BenQ EW3270U 4K Monitor Review

The EW3270U from BenQ is a monitor made to provide you with excellent and pleasing visuals that can be seen through the device’s 32-inch 4-K display. This comes with BenQ’s latest Brightness Intelligence Plus and HDR Technologies which is something really worth noting about the monitor. Its specifications, size, and even its resolution makes the EW3270U a perfect display for PC gaming, or for 4-K HDR consoles such as the Xbox One X.

Today, we’re going to focus on another excellent device from BenQ which is basically one of the most exciting and interesting monitors that they’ve created. But before we even learn about the performance, features, and other interesting details about the monitor, let us go ahead and check out what’s included in the box when you get your hands on the EW3270U from BenQ.

BenQ EW3270U 4K Monitor Review – Whats in the Box?

When our EW3270U arrived, we saw that it comes in a huge rectangular-shaped cardboard package that is sized adequately to protect the monitor while being transported. If you take a look at the front portion of the box, you’ll first see the model of the monitor, the company’s logo, as well as the image of the EW3270U itself.

Behind and on each side of the box, you’ll find a list of numerous details and information about the monitor; these also include a few of its features for quick reference. The box isn’t really fancy but what we liked about it is that the package is sturdy and durable enough to protect the monitor and the accessories included in the box, so we’re giving a thumbs up for BenQ’s packaging of the monitor.

Now for the fun part: let’s see the box’s contents but first, you’ll need to carefully cut open the box’s top portion before you can open the flaps; once you’re done with that, the first thing you’ll see is a thick piece of EPS foam that you’ll need to pull out to see more of the box’s contents. Once you’ve removed the EPS foam, you will get to see a variety of accessories (such as cables and parts of the stand) that are all set securely and neatly in their own divisions. We also noticed that the package included a resealable bag that had all the things you’d need to install the device.

In the bag, you’ll find a CD with a quick-start guide, a few documentations such as how to setup the monitor, product details, drivers, as well as a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. When you remove the re-sealable bag from the box, you’ll see another EPS foam just beneath it; simply pull it out and you’ll finally get to see the EW3270U itself which is securely packed in its own plastic bag for further protection.

The monitor is housed in a matte black-gray cabinet that features half-inch bezels; it also comes with a stand that gives the monitor adequate tilt adjustment. Just remember that the stand can’t be pivoted or swiveled. We tried out the stand and once we were able to fix the EW3270U to this, we checked out its measurements and we got 20.6 x 28.6 x 8.5; as for its weight, the EW3270U from BenQ weighed a total of 16.5 pounds.

The Product

BenQ EW3270U 4K Monitor Review – Amazing 4k Gaming!

Now let’s talk more about the monitor: The BenQ EW3270U sports a modern aesthetic that features slim bezels that look perfect with its silver and matte black theme, making it a really sleek and cool-looking device that is really appealing. The bottom portion of the EW3270U, where the slightly thicker strip can be found, holds the monitor’s Brightness Intelligence sensor, as well as a very noticeable golden button that activates the Brightness Intelligence and HDR features of the EW3270U.

As for the proportions of the device, the chassis is within moderate limits and measurements, so mounting the BenQ EW3270U to a wall will be relatively easy if this is one of your concerns about the monitor. Its VESA holes that are located on the rear panel can be seen easily so there’s really no need for you to go through complex dismantling methods; also, a big plus with this monitor is that even if it still features BenQ’s classic tank-like form which is common in their products, it still weighs lighter than seventeen pounds which makes it an even better monitor compared to the other similar products in the market.


If you’re wondering about the height of the BenQ EW3270U, it is adequately tall for an average-sized individual; but if you keep the monitor mounted on the provided stand, you might need an additional base for it especially if you’re quite the tall person.

One of the best features of the BenQ EW3270U is its connectivity since it allows you to pair this monitor with some of the latest devices that are available today. On the EW3270U’s rear panel, you can find two 2.0 HDMI slots as the primary video input for your PC, the 2.1 Display Port, plus a 4-K HDR console such as the Xbox One X. Additionally, there is also the presence of a Type-C USB which can handle a 4-K output using a DP-alternate mode that allows you to link your Type-C USB laptops. To round up the monitor, it features a built-in pair 2-Watt speakers that are meant for your basic audio listening.

BenQ’s latest 31.5-inch 4-K HDR EW3270U monitor is equipped with the Brightness Intelligence Plus eye-care technology which can easily sense color temperature, ambient brightness, and it can automatically adjust your display settings. It also supports the classic resolution of 3840×2160 pixels while also providing 3000 : 1 contrast ratio, 178 / 178°viewing angles, 9-ms response time, as well as 300 CD/M2 brightness.

