BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor Review


BenQ is one of the companies that produces a large number of PC monitors that range from budget to high-end models that are designed specifically for the pros.

Today, we’re going to focus on one of the gaming monitor’s from BenQ which is the EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor. It is a 31.5-inch device that we’ve tried and tested for a couple of weeks to see if it’s a good device for a life of entertainment and enjoyment.

It looks great and has a great build, but does it perform just as well as its appearance? We’ll fill you in with all the necessary information about the EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor and see if it’s something worth investing in.

BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor Review – What’s in the Box?

The EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor came to us in a huge cardboard package. All of the monitor’s features are clearly listed on the front portion, as well as on the sides of the package. When inspecting the front, you will see the Ex Series Curved Monitor written there, followed by the device’s model number and its 1800-R curvature beneath this.

On the sides of the package, you’ll find a couple of basic information regarding the EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor such as the 32-inch monitor size, the model number, and all its features such as eye care, HDR, QHD 2560 x 1440, Low Blue Light Technology, Brightness Intelligence Plus, as well as the AMD Free Sync 2. BenQ also included the high quality cables that are thick and really nice to see.

As for the components within the box, these are all properly and separately packed to keep everything secure inside the package. Inside, you will find the 32-inch monitor that comes with the base / stand that’s pre-attached, a 1.8 meter power cord, two HDMI 2.0 cables, a USB Type C cable, and a quick start instructional guide including documentation on the CD ROM.

The company also included a cover which can be utilized to conceal all the cables that are placed behind the monitor. Aside from this, the EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor comes in two well-protected and sturdy high density foams that act as shock absorbers, as well as plastic wraps to prevent any instances of accidental damages during transit.

Furthermore, the packaging is excellent, so we received the gaming monitor in perfect condition. BenQ definitely did a good job with their packaging so we’re already giving them a thumbs up for this.

The Product

BenQ EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor Review

The EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor sports a 31.5-inch panel in a 16:9 layout which makes for a pretty bold and huge physical presence. When we speak of the aesthetics, the EX3203R from BenQ is somewhat restrained by the standards of gaming peripherals.

But with its slim and sleek bezels along the sides of the LCD panel, plus a classy silver stand, it sure is a stunning affair that gives off a rather expensive feel to it.

Incidentally, the panel is a VA instead of an IPS which helps in color saturation and contrast. And quite interestingly, it works well when it comes to pixel response and viewing angles.

With that said, the company has equipped the EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor with a refresh capability of 144Hz, as well as claims 4ms response capabilities, hence, its quick performance. This also supports the latest 2nd generation of AMD’s Free-Sync adaptive fresh technology which enhances support for wider color gamuts and HDR to the feature set of Free-Sync.

When it comes to its connectivity, there are two HDMI 2.0 ports available, and also a Display-Port which help guarantee that most of the bases that you have are covered. What makes this EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor even better is that it includes the USB C connectivity, allowing you to use single-cable connections for everything: from the image signal to its peripherals; it’s also possible for charging your laptops which makes it really convenient. It’s generally a very good port to have when it comes to future proofing as well.

The OSD and panel of the EX3203R  is easy to navigate and the buttons can be f underneath the monitor’s frame. The buttons are snappy yet easy to press so you can easily navigate from one option to another. The OSD menu shows four settings: Picture mode, Brightness mode, Contrast mode, and Customizations mode.

In Picture mode, you can choose between preset options but if you want, you can choose to customize your own profile. Brightness and Contrast modes are self-explanatory. For customization mode, this is where you will spend most of your time tweaking your monitor’s display. This is where you will find additional settings such as Display, Picture, Picture Advanced, Audio, and System.

The Display menu lets you choose from Input and PIP / PIB (picture-in-picture / picture-in-picture). PIP / PIB can be used for separating the screen into two parts; this allows you to view images from various signals. Input, on the other hand, will display whether you use DP, HDMI, or USB Type-C connectivity.

For picture section, you can adjust the screen’s brightness, contrast, gamma, sharpness, color temperature, reset color, and AMA. Most of these settings can be left as is but if ever you find yourself making a lot of modifications, you can easily reset everything to default.

