BenQ TK800 Review

We can’t deny that projectors have greatly slacked behind from an output-resolution outlook. Here, the technology of LCD TV’s has also left things lower than 1080p and projectors have obviously struggled to keep up with the pace of the 4K revolution. Yet BenQ has released a highly notable projector that can follow the trends of today’s 4K market.

The BenQ TK800 is a brighter and more contemporary version of the BenQ HT-2550/W1700, which is also one of the new 4K projectors that have appeared in the market just recently. The TK800 is designed specifically for people who have home cinema aspirations and are searching for something more efficient than the usual 1080p projector. If you’re one of these individuals, the TK800 is surely one great solution for 4K gaming, movies, and live broadcasts; it is also a budget-friendly option for every home cinema enthusiast.

Making use of the Texas Instruments 0.47” DMD with the XPR pixel-shifting allows the BenQ TK800 to deliver 3D, HDR, and more details at an affordable price. With BenQ’s TK800, you can immerse yourself in the life-like atmosphere of a football match right in the comfort of your living room, and you can basically enjoy every sports broadcast with the TK800 projector. The company also claims that you’ll get to feel the reality with the 100-inch image, brighter and more vibrant colors with the HDR technology, and saturated color reproduction with high-resolution 4K-UHD. The projector also has integrated speakers which complements your viewing experience, plus, a stylish and contemporary appearance that you won’t be able to miss.

Is the BenQ TK800 just as promising and efficient as the company claims it to be? Despite the affordable price of around $2,499AUD, is it able to deliver excellent performance? Today, we’re going to focus on one of BenQ’s latest products and see just how amazing the TK800 really is. First off, let’s see what other items / accessories are included in the TK800’s package.

BenQ TK800 Review – What’s in the Box?

The TK800’s box has a handle on its lid which is really convenient if you’re going to hand carry the package. Looking at the front portion of the box, you will see the projector’s name, an image of it, as well as the BenQ logo which is commonly seen on other BenQ projector packages as well. There are a couple of details about the device, but aside from those, there’s nothing more to see on the box.

Once we opened the package, we had to pull out the tab first before reaching the lid. The first thing that you will see are the accessories that come with the BenQ TK800; each of the items were set on their own divisions made of EPS foam.

Now, for the items present, these included a ten-foot power cord that is used to operate the TK800 projector, two AAA batteries for the device’s remote control, a backlit remote, and a couple of documentation such as the quick start guide and warranty information. As for the remote control, it has a white body and its buttons light up red once powered; if you’ve seen or if you also have the BenQ W-1700 projector, you’ll notice that the remote controls are somewhat similar. These were all sealed in plastic for more protection. Underneath all of the accessories, you will find the BenQ TK800 itself.

The Product

BenQ TK800 Review – The Perfect Choice for Games and Sports!

The BenQ TK800 is a home entertainment projector that issimilar to the company’s HT-2550/W1700. The main difference between the two is that the TK800 is brighter. The TK800 utilizes an RGBW color wheel featuring green, blue, red, and white slices. It’s your regular color wheel arrangement typically found on almost all education and business DLP projectors.

The advantage of the TK800 is that with this type of color wheel, the projector receives an excellent boost for white lumens. This works excellently when you’re watching sports with tons of ambient light; the additional boost of white decreases the washed-out appearance, providing more pop to the image despite having more subdued colors.

Generally, if you take a look at the TK800, its layout is similar to that of the HT-2550/W1700. Both of these features two USB inputs, a pair of HDMIs, a stereo audio in and out, a twelve-volt screen trigger, and a VGA or analog computer interface utilizing the classic HD-15 connector. Just like the HT-2550/W1700, the BenQ TK800 also features the five-Watt speaker system which BenQ boasts of having soaring highs and deep bass.