The 10-bit color interface of the EW3270U allows comprehensive color coverages with adequate to excellent accuracy. Additionally, the monitor also features BenQ’s Brightness Intelligence Plus or BI+ which fine-tunes color temperature and backlight of the monitor based on the environment. The company promotes other effective eye-care features on the EW3270U and these include a low blue-light setting which filters blue light that strains your eyes.

The EW3270U has the HDR or the High Dynamic Range technology that boosts the dynamic range between bright white and true black. This reproduces what your eyes can see in the real world, and the monitor was mainly created to provide you with excellent visuals which is something vital especially if you’re a video enthusiast. The EW3270U also has a 4-K high-resolution plus increased frame rates with 4-K resolution for you to enjoy realistic and vibrant images. With these, the monitor produces crystal-clear and completely detailed images which we actually enjoyed a lot.

Another feature that the monitor has is the AMD Free-Sync technology that removes image tearing, choppy gameplay for seamless gaming, and even broken frames. If you’re a gamer, this is definitely a great monitor that we’d recommend. BenQ’s EW3270U also made use of a flicker-free technology that can decreases the strain on your eyes when flickers on the screen appear; it also prevents other harmful effects of flickering while also ensuring that your viewing experience is comfortable despite prolonged hours.

For convenience, BenQ also ensured that the EW3270U makes use of just a single cable for multi-platform connection; so with that, the monitor carries high-resolution audio and video, as well as Super-Speed data transfers via one reversible and compact connection. This is needed to link your monitor with Display-Port ports and multiple HDMI.

We also noticed that the EW3270U from BenQ has a Smart Focus Mode which features a chosen area or window to help you focus on the primary viewing content; this will decrease distractions happening in the background, especially with all the advertisements that are present. When watching or gaming, you’d also want to have seamless, clear, and high-quality images; this is possible with the EW3270U since it has the Super Resolution Mode. This feature provides high-resolution images by boosting the original video source’s pixel density, giving you clearer images with vivid colors for a more enjoyable session of video viewing and gaming.

To complete your viewing and gaming experience, you’ll also need high-quality integrated speakers which are also present in BenQ’s EW3270U. You’ll also be able to conveniently enjoy excellent HDR video quality from any source via the Type-C USB, dual 2.0 HDMI ports, and the Display-Port 1.2.

AMD FreeSync

The BenQ EW3270U comes equipped with AMD FreeSync which dramatically increases visual performance in games with running an AMD APU or GPU.

Monitors generally run a fixed refresh rates, such as 60Hz and 120Hz, and when gaming your frame rate generally shifts based on how much work the GPU needs to put in in order to render the visuals on screen. This as a result can cause issues such as tearing in games whereby the picture on screen doesn’t seem to line up with itself. Obviously this is a major problem when gaming.

Most games try and allow for this by provide you with the option to turn VSYNC on and off which works by allowing the graphics card to either send the frames directly to the display as soon as they are available or to retain the frames until the monitor is ready to receive them. Depending on the power of your graphics card this can potentially cause input lag.

This is where AMD FreeSync comes in. AMD has worked to solve the problems that VSYNC can cause. AMD achieves this by delivering dynamic refresh rates which basically synchronize the refresh rate of the monitor with the framerate of a Radeon graphics card. This in turn removes stuttering and tearing in video games.

Pretty sweet right!

Here is an example to show what tearing looks like:

Full-Time Eye Care

BenQ provides high-quality devices for everyone’s viewing pleasure and this is evident in their EW3270U; however, we can see that they also care for their customers by including an exclusive eye care technology that decreases eye fatigue for your comfort, for better productivity, as well as workplace safety when utilised for prolonged periods; so basically, you’re not only getting HQ videos and brilliant images, but you’re also given proper eye-protection and care for ultimate comfort.

The BI+ Technology or Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology from BenQ can easily identify color temperature and ambient brightness to regulate display settings for balanced brightness and colors to perfectly match the environment. Another great aspect of the BI+ is that with the adjusted color tone and brightness, it can decrease any forms of eye strain that is often caused by extreme contrast.

Aside from the BI+ Technology, BenQ also made use of their Low Blue-Light Technology which is specifically made to filter harmful and risky blue light to prevent eye irritation and fatigue. The technology also allows you to shift to one of the four Low Blue-Light modes via the OSD hotkey for your eyes’ comfort.

Flicker Free

Monitors can be a major source of eye strain for users, especially games that spend many hours a day glued to the screen. One of the main culprits for this, besides blue light as mentioned above, is screen flickering. Flickers on screen can easily cause eye fatigue and strain due to constant display flickering that is generally not noticeable by users.