Picture Advanced settings lets you tweak picture mode, low blue light, dynamic contrast, super resolution, color vibrance, display mode, overscan, HDMI RGB PC range, adjust by duration, B.I.+, and HDMI RGB PC range. Dynamic Contrast is for setting the monitor to automatically adjust picture brightness and detail. Super Resolution increases the pixel density of low-resolution content. Enabling HDR locks some of these settings and these cannot be tweaked until you deactivate HDR mode.

The system section is where you can tweak a variety of settings such as OSD settings, Input, Custom Keys 1 to 3, Configuration, DDC / CI, Auto-Switch, USB C Configuration, USB C Auto Switch, HDMI Auto Switch, Resolution Notice, Auto Power Off, Information, and Reset All.

The information option shows some basic information about the EX3203R such as the monitor model, HDR, input mode, refresh rate, and resolution.

Product Features

Hyper Realistic Video Quality + Display HDR 400

The EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor features one of the leading HDR technologies in this type of device, offering you improved contrast and brightness that adds outstanding details plus vividness to any HDR video content. The EX3203R from BenQ has successfully passed the first certification for HDR, guaranteeing optimal performance everytime.

The VESA Display HDR certification is the very first public qualifying testing protocol in the whole world. It is made to test the performance of HDR  monitors to ensure everyone that certified displays can perfectly render HDR content with stunning brightness & contrast, clearer dark details, deeper blacks, as well as true color tones for excellent gaming and video quality.

QHD Resolution Provides Ultra Clear & Vivid Images

With about twice as much pixel density of the FHD, the QFH’s 2560 x 1440 resolution can expose image details in high quality and extreme sharpness to further improve your gaming and visual enjoyment

Opt Clarity for Ultra Fine Details

The EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor brings HDR together with the Brightness Intelligence Plus to easily soften or brighten areas while simultaneously keeping the darker details crystal clear even if you’re in a dimly lit environment. So by mixing the HDR with the B.I. + mode, all the details will be clearly visible while also protecting your eyes while video streaming or gaming.

Massive Screen Size with Stunningly Beautiful Curvature

As the device surpasses today’s mainstream gaming monitors, the EX320R’s immersive 31.5-inch display easily captures your attention and with its 1800R curvature.

Slim Bezel Edge-to-Edge Display to Surround your Vision

The combination of ultra-slim bezels that have edge-to-edge panels allows multiple EX3203R to seamlessly connect and surround your vision. With that, you can experience a new perspective with no limits.

Multi-Platform Universal Connectivity

In addition to the USB Type-C port, the EX3203R  is fully equipped with multiple Display Port, USB 3.1, and HDMI ports. The gaming monitor hosts multimedia content from various sources that range from Blu-rays, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, as well as smart devices.

Less Eye Strain in All Lighting Environments

With BenQ’s Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology or B.I.+ Tech, the EX3203R detects color temperature and ambient brightness and automatically modifies the monitor’s display settings with soothing warm white for comfort and cool white for long periods of use.

Low Blue Light Technology

This feature is made for filtering harmful blue light out for eye fatigue and irritation to be reduced. You can easily switch to one out of four preset Low Blue Light modes from the OSD hotkey; the options include Web-surfing, Multimedia, Reading, and Office.

Eye Care Technology

BenQ developed Eye Care for the company’s products to help relieve eye fatigue and enhance eye comfort while viewing. This promotes better eye health and an enjoyable viewing experience while keeping high-quality display, color accuracy, and resolution.

Flicker-Free Technology

The EX3203R is designed with the Flicker-Free Technology to diminish screen flickering to efficiently lessen eye fatigue. This also results in less headaches caused by prolonged screen time. A lot of studies have shown that the blue light from computer monitors can harm the eyes, cause sleep disorders and eye conditions such as macular degeneration.


The EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor is a 2.2 HDCP device that has a screen size of 31.5 and a VA panel type. It’s a nice monitor that sports a LED backlight technology plus a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 which is really good. Max brightness is at 400 while its native contrast is 3000 : 1.

