detail and style. Everything from this headphone’s progressive ergonomics to its huge custom drivers were designed specifically for music lovers.

Since most of your loved tunes are recorded using Blue’s microphones, you can expect to have even better and quality music for an excellent audio listening experience. If you want to learn more about Blue’s Lola headphones, then let’s take a look at its features, specifications, and learn more about the product itself.

First up, let’s start with what’s inside Lola’s box.

Blue Lola Review – What’s in the Box?

When we first saw the box for Lola, we were quite surprised and excited about it. You’ll surely have a unique unboxing experience since the package doubles as a type of headphone stand. If you look at its base, it features a special type of molding that the device can perfectly fit in to. And because of Lola’s design, it can just be propped up with ease.

We think that this is a really clever way to package a pair of headphones and we liked Blue’s idea a lot. It’s also pretty convenient for people who don’t own headphone stands since the box itself would work just as fine. The exterior features a couple of diagrams and information on the product’s key features.

Inside the box, you will find the device itself. It also comes with other items and accessories like a soft carrying case, your regular 3.5-millimeter audio cable, a much shorter 3.5-millimeter cable that has in-line controls, plus a 3.5-millimeter – 6.3-millimeter adapter. These are a good set of accessories and everything you will need is included in the box.

The Product

Blue Lola Review – Stylish and Comfortable Sound

The Lola headphones that we have comes in the standard black shade which gives the device a really sleek and stylish appeal. The first thing that you will notice when you set your eyes on the headphones is its cool and unusual design. The headphones feature a rather vintage appeal that perfectly matches the company’s logo.

We loved its design and enjoyed the retro style that  supports the idea that Blue’s Lola headphones is not your typical set that you can find in the market.

Its frame is made from metal which is a carryover from their previous Mo FI headset – now referred to as the Sadie. There are a lot of headsets that make use of cheap-looking plastic and that’s something we really dislike; so, it’s really nice to see that Blue went for the high-quality and more durable type of plastic for their Lola headphones. Though they made use of plastic bodies for the enclosures, we weren’t alarmed by this since these are rarely the areas where headphones usually break.

Though we did have a few issues with its weight, assuming that it would be a hefty device since it weighed 397 grams. Thing is, we really didn’t have to worry about it since the headset was surprisingly light for its said weight. Lola also steers clear from the typical adjustment band and the company, instead, opted for a multi-jointed headband. When we tried on the headset, we needed to twist the cups and adjust the headband to perfectly get the shape of our head.

Its suspension system at play doesn’t only secure the device to create a completely covered and sealed sound for your ears, but it also does so without applying too much pressure on your head. Also, it didn’t ratchet a band right into our hair so we didn’t get any of the headphone head that we also dislike.

If you’re the type of person who avoids wearing over ears out of the house due to hair getting messed up, then you won’t have to worry about Lola since it completely solves that issue. For its cables, you still get two where one has a remote while one doesn’t. Both of these end in 3.5-millimeter jacks so replacements will be fairly easy if ever this is necessary.

Just take note of the in-line controls’ function since it depends on the type of device you’re using. The device is optimized specifically for iOS, so if you’re someone who uses an Android device, then the middle button that plays and pauses music will be the one that works.

Driver Specifications

The Lola headphones has a 50-millimeter fiber reinforced dynamic driver and has an impedance of 42 ohms. It’s frequency response ranges from 15Hz to 20kHz and it features a sealed enclosure with tuned damping materials.

Headphone Specifications

It weighs a total of 397 grams and it’s outer dimensions when closed measures about 22 x 15 x 13 centimeters. When opened, the measurements end up with 19 x 30 x 13 centimeters.

Lola and its Excellent Sounds

Let’s begin with the acoustics. Blue obviously optimizes the design and aspect for Lola’s performance – from its big 50-millimeter premium drivers to the big enclosures that allow maximizing the air volume around the drivers. Its 100% sealed and airtight enclosure is made up of a thick wall that has been heavily reinforced. With that, the enclosure becomes extremely strong and highly resistant to flexing and vibration, thus, creating a sturdy platform for the drivers. This allows accurate delivery which also inspires quality sounds.

Improved Headband Build

The unique headband of Lola was greatly inspired by the fine tune suspensions of Formula 1 racers. It is elegant, comfortable, and can conform to different types of head sizes and shapes. Simply put, the headband of Lola is displays proper fit and comfort that isn’t possible with other similar devices. Its contemporary design establishes a perfect seal along your ear which results to decreased sound bleeding, enhanced isolation, and powerful bass response.