The EW3270U features a flicker free technology that eliminates constant screen flickering, greatly enhancing comfort levels and reducing possible long term eye issues.

Product Specifications

Product Color

  • Metallic Grey

LCD Size

  • 32 inches

Aspect Ratio

  • 16:9

Resolution (max.)

  • 3840×2160

Display Area

  • 4×392.85‎ mm

Pixel Pitch (mm)

  • 181 (H) x 0.181 (V)‎

Brightness ( typ.)

  • 300 cd/m²

Native Contrast ( typ. )

  • 3000:1

Panel Type

  • VA

Viewing Angle (L/R;U/D) (CR>=10)

  • 178°/178°

Response Time

  • Panel OD 9ms
  • Scalar OD 4ms (with OD)
  • (Premium 4 ms / High 8 ms)‎

Display Colors

  • 7 billion‎

Color Gamut

  • 95% DCI-P3

Color Bit

  • 10bits


  • LED

MTBF(hr, exclude lamp)‎

  • 60,000 Hrs

Lamp Life (hr) min‎

  • 30,000 Hrs

Lamp Life (hr) Typical‎

  • 30,000 Hrs

Hor. Frequency (KHz)‎

  • 30KHz ~135KHz‎

Ver. Frequency (Hz)‎

  • 24Hz ~76Hz‎

Video Bandwidth (MHZ)‎

  • 600MHz


  • 2W x2


  • USB C(display) / 2xHDMI2.0 / DP1.2 / headphone jack‎

Dimensions(H x W x D)

  • 2X726.4X215‎ mm

Net Weight

  • 5 kg

Gross Weight

  • 2 kg

Power Supply (90~264 AC)‎

  • Yes

Power Consumption (On mode)‎

  • 76W

Power Consumption (Power saving mode)‎

  • < 0.5W‎

Power Consumption (Off mode)‎‎

  • < 0.5W‎

Flicker-free Technology

  • Yes

Dynamic Power Saving (DPS)

  • Yes

Low Blue Light

  • Yes


  • Yes

Smart Focus

  • Yes


  • Yes

Super Resolution

  • Yes

Windows® 7, 8 , 8.1, 10 Compatible

  • Yes


  • Yes

Light Sensor

  • Yes

Color Temperature

  • Reddish/ Normal/ Bluish/ User mode

OSD Language

  • 18 languages

Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I. +)

  • Yes

Tilt (down/up)

  • -5°/15°

Kensington Lock

  • Yes

Signal Cables Included

  • Type-C ( 1m / 4K+ data), mDPtoDP cable(1.8m), ‎

How it Performs

Of course, we have to test the performance of the EW3270U, and we first tried out the Brightness Intelligence Plus feature of the monitor. It was generally responsive to the various lighting conditions that we tested it with since it was able to decrease or increase the EW3270U’s brightness as needed. This specific feature is just as effective as those on other monitors from BenQ which only proves that the company took great steps to further improve and develop their technology.

When the BIP and HDR are active, the gamma stays at 2.3 – this makes the EW3270U’s screen a little darker but more solid on display compared to the s-RGB-filtered screens that are around. We think that this actually added more aesthetics to the view, especially when it comes to other videos that are viewed best with a slight grim appeal. As gamers, we also preferred this specific setting for the game since this sometimes aids in making colors appear more solid and vibrant.

When it comes to the Brightness Intelligence Plus and the HDR feature, we can say that our gaming experience was even better. Games that we tested featured better visuals, and everything appeared clearer and more detailed compared to the results when we tried gaming using other monitors that were available.

Let’s talk a little more about the performance of the Brightness Intelligence Plus; we really liked this feature since we could adjust the color temperature and backlight based on the environment. In the evenings, we usually work and do things like gaming in rooms that are dimly-lit; but during the day, we do these activities in brightly-lit rooms with a lot of windows so we can also get a lot of natural light into the area.

These are both extreme environments with zero to maximum lighting conditions, but despite this, the EW3270U gave us a perfect display and we really didn’t have to change the settings to adjust the view for our comfort. The monitor’s brightness gradually changes so it isn’t straining to the eyes as with other monitors out in the market: turn a bright room completely dark and the EW3270U moderately dims and adjusts over a short period. This time, we’re giving BenQ’s EW3270U two thumbs-up for this.