Response time of the gaming monitor is 4ms (GtG) while its refresh rate is at 144Hz. The device’s aspect ratio measures 16:9, 16.7 million display colors are available, while the color gamut is a total of 90% DCI – P3. The EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor’s display area in millimeters is about 697.34 x 392.26 with a curvature of 1800R and PPI of 93. DCR or dynamic contrast ratio is 20 million : 1, plus with a color bit of 8-bit.

For its dimensions and weight, the EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor measures 536 x 12.69 x 223.87 millimeters (H x W x D), while its net and gross weight are 8.1 and 13.4 grams. Tilt down / up is -5° – 20° and height adjustment is 60 millimeters.

The power voltage rating that the EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor uses is 100 to 240 Volts via adapter. Its power consumption, when switched on, has no ECO mode while power consumption based on Energy Star has no EPA. For the device’s connectivity, it uses two HDMI 2.0 and it comes with the Display-Port and USB Type C ports.

Using the Product

We had a lot of expectations with this EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor from BenQ, and we were able to try this device for some weeks to see just how well it performs. Before we begin describing our entire experience with its performance, we’re going to start off by saying that the EX3203R is really a delight and joy to use.

When we speak of its angles and positioning, it’s really great. Since it’s curved, the view you will see on your screen is perfect even from different angles.

It is true that you won’t be staying or sitting at weird angles just to play and view your monitor, but it’s really good to know that despite having to shift in the middle of the game for any given reason, you’ll still have a perfect view without losing any form of fidelity.

Let’s talk about the EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor’s color quality. One additional benefit of this is that the device’s colors are well-maintained, and that the overall quality is excellent no matter where you look at the screen.

For its image quality, the colors were great and its overall image quality was simply perfect. We tried checking out the wider landscape images to some really close detailed views; and when we checked on the PC, the image details displayed were all beautiful and rather breathtaking.

There were no instances of smudging, blurring, or even jaggedness on the edge of the image. In addition to this, the monitor is able to cover an expanded color gamut that amounts to more than 90% of the DCI P3 color space, making the colors more vivid and richer.

The EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor is able to accept the HDR-10 signal of compatible content. This is all thanks to the expanded color gamut, as well as the peak brightness of 400 nits, giving you better and more immersive viewing with enhanced details.

This gaming monitor from BenQ also immediately detects ambient lighting to properly adjust the screen. This specific feature adds more value for all out-of-the-box users who would prefer avoiding any instances of modifying the backlight in the days or evenings.

The EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor from BenQ is able to achieve this via sensor that’s integrated in a knob located on the device’s lower bezel. So with that, remember to avoid covering that specific area of the gaming monitor.

About ghosting and quick response times, the EX3203R did not show any instances of ghosting; even when pixels switched from dark to light, ghosting on the monitor was basically non-existent. In our white to black tests, the response time was still quick with just 12 milliseconds; and during these instances, we still did not experience any forms of ghosting which is great.

We even tried out the EX3203R Curved Gaming Monitor while playing some quick-paced games, and that’s when we noticed the advantage of the high-refresh rate. This helps the total performance of the EX3203R while its response time was great at 4ms which is quick enough for regular and casual gamers. All in all, we’re giving two thumbs up for this gaming monitor’s performance and quality.


To conclude, the BenQ EX3203R is a great monitor. Its display was crisp, clear, and had great detail in all the games, programs, and movies we tested. Each color was vibrant and the viewing angles that the curved screen provides will guarantee an excellently immersive view even when you shuffle around.

All tasks have been handled well; plus, its design, versatility, and overall picture quality, together with its reasonable price, makes it a great choice for a gaming monitor.

If you’re a casual gamer who needs a large HDR gaming monitor, the BenQ EX3203R is the best choice for you. It’s excellent for gamers who are looking for high refresh rates and adaptive sync support.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the BenQ EX3203R for around $849 AUD from your local retailer. For more information head on over to the official product page.