The Best Fit for Best Sounds

A lot of headphones today are made to act like fashion accessories; though Lola does have a unique look, Blue still focused on the performance and quality sounds that it produces. It only means that they’ve reimagined the function and form of the device without any concerns of how a set of headphones should look like. The difference of it can be heard in a snap.

Precision Adjustments for Lola

A lot of headphone ear cups are adjusted via tugging these down; however, Lola makes use of a different method of adjustments. Their headphones feature alterable pivoting arms which let the ear cups move in place along with you. You can say that it has a personalized fit that makes you want to enjoy more of the tunes that you always loved.

Ear Cups that Fit

If you take a look at the shape of people’s ears and the shape of ear cups, it makes you wonder why these are round. It’s something that we’ve been curious of as well, but Lola made things different in a good way. Blue’s ear cups for Lola fit perfectly on the ears which provides a better seal for reduced ambient noise and excellent isolation. We have to give Blue two thumbs-up for the design of their ear cups because they’re not only comfortable, but it also gives off the best sound for great audio listening.

Using the Product

With the HQ mics, Blue was able to acquire a large number of loyal fans, and we’re quite impressed that their Lola headphones have also gained a lot of fans for the company. And of course, Blue continues with their tradition of quality with their headphones line.

When it comes to the sound performance and quality of Lola, it’s simply fantastic since we didn’t experience any distortions or muffled sounds, and everything came off crisp and crystal clear. Lola is also perfectly tuned for accuracy, which also makes this headset an excellent piece for gaming with a lot of action and thrill.

We were able to have an enjoyable listening moment across movies, music, and even podcasts; and at the low end, the bass was able to pack a powerful punch and the vocals were also just as great.

Even if the headphones sported a boxed design, it didn’t give off any boxed in sounds. It always gave us a wide and open sound that didn’t strain our ears despite increasing the volume. When it comes to the soundstage of Lola, it’s also quite good and it didn’t distort at all which is great for people who enjoy listening to audio on higher volume. Also, Lola was able to block any outside noise which is most likely due to the padding fixed around the ear cups.


Soundstage in these is also great and a couple of song elements that play

back and forth between the ear cups can be identified. Elements for percussions also have good spacing, these are also portrayed as a good set of headphones for gaming.

Noise Seclusion

Lola does an excellent job when it comes to noise isolation. There are no signs of noise canceling, but the seal and it’s thick padding block out almost everything with just a little leakage.


The Lola headset features a nice and comfortable crop padding that can be found on the two ear cups and even beneath the headband. This is a rather necessary feature for Lola since it’s a tad bit heavier compared to other similar devices.

Now for the cans: when we wore the headset, these were undeniably comfortable; plus, these were also big enough to completely fit over the ears which makes it really good. Also, the padding was thick enough so wearing the headphones for prolonged gaming periods was extremely enjoyable.

We have already tested a ton of headsets and we definitely know that the cheaper pads usually end up tearing or becoming flaky over time. However, the material on Blue’s Lola is much better compared to the typical gaming headphones that we have already tested.

The ear cups also do a great job of completely blocking any form of outside noise. It isn’t really noise cancelling, but the ear cups are able to produce an adequate seal that diminishes outside noise. Now if you will use Lola for gaming, it will let you hear all the little ambient sounds, footsteps, and noises that might be non-existent when listening with other brands of headsets.



Blue is a company that definitely knows what they are doing in terms of technical enhancements and aspects of headphones. The Lola from Blue is generally a headset that is easy to recommend to anyone who is in search of excellent quality headphones that is categorized in the middle price range.

The headset sounds great and its exterior is stylish and unique; plus, the package comes with all the accessories you will need to be able to use the device on the go.

The best thing about these quality headphones is that they aren’t just nicely designed, but the headset also offers comfort and great quality sounds for the ultimate audio enjoyment. This is definitely a good catch for this price range. With that, we can definitely say that Blue’s Lola is the best among the bunch.

It gives off quality sounds and is definitely a higher quality headset. The in-line microphone was also a good piece, and it also works great for calls.

If you were impressed with other devices like the Yeti, then Lola will be the best companion for your gaming, streaming, and audio-listening sessions. So if you’re someone who wants a headset that looks cool, is sturdy, durable, and offers quality sounds, then we highly suggest the Lola from Blue.

Where to Buy

If you want to have your own Blue Lola Headphones, you can purchase this for $249USD at Blue’s official website. You can also check out Blue’s store locator to find authorized dealers in your area.