When it comes to the TK800 projector’s interface, we can say that these are well positioned. These offer two HDMI outputs where one is outfitted with the HDCP 2.2. There is also the presence of a VGA connection that allows you to playback via a notebook or PC. When it comes to maintenance and management, there is an available RS-232 interface, as well as a mini USB port.

For loading the speakers, in addition to the HDMI, a 3.5-millimeter jack input is also present aside from the 3.5-millimeter jack output; this can be utilized to link a pair of active speakers to your TK800. Another useful interface of this BenQ projector is its 5V-DC USB port. It’s also great that you can utilize external wireless adapters such as the optional QCast dongle from BenQ to conveniently supply electricity to the device.

The speaker system is really good, especially for casual HDTV watching, or fun movie nights out in your backyard. The BenQ TK800’s speakers also serve nicely with adequate volume for viewing, despite being a small five-Watt speaker in a tiny box. You will be able to control and manage the equalizations for better sounds with its features and having a well-made speaker cabinet design makes thing even better.

Of course, you can further upgrade your audio with an inexpensive surround sound system if you’re really serious about sound. But overall, the audio of the BenQ TK800 is adequate and good on its own.

You can fully enjoy your multimedia content and video games on a big screen with the TK800 projector from BenQ. This is because the device makes use of the four-way XPR pixel shift technology that exhibits UHD 4K resolution to the screen with suitable content. It also features HDR-10 compatibility to create an extensive color gamut. The device is able to output up to 3,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, and it also features a 10,000: 1 dynamic contrast ratio to help generate details even in the image’s darkened areas.

As mentioned, the projector also features two HDMI inputs that are necessary for connecting your HD digital devices like your Blu-ray player, gaming console, and even your satellite or cable box. The projector’s integrated 5-Watt speaker cancels out the need to utilize external speakers if none are convenient. The BenQ TK800 also has an IR remote control for more convenience.

The BenQ TK800 projector is also compatible with the 4K and UHD, but compared to the BenQ W-1700, its classic resolution is 2048 x 1200 (the new TI chip that is 0.47 inches). To be able to reproduce an adequate 4K image, only a useful and efficient resolution of 1920 x 1080 will be utilized to reproduce pixels at a very high speed on four axes (240Hz) that are slightly offset. Also, the BenQ TK800 projector is also suitable for 4K HDR, but it’s good that this also supports optional 3D DLP Link signal glasses in 1080p.

True 4K-UHD 8.3 Resolution

BenQ ensures that all of their products are of high-quality, and their excellence can also be seen in the TK800 projector and its features. The TK800 features the True 4K-UHD 8.3 Resolution, delivering adequate sharpness to your viewing pleasure. It makes each image detail more crisp, clear, and impressively visible.

Video Quality – Hyper Realistic with HDR

The projector-optimized HDR, tone mapping, and auto-color of the BenQ TK800 greatly contribute to the color contrast and brightness of the image, providing outstanding impact to your viewing experience.

The 4K Lens System

The 4K Optical System of the BenQ TK800’s makes use of the best and highest-grade glass for realistic and high-caliber image quality. Its collection of precision 7 element, 4 group lenses provides more and even better light penetration for longer lasting 4K intensity. Its lower dispersion lens coating also decreases the chromatic aberration, letting you fully enjoy your favorite 4k-UHD content in excellent clarity.

Exclusive Sport and Football Mode

The TK800 has a Football Picture Mode that provides extremely lifelike skin tones and lush green grass for games featured on the field. For the Sport Picture Mode, this highlights and features warm tones for the colors of red jerseys, wooden floors, and Afro-flesh with equalized blue and green.

The Cinema Master Audio & 2 BenQ Cinema Master

The Audio+2 audio enhancing technology exclusively integrates the EQ algorithms with non-native materials like rubidium and magnesium alloys to create exquisite vocals, pure clarity, sensual sound quality, and seamless details as utilized by Hollywood studios for audio without distortions.