It’s also really nice that the EW3270U monitor from BenQ automatically switches to the HDR mode when it detects HDR signals. When you press the HDR button (found at the bottom-right portion of the monitor’s frame) while watching videos with standard definition content, the EW3270U allows HDR emulation which enhances monitor’s color and contrast. The button actually enables the Brightness Intelligence Plus technology which makes use of an enveloping light sensor that instantly adjusts the color temperature and brightness levels that are all based on the present lighting environment.

Generally, the company markets their EW3270U monitor simply as an entertainment device, but with its features and capabilities, the well-equipped monitor allows gamers to fully enjoy 4-K gaming. Aside from the EW3270U’s HDR feature, the device is also equipped with the Free-Sync feature to aid with stutters and tears when it is paired with AMD GPU’s. As for the included 2-Watt speakers, these perform adequately as well and can get loud enough for your taste. It’s actually a nice feature that BenQ included since most monitors don’t really include speakers, so having this is something that we greatly appreciate.

Also, ghosting is something that usually ruins everyone’s viewing experience, but with this monitor from BenQ, we didn’t experience any of it which is why we’re really satisfied with the EW3270U’s performance. We also really liked that the EW3270U was responsive enough to not cause any form of delays between the screen and your control inputs. The response time of the monitor is 12ms which is actually highly notable for these types of 4-K monitors.

Low Light Shots

How to Use

Setting up the EW3270U is simple since it is already equipped with the Display-Port and HDMI inputs together with a headphone jack. There are also two built-in 2 Watt speakers with the EW3270U; and in our opinion, we can say that this makes it an even better monitor compared to other similar devices around. A guide is included in the package and it is basically easy to follow, so you’ll be able to configure the device in no time.

Once you are done with this, you can just sit back, relax, and take advantage of the plethora of excellent features of the EW3270U which are all designed to better enhance your viewing and gaming experience. You’ll be able to watch and game as long as you want since you won’t have to worry about straining your eyes; this is because of the AMD Free-Sync technology that is already included. It will help reduce instances of image tearing which common during intense gaming sessions. And also after configuring the device, you can also take advantage of the numerous specialized video entertainment modes, as well as the built-in eye care technology which helps lessen eye fatigue and strain.

When you’re done with the configuration process, you’ll be able to experience the excellent performance of this monitor; but before that, you’ll notice just how seamless and easy it is to navigate through its on-screen display. We were able to easily find the settings that we needed and we were also able to readily adjust various options and settings right away.

As for the EW3270U’s stand, it is basically a very sturdy piece even if it can be tilted based on your liking; though the stand did lack in height, it wasn’t much of an issue for us since the monitor still sat at a normal height that is generally close to a traditional desk.


The BenQ EW3270U is a well-rounded and excellent monitor that is made specifically for gaming and entertainment purposes. In fact, the EW3270U is generally aimed for people who want to have a grandiose and highly-functional home entertainment system that is perfect for watching movies, non-stop gaming sessions, as well as working on a variety of PC-related tasks. In fact, we actually recommend this product to anyone who wants to have a monitor that can function excellently while also offering a lot of effective and exclusive features.

4-K feels just about right and adequate on this wide 32-inch display EW3270U monitor since it gives off that wow factor compared to other PC or gaming monitors around. It’s not only about its huge display, the monitor also provides clear and finely-detailed images, as well as crisp and vibrant colors to make your viewing and gaming sessions even better. Aside from these, the EW3270U monitor from BenQ also provides great comfort for your eyes since the company ensured to include the Brightness Intelligence Feature and HDR to reduce eye strain and tension when watching or gaming for long hours; it definitely gave us positive results which is why we greatly approve of this highly notable monitor.

So basically, if you’re someone who wants a really huge desktop monitor for multi-tasking activities or if you’re an avid gamer who wants a wide-screen that displays extremely detailed visuals, then the EW3270U from BenQ is just the perfect monitor for you. The EW3270U does not only provide you with crisp and detailed displays, but it also offers excellent contrast, hues, and vibrant colours that are appealing in every way. However, what we think are the most notable features of this monitor are the one-of-a-kind eye care features that BenQ ensured to include in this device. Also, if you are also like us who work in various lighting conditions, then we highly recommend the EW3270U and it is definitely worth purchasing especially with its BI+ feature.

If you’ve been occasionally scouting for an HDR-capable 4-K monitor for your 4-K HDR console, OC, or your Mac Book, then we are definitely recommending the EW3270U from BenQ since it is one of the best options available in the market today. Though it is quite pricey compared to other similar devices around, it is definitely worth the price and is also a great alternative to the more expensive OLED TV’s or monitors featuring FALD backlights.

Where to Buy

If you want to add the excellent BenQ EW3270U to your rig, you can do so for around $849AUD. For more information head on over to the BenQ EW3270U product page.