1.2 x Zoom, Auto-Keystone, and Short Distance Projection

The 1.2 x Zoom and Short Distance Projection of the BenQ TK800 allow you to project a one-hundred-inch screen at a range of 3.25 meters. During instances when the projector isn’t situated at the screen’s center, its auto-keystone will provide an excellent solution for your viewing advantages.

Stylish and Lightweight Design

The BenQ TK800 is surprisingly light for a projector and only weighs 4.2 kilograms. It’s the lightest true-4K projector that we have tried and as claimed by the company, it is also the lightest projector available in the market today. It will be difficult to resist the sleek and classy design of this projector which is very stylish and contemporary. You won’t need to conceal the device since it will be a great addition to decorate your living room.

Rec 709 /s-RGB – World Color Standards for Monitors & HDTV

Whether you’re gaming, watching, creating, or surfing, the Rec 709 compliance only means that you can view HDTV and film broadcasts exactly the way they should be seen. As for the s-RGB, it guarantees that all your computer images and webpages display accurate and realistic colors.

Improved Long Lamp Life and Power Saving Features

One of the most clever solutions that boost your viewing experience while simultaneously saving money is the BenQ Smart Eco. This specific technology from BenQ immediately adjusts the lamp’s brightness, and this all depends on the content to further boost the contrast for image details, as well as to project richer blacks for better viewing. When it comes to the Economic Mode, it helps extend the life of the projector’s lamp for up to ten thousand hours, decreasing instances of lamp maintenance and replacements for a more cost-efficient ownership.

Auto Keystone for Easy Setup

To counter the trapezoid effect when your projector should be positioned off-center, just like a simple placement right at the top of a table, the device’s vertical keystone option will readily adjust the view to acquire a professionally-squared image. The keystone correction will make it easier to project images that are ideally aligned from different locations.

DLP or Digital Light Processing

The DLP or Digital Light Processing feature is known as one of the leading projection technologies utilized in almost all of the digital cinemas all over the world. It is also used by every digital IMAX theaters around. With this feature dominating half of the projector market-share worldwide, BenQ is the number one DLP projector brand that delivers unparalleled world-class products and performance. This only shows that you’ll never go wrong with their TK800 projector.

High Class and Improved Energy Conservation

Unlike non-DLP projectors, BenQ has the Smart Eco Technology which is an exclusive feature that saves up to 70% energy; it also extends the projector’s lamp life up to 160%. This helps you save money since it also reduces your monthly electricity bill.

DLP Chip – Beneficial for More Years of Usage

Generally, this chip is essentially good for over eleven years of continuous use. With the high-precision design of the micro-mirrors, the long-lasting and durable DLP chip can be utilized for over 100,000 hours without degradation – this equates to over eleven years of use. The reason for this is because the DLP chip does not get damaged by heat, thus, producing high-quality images for long periods of time.

Filter-Free, Dust-Proof, and Zero Color Decay

The BenQ TK800 and their other DLP Projectors maintain the most brilliant, as well as perfect images by removing color decay and damage caused by dust. While the micro-mirrors are able to minimize heat buildup, the DLP engine solves dust problems and protects the DLP chip, as well as all the other internal parts without using messy filters.

Just like when you use other projectors, you’ll also need to occasionally replace the TK800’s lamp; however, this is not like non-DLP projectors that still project dull images after replacing the lamp. This is because the BenQ TK800 produces high-quality and vivid images for better viewing.

High-Pixel Fill Factor for Clear Tex & Sharper Details

Featuring a leading High-Fill Factor, the BenQ DLP Projectors such as the TK800 brings in more light into each pixel. This only means that fine details and small-sized texts are clearer and more defined compared to other similar products in the market. Since the High-Fill Factor decreases the black borders that are commonly found on each pixel, the screen-door effect is then removed. With that, you’ll only view stunningly rendered images instead of graphics that are pixelated.

BenQ’s Smart Eco Technology for Boosting High Contrast Ratio

The company’s exclusive Smart Eco Technology is a really clever solution that increases and improves your viewing experience. It readily adjusts the lamp to further enhance the contrast and brightness of your images; this is also vital to create the best possible image quality. With this, the BenQ DLP Projectors can readily display true and deep blacks, while simultaneously boosting contrast for subtle details and clearer text.

Sound Modes for All Occasions

Six pre-set custom sound modes are available to sound audio characteristics. This provides you with ideal audio-visual experiences for all types of entertainment to make things more realistic for your enjoyment.

Football Mode

When you choose the Football Mode, mid-frequency and vocals are boosted for your sounds. This will allow you to not miss any details from announcers who speak in open-air stadiums.

Music Mode

If you shift to the Music Mode, you’ll notice that all your tunes will be perfectly and equally balanced to provide crisp and clean surround sound. This will make your music sound like a live reproduction of concerts which is something we really enjoyed.

Sports Mode

Just like in Football Mode, the Sports Mode has a boost in vocals and mid-frequency. This is for you to clearly hear announcers speaking despite being in noisy environments. The only difference between the two is that this mode has clear acoustics and is made specifically for indoor arenas.

Game Mode

Using this mode gives you enhanced bass with clear and crisp highs. This will let you feel a heart-pounding thrill of an intense and action-filled gameplay.

Cinema Mode

The resonating bass with high-frequency sounds in Cinema Mode offers you a realistic cinema experience. Setting this mode will make you feel like you are in the world of the movie you are watching

User Mode

You can customize all of the EQ algorithms according to your tastes and preferences to bring the best out of your music. You can change the settings to get richer bass and clean highs to surround yourself with great entertainment.

Product Specifications

Native Resolution

  • 4K2K with 4-way XPR
  • (1920 x 1080)

Brightness (ANSI lumens)

  • 3000

Contrast Ratio (FOFO)

  • 10,000:1


  • 5W x 1

Projection System

  • DLP

Resolution Support

  • VGA (640 x 480) to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)

Brightness (ANSI lumens)

  • 3000

Contrast Ratio (FOFO)

  • 10,000:1

Display Color

  • 30 Bits (1,07 billion colors)

Native Aspect Ratio

  • Native 16:9 (6 aspect ratio selectable)

Light Source

  • Lamp

Light Source Wattage

  • 240W

Light Source Life

  • Normal 4000 hours
  • Economic 10000 hours
  • SmartEco 8000 hours

Throw Ratio

  • 47 – 1.76 (100″ @ 3.25 m)

Zoom Ratio

  • 2:1


  • F/# = 1.94 – 2.06, f = 15.57 – 18.67 mm

Keystone Adjustment

  • 1D, Vertical ± 40 degrees

Projection Offset

  • 110%±2.5%

Clear Image Size (Diagonal)

  • 60″ ~ 200″

Image Size

  • 30″ ~ 300″

Horizontal Frequency

  • 15K-102KHz

Vertical Scan Rate

  • 23-120Hz

Picture Mode

  • Bright/ Vivid TV/ Cinema/ Sport/ Football/ User1/ User2/ (3D)

Color Wheel Segment

  • 4-Seg. (RGBW)

Rec.709 Coverage

  • >92%


  • 5W x 1

PC (D-Sub)

  • x 1


  • 2( HDMI 1: 0/HDCP 2.2; HDMI 2: 1.4a/HDCP 1.4)

USB Type A

  • 1(2.0/Power Supply)

USB Type mini B

  • x 1

Audio in (3.5mm Mini Jack)

  • x 1

Audio out (3.5mm Mini Jack)

  • x 1

RS232 (DB-9pin)

  • x 1

DC 12V Trigger (3.5mm Jack)

  • x 1

IR Receiver

  • 2(Front/Top)

Security Bar

  • 1


  • Yes

CinemaMaster Audio+2

  • Yes

HDTV Compatibility

  • 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p

3D Compatibility‎

  • Frame Sequential: Up to 1280×720 120Hz
  • Frame Packing: Up to 1080p 24Hz
  • Side by Side: Up to 1080i 60Hz
  • Top Bottom: Up to 1080p 24Hz

Power Supply

  • VAC 100 ~ 240 (50/60Hz)

Typical Power Consumption

  • 330W

Standby Power Consumption

  • 5W

Acoustic Noise (Typ./Eco.)

  • 33/29dB (Silence Mode)

Operating Temperature

  • 0~40℃

Dimensions (W x H x D)(mm)

  • 353 x 135 x 272

Net Weight (Kg/ lbs)

  • 2 kg

Remote Control w/ Battery

  • x 1 (RCV015)

Power Cord (by region)

  • x 1 (3m)

User Manual CD

  • x 1 (27L)

Quick Start Guide

  • x1 (21L)

Warranty Card (by region)

  • x 1

Lens cover

  • x 1

Using the Product

Now for setting up and configuring the TK800. If you want to take advantage of the full-screen projection for your viewing enjoyment, we highly recommend that you assemble the TK800 based on these instructions that we’ll be providing.

Utilizing a projection screen in 16:9 resolution with a four-sided black mask, ensure that your projected image is completely expanded to maximize the usage of your display screen. We suggest that you set the projected image size to at least 120 inches which is about 3.9 meters. It’s also best to set your lamp mode to normal so you can fully enjoy your powerful 4K entertainment in an adequately-lit living room.

Another important tip when setting up your BenQ TK800 projector is to select the appropriate type of screen for your room. Get an ALR or Ambient Light Rejection screen if your room gets fairly bright; this type of screen is made to absorb ambient light coming from above, below, and even from the sides to prevent this from reflecting back at you.

The menus of BenQ TK800 are presented just like that of the W-1700 but it lacks the Cinema Master menu and certification ISF-ccc, unlike the TK800 which allowed adjusting the levels of the XPR 4K simulation. If you are someone who prefers adjusting additional options on projectors, there are a lot of predefined gamma settings, CLS on three dimensions, as well as modification options for the levels of RGB Gain and Bias available, and these are all extremely useful in the HDR brightness menu.


Let’s now focus on the performance of the TK800. In terms of its brightness, the projector’s brightest mode can be measured at 3,000 lumens and there were no issues when this was tested. After a couple of calibrations, we were able to arrive at a good 1400 lumens and 1096 lumens for the economic mode. Under these given conditions, the TK800 was able to illuminate with 16gL up to 3m-70 base with a full light output and 3m-30 for the economy mode. The lamp also lasted from 4,000 hours for the regular mode and up to 10,000 hours with the economic mode which is pretty good.

Generally, the BenQ TK800 is initially designed for broadcasting football matches, but its classic color space surpassed the company’s announcements. When we tested the device, our readings displayed 111.5% for the HDTV color space while the DCI-P3 was at 82.2% With that, the feature will be extremely advantageous for HDR programs. After doing some quick calibrations to make everything up to our liking, all of these settings were corrected and honestly, its integrated tools were really efficient and useful, which we liked about the TK800.

As for the HDR highlights and details, these were also exceptionally notable considering the BenQ TK800 projector’s accessible price point. Comparisons with our Ultra HD Blu-ray’s standard counterpart strongly exposed the clear and distinct differences conveyed by the HDR. The blur of brightness that was seen on the Blu-ray version became a fine view of highlights with the 4K-Ultra HD version, just like what was processed by the TK800’s excellent tone mapping.

Almost a hundred percent of the light from its bulb passes through where any color pixels’ components will be less bright. We’re not really sure how the engineers of BenQ were able to achieve this but they clearly avoided producing hot highlighted areas. This adequately balanced the brightness from deep colors to brighter sections. This is really impressive especially when you activate the HDR settings and have a gaming console or PC generate a highly improved dynamic range output.

Now for the sharpness of the images produced by the projector; when watching sports or even general HDTV, we often enhance the sharpness and details for our viewing pleasure. However, it usually results in blurred differences between the true resolutions when handling 4K content. Luckily, image sharpness for the BenQ TK800 was excellent; plus, it was also sharp just like some of the high-end 4K-UDH models that are available so we can definitely say that this projector is really good for its price.

Of course, we didn’t miss out on checking the operating noise of this device. When it comes to this, the BenQ TK800 can easily disable the XPR mode via the projector’s silent mode; in this specific setup, we were able to measure a notable 30dB. After restoring the video processing, shifting to low lamp mode slightly increased the sound level to 35dB and reaching around 41dB when the lamp was set at full power.

Now for its overall performance, we can definitely say that the BenQ TK800 is definitely a great device to have for its affordable price. It’s not only cost-efficient, but it’s also bright and produces sharp, as well as clear and crisp images. It is enhanced specifically for brightness if you compare this to BenQ’s HT-2250 which is said to be optimized for better color. Still, we can say that the BenQ TK800’s strength is that when it is being utilized in areas with more than little ambient light, the additional white lumens function as a positively good trade-off.

Overall, the TK800 is a huge improvement and enhancement over the best 1080p projectors that are around. For other projectors that we’ve seen, we’d change a lot of things about them, but with the BenQ TK800, everything about it is good and it does have a lot of strong points as well.

The projector is able to deliver True 4K-UHD with 8.3 million definite pixels, as opposed to the competitors’ 4K-Enhancement that was only able to produce 4.1 million pixels in total. This difference greatly makes the image quality of the TK800 more appealing and generally attractive which is an advantage to every enthusiastic film lover, or for those who want to experience having a big screen cinema right in their living rooms. If your viewing room is lighter with ambient light, then the projector’s higher brightness can definitely work wonders for your viewing pleasure.


We really loved how BenQ’s TK800 was able to exhibit astonishingly realistic and vibrant colors, as well as immaculately legible texts for lengthened periods. Its filter-free dust-proof design, as well as its superb heat resistance, zero color decay, and the durability of the DLP chips allow the TK800 to preserve excellent image quality for many years. This is something that we all need when it comes to projectors.

We’re really glad that BenQ focused on sports enthusiasts when it came to designing this projector, and it is definitely a true 4K device featuring 8.3M pixels, 3D, and projector-optimized HDR. We greatly appreciated the customized Sports and Football Mode since the option allows you to better improve your audiovisual experience for every exciting match that you’re viewing.

The auto keystone and throw-lens of the TK800 projector can also readily turn your living room into the ultimate entertainment center; this is a big plus for enthusiasts who enjoy viewing films right in the comfort of home. You can have a bunch of your friends or the whole family lounge in your home to experience, as well as enjoy, the pleasures of watching 4K sports right in your living room.

You don’t have to worry if the room or rooms you want to set and use the TK800 in, offers less lighting control; if the area gets extremely bright in there, then this projector is your best choice. This is because the BenQ TK800, as mentioned earlier, receives an increased boost when it comes to white lumens. We also say that this is the perfect device to purchase if you are someone who’s really into sports viewing.

Thanks to the device’s light output, the TK800 can be utilized for multimedia purposes in the living: whether it’s used as a home theater for football or other gaming matches, this projector from BenQ is undeniably a noteworthy home entertainer perfect for every football fan or sports enthusiast around. We can’t deny that this also applies to the device’s price which is extremely inexpensive compared to the other similar devices available today.

We all know that BenQ’s efforts are all based on one simple goal: to provide an astonishingly vivid, clear, and big 4K entertainment experience so everyone can enjoy without having to cost a fortune. BenQ has done just that with their TK800 projector which brings out our imaginations into a reality. Overall, with its performance, specifications, and features, we give this projector two thumbs up and we highly recommend this to you.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in adding the awesome TK800 to your home entertainment stup you can pick one up fro around $2,499AUD. For more information head on over to the BenQ